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  1. Ohai, long time no post Just came here following a link that said Radi posted but now the thread tunred out much more interesting than that fact. If the archives worked properly I could find that post where I said this was a cool concept like 10 years ago (here's the one that convinced me). But as I'm useless at organizing the non-technical aspects of this (not to speak of lack of experience in the music business) I never even set out to try. Now if lack of Code Foo skills is all that's holding you up, I'd be happy to contribute!
  2. Just found this promo video on an awesome piece of software. I suppose some people will bash it as a tool for losers who can't play their instrument (and that's partly what they're marketing it as) but I think it's a cool hack and when it's out I'd love to see it used on sound it wasn't meant for
  3. OMF$DEITY And it even seems to be a seller And the orthography is from...uh, OK. Portugal :wank:
  4. That German accent was almost sexy.

  5. On most people I like the fluoro psy bling stuff, except for a few who ridiculously overdo it. Sometimes you think it's a bloody carnival, especially if you know what the guys do in RL Myself I've never had much of the stuff though. I've brought some clothes from abroad and love some of the most cliché'd things like the Thai fishermen's pants. Usually it's just some shirt with an obscure and/or ironic hacker/political slogan and some hoodie. I'm a plainclothes hippie
  6. +1 If I didn't know it's too newskool for him, I'd say "We are the Mammoth Hunters" is a good candidate Radi may have blasted his Logitech woofer with. And I just noticed it really kicks of at 4:20 "Play my Boy" is just as much of a stomper, IMHO much more than Texas Magnusson that turns a bit lalala towards the end. Did anyone mention Sonnenvakuum? If you forget about the cheesy sample, "Reborn" rocks. Notherone: Auricular - Dirt Dog.
  7. Ouch! She looks like she knew she's gonna have to drink the whole jug of GHB in a moment. The guy from Flying Circus, dressed for once! I know a guy who's been using it as his avarat for a long time
  8. Thanks, I'll sleep better now! That's something I wouldn't just come across by coincidence as it has happened with a few other samples. Very strange deja-vú-feeling when you've know heard some phrase a lot of times over the last 10 years or so and suddenly it's there in context. Does it all mean something more profound? - Maybe. Possibly. Probably not, even. It's still a fascinating trip.
  9. Up there with L.S.D. and Vitan! Colin, I'm still wondering where those samples in "Syncronity Converger" are from. Haven't found them in full_on's sample database either. Now after a decade, care to spill the beans?
  10. I don't know the movie but Cosma is correct! The movie is easy, that's Lost Highway. Dunno the track though. Something darkpsyish presumably
  11. Uhm...I didn't guess any so far (been hanging out in OT too much ) so here's an easy one: There is a light that flashes...occasionally, but we don't know what it means. Clever described it as kind of a...dream.
  12. It's deep, it's a total stomper, it's got oldschool goa melodies---or what else do you call this thing that starts around the end of the 6th minute? I can understand if you think it sounds "plastic", too synthetic, something like that. It's not today's synth technology. And I'm a total n00b when it comes to mastering, it's probably less than perfect in this department. Nevertheless a very powerful track and very high up in my best-of-evargh! Gooseflesh psychedelia! I got the 12" back then
  13. Yeah, naiz indied. Zats wai I liek tu liw hier so matsch.

  14. OK, seems I don't read this thread often enough. I can be really n00bile, you know...
  15. I may be bad at making up acronyms but I really have no idea what you meant. Großindianaähnwot!
  16. Center for Machine Translation? Country Music Television? Clitoral Manipulation Training?
  17. Thanks! Just downloading it. BTW, the link for the FLAC version is b0rken, it links to something-(FLAC).mp3 instead of something-(FLAC).flac But it's easy to figure out
  18. I also have a beard. Not as long as your tho. Actually, I think I look like you. Almost like a young handsome version. Are you my pappa?

  19. WTF? They're more likely to re-release a couple million free AOL CDs then :/
  20. Now that was quick, thanks! I was preparing for days of cold turkey Seems to be perfectly OK so far...
  21. Acido, is your avatar a CD that has been in the microwave?

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