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  1. Anyway Flight of the Urubus is much better then their last two releases imho, though I liked Dialoque of the Speakers.
  2. As expected another great album from Entheogenic. Chilly and dancy all at once. The best in the downbeat genre. :posford:
  3. Dialoque of the Speakers is one of my all time favorites mate ! .
  4. skullcap my favorite, Trara and Microcondian kick ass!!! :posford: :posford:
  5. Just ordered the new Entheogenic! :posford: :posford: :posford:
  6. Agree the last Shpongle was very boring. .
  7. Strange website indeed. But strange is good can I expect I strange new album? :posford: ,.
  8. I like ethno chill, sounds much more interesting then just electronica. I agree with real instruments it sounds better
  9. the title is ki9nd a - this is ibiza - uhmm turn off, hope the music is better
  10. A true masterpiece for music lovers, had it on yesterday, still makes a great listen. 10/10
  11. Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination :posford:
  12. Wild psychedelic journey, on a deep chill vibe. Very rich in texture and ideas. Get it if you can still find it somewhere. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  13. I think radio in general is pretty dead.
  14. Interchill is very different from LSD imho, dont like much the LSD releases. Interchill has some very nice and calm ambient once. Chillcode is a very good label with great releases.
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