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    PLURton7 (Omega 9)
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    TRANCE... Ambient (Chill),
    Psy, Prog, Sick & Twisted Full On
    Is My First Love!
    Parties, People, Wildlife, Tattoos & Body Piercings...
    oh & posting on Trance Forums!

    P/T Promoter-Organizer:
    Label crew with Sin Records:

    Label crew with Yabai Records:

    F/T C.S.R @ L.C.B.O.
  1. You's bin in me profile stealin' my basio :P

  2. heheheh and there is more! ;)

  3. Psytrance is nice but with candy only.

    And of course i forgot the Laughing Gas balloons they are unmissable hehehehe...

  4. psytrance is nice but with candy only , and of course you canĀ“t miss the laughing gas balloonssss... heheheheheh

    PS - Almost forgot the Helium , but not as good as the Laughing Gas... ;)

  5. i am not a troll, I am a astronutt

  6. T(h)C, I heard you had some naked pictures somwhere, could you please PM the link? :D:wub:

  7. According to my non-mathematical skills... you have 399 to go!!
  8. thats nice ^^ noe you dont need a wabbit :lol:

  9. :P

    how are things between u and Matt? :)

  10. im not a freak :(

    got ur wabbit?:P

  11. Yes, Rampant Rabbit! I'm mailing them a cheque today.... I'll probably have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get my toy! Funny thing, Matt's curious about it too... he wants to one day watch me "use" it.
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