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  1. The ~50 minute one is a live set practice recording, its sorta older, but Id love to know what anyone thinks, if that would be entertaining and varied enough to dance to, if anything sounds awkward, any changes too abrupt, etc
  2. DDMF's bundle is quality kit, nothing really exotic or anything, just general mix-bus effects. What caught my eye was the Butterworth -48db option on one of the EQs, Ive been trying to find a plug with good, clean, non-resonant Butterworth falloff for years, Renoise's native filter has 4 and 8 node options and Ive been using it heavily since the plugin was updated, so Ive come to rely on it for quite a few different things, which in the process of setting up a live set in Ableton turned into something of a hurdle in the way of a clean sounding live rack. (ended up working around it before discovering DDMF) I highly recommend checking out Variety of Sound's freeware mixing plugs, they're all great, and a few are more advanced tools than is common, for example: http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/prefix-1-0-out-now/ I still haven't quite figured that one out, but TesslaPro, FerricTDS and RescueAE usually find their way into most of my tracks If you're looking for a good multi-effect for real-time use, SugarBytes Turnado is pretty much the last multi-effect you'll ever need. Its like dblue glitch, if instead of a rack of individual fx, it had a rack of dblue glitches, with wet/dry knobs, preset banks for all 30ish insert effects, LFOs, envelope followers, crossfaders, bpm syncs,etc, all inter-routable, with the typically intuitive Fisher-Price-esque SugarBytes GUI. WINNING
  3. Well I always figured its something like this; Dedicated hardcore individuals break free to make their own art their way, and have fun. Others see that happening, and want in on it. Others bring others, who bring others who may or may not be jsut there to gawk. Pretty soon its a spectacle. However, the hardcore individuals are still tehre
  4. Im wondering how i got transported back to 2007 Thats the only explaination for there being an offtopic here
  5. Psytrance was my first trip really, when youre in a town of 6000 ppl, 150 miles from the next in teh middle of Nevada, you taek waht you can get, and what i got was MWNN-Teleport, Juno-God is God, Eat Static, and whatever else MTV showed 14 yrs ago heres some trips
  6. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Too%20Beautiful.mp3 Ive been wanting to put this together since January of 2006 when I heard the bad news... I never felt quite up to making a real fitting tribute, but then the universe told me it was time by returning my Deja Vu Fabrique cd to me, that I had given up as lost. Here is my tribute and eulogy to Zolod, in thanks for his wonders left behind that have inspired and delighted, and continue still, since first I heard them. I put together a little ambient piece, and wrote a little poem about those loved ones of all ours, who have gone ahead of us on the path, to where we can't follow. Celebrate the time had, and give thanks to the wonders left behind. Sometimes the divine walk among us as flesh, but they must return to their true home after their time is up. Bless you Victor, may your further journeys beyond the beyond bring you to paradise... http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Too%20Beautiful.mp3 Mudpeople-A Eulogy Terminator-Beyond the Sea (Vertigo) Big Noise-Power Ride (Inpsyde) Freaking-ICQ (Discovalley) Big Noise-Nord Time (Dropout) Freaking-Kings Battle (Discovalley) Terminator vs Metallaxis-Manipulate (Discovalley) Terminator-Tribal Dance (Deja Vu) Deja Vu Fabrique-Scary Boubles (Vertigo/Deja Vu) Freaking-Nochnoy Dozor (Vertigo) Terminator-Cube (Discovalley) Freaking-Resident Evil (Discovalley) Terminator-Phenix (Phreex) Freaking-Maxeril (Dropout) Terminator-Kfsbk on Submarine (Inpsyde) Freaking-Depravation Chambers (Inpsyde) Parasense-Nori (Discovalley) Terminator feat. Darkshire-Paranoid Sensation (Vertigo) Deja Vu Fabrique feat Stereomind-Mosgorsvet (Vertigo/Deja Vu) CPC-Zolod's Requiem (Manic Dragon) Mixed with Ableton in realtime, made sure to mmake it as perfect as i could. I used almost all the tracks of Victor's that I could dig out of my collection, all ripped either as FLAC or WAV. Rest in peace all who have passed through the barrier...
  7. also have my officially spiffily licensed legal remix of Daft Punk from Tron Legacy http://soundcloud.com/mudpeople/daft-punk-the-grid-mudpeoples/ license info in the comments
  8. ftp streams, individual downloads http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Corium%20remasters/ full release with art http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Corium%20remasters/Mudpeople-Corium%20Remastered%202011%20320k.rar Originally released last November. Not really a lot changed in teh tracks, writing wise, just a LOT of polishing done. Lots of learning since the original release.... public domain, do what thou wilt! WAV soon
  9. analog stylee, scissors and glue By mudpeople at 2011-03-22 By mudpeople at 2011-03-09 By mudpeople at 2011-03-09 first one spliced from 2 imgs as it was too wide for scanner, forgive horrific GIMP job, whihc is why I didnt do anything other than scan the other 2. BONerUS Uploaded with ImageShack.us ^^^^ Thats the cover of an EP i put together a few months back. All I did was post a 'Req'd: Album Art' thread on a forum i frequent (not this one) and 2 guys got together and blew my mind. Ask and ye shall receive.
  10. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Mudpeople-Corium%20EP%20320k%20mp3.rar RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS
  11. Been forever since i posted anything at all on psynews... Im using Live now to mix and I love it, here's a recent one thats sort of twilight-daytime-etc ish (Guinea Pigs type stuff). Dr Octagon-Half Sharkalligator Half Man (Bulk) Southwild-Darthavadda (Ektoplazm) Tsabeat-Depth (Postunder) A-Mush-Spirit Control (Ultravision) Guinea Pigs-Have a Nice Flight (Zaikadelic) Little Pumpkin vs Noisy Pipes-DTC (Peak) Cactus-Love Magic (Doof) dNi vs A-Mush-Loading Frequencies (Ultravision) Dissociactive-Eclipse (Sorrowmurk rmx) (Sun Station) Karmazon-Bad Meat under Mad Beat (Berlin Psychedelic Movement) Plastic-Circle of Life (Psymoon) Hishiryo-SAN (Tantrumm) Mixed with Live 8.1.1 and my trusty Korg microK Post-mixing fx and slight Ozone 4 harmonic excitation added for a bit more sparkle all CD tracks ripped to FLAC from my collection all net releases available from Ultravision, B.P.M., Psymoon, and Ektoplazm (<3 u all) big thanks you space cowboys/girls Is he weird? "This snakeskin jacket is a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom." http://www.sendspace.com/file/fhjnnz 320kbps mp3
  12. New untitled and new versions of the rest ;D
  13. Put together an album sort of, of my newest and best tracks. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/?C=M;O=D Its the 96mb link, should be at the top. Some tracks are a little rough, they'll be 100% finished soon and then I can give out the album in FLAC or something like that.
  14. Tracks available in WAV download or mp3 stream, original mix made with 24bit WAVs mixed with Ableton is mp3 quality only (no one wants a 700mb mix, do they?). All tracks licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike licenses except 'Storyteller' which uses files from Electrypnose's '5H Countdown' remix pack. That one is public domain. Id love to hear what people think! It seems people either love my stuff or just scratch their heads and say 'its got cool sounds but idk'. Sometime soon Im going to be dumping a ton of older tracks of mine if anyone cares .
  15. bump for newly mastered and 'Final' WAV versions.
  16. There are definitely scenes in the US, in many larger cities, and in states with a more electronic music-friendly political environment. Places like the West coast are chock full of crews big and small doing anything from local bashers to big-name international acts. The problem with the US compared to Europe, is that here we are VERY spread out. Lots of empty space. Combine that with a comparatively poor public national transportation system and you get what we got; lots of regional scenes with regional talent that don't often get play in other regions so much. Dont get me wrong though theres plenty of artists and acts that make it everywhere. Im sure Europe is similar. The ease of getting around Europe and relative cheapness of travel make a continent-wide scene much easier to pull off, and liberal drug laws don't hurt either (the US is of course a terrible place to try to score drugs cheap). There aren't any major psytrance-only festivals in the US that are held annually. Gemini, Gaian Mind and World Bridge would be the 3 major ones that have been taking place annually (this year at Gemini we have Ajja, OOOD, and a bunch of other great int'l artists, Gaian Mind has had Aphid Moon, YabYum, Loopus in Fabula in previous yrs). The lack of consistent national festivals other than the 3 mentioned (and Burning Man which isn't really a psytrance festival though it does have psytrance, usually) seem to hinder a nationwide or even continent wide scene. Lots of Americans play in Mexico and Canada fairly often though the demand seems very specific. The scenes here seem to gravitate towards certain styles as well. The ATL Psy crew love their superfast stuff, the San Francisco scene is famous for their fullon (Chromatone anyone?), in NYC there is a lot of conflict between different party groups who all seem to believe that their chosen style is THE ONE TRUE psytrance, and in between is everyone else. Every region seems to like to party a bit differently, sometimes they play hard ""dark"" stuff 24/7. Some play progressive and morning styles at night. Some are more integrated into the mainstream EDM scene (which seems to marginalize psytrance as 'just raver music'). There seems to be a bit of prejudice towards psytrance in the mainstream EDM community. It seems they think its either hippie-dippy peace-love music or drug-taking music. I can understand, you know, making the connection between 'psychedelic trance' and psychedelic drugs. But it is rather narrow minded to just leave it at that without even exploring the possibility that its called psychedelic not in reference to drugs but to itself; that it IS a psychedelic experience. Their loss... The legal situation in this country is less than liberal in regards to young people gathering in dubious situations often including drug use. Legal parties face all sorts of hoops to jump through that make it hard for smaller crews to get a foothold. Often just the name of the style of music is enough to label the whole shebang a lawless drug frenzy. But in my experience the scene here in the US is tight knit, welcoming, mature-minded, willing to go extra lengths to provide partiers with a good time, focused more on the music than money, eager to create a quality space for psychedelic experience. I guess the profit minded crew havent found a way to fleece us yet...
  17. Mr Rogers on Geomagnetic specifically makes psybreaks. He used to be a psytrance dj/producer and got into breaks I guess. He's from Grass Valley CA which is like an hour from me in Reno, so he's played at parties here for years. Not so much since he moved into the breaks scene though, those breaks people can be very, VERY elitist.... Anyway his stuff is good and wonky, groovy and smooth. He's got a mix of his own tracks on his Soundcloud; http://soundcloud.com/mr-rogers/muppetology-101
  18. Edit: newer mix of originals up on soundcloud.com/mudpeople along with tracks in WAV free to download, or listen to the streaming mp3. New tracks will be along soon...
  19. Dayyyum fine as usual! I think the first one is my favorite. The third makes me think of a splattered, tripped out gecko, in a good way. A way that doesn't include the death of a trippy gecko. They eat annoying bugs, which is nice. Interesting concept, too, with the stains. Funny, I was just doodling around a stain on the back cover of a notebook the other day, it was fun and kinda organic. Almost as if I was growing a picture, rather than drawing it, from a random chaotic pattern. Interesting to see what comes out next, as I'm now letting some coffee dry in my sketchbook... If I ever release an album I think I'll ask if I can use some of your work as the cover. If you would be so amazingly kind as to allow me to, that is.
  20. alleycat


    Stalker to me is sort of the equivalent, in film, of the sounds and atmospheres of our dear departed Terminator's music. Sometimes a bit hard to initially grasp, a further look proves much rewarding.
  21. That soundtrack gets into my soul... And animates the little toaster clown spider dog cats and envigorates the cheese danish eyes... Not a bad piece of anime, I like the visual style particularly (and can also be seen in other Mad House movies like Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress). To me, saying its a dream world interacting with reality story is kinda glossing over certain things. I invite any skeptic to take a couple hours out of their uber-busy life to enjoy some colorful and aurally-pleasing cinema. Its better than, say, Borat. And I bet more than a few of you skeptics saw that one. Don't lie.
  22. I use Renoise, probably the least-used program in psytrance. But I love it, I got my start on Impulse then Modplug Trackers, so the interface was already familiar. I always say Renoise is what would happen if Cubase impregnated Fast Tracker 2. But as for pros, anything from Logic to Nuendo to Cubase to Buzz Tracker ffs (I dont actually know anyone who uses Buzz, but hey, it could work). Nuendo and Logic, afaik, are pretty much the most comprehensive DAWs. That is to say they include a whole lot of bells and whistles that may not necessarily be useful to a dance music producer (Nuendo's X.1 surround modes don't translate well to stereo speakers so much, but someday, we can hope for X.1 surround at parties :clapping: ). Ive been looking into switching my main OS to Linux, so I looked into open source (and free) DAW's for Linux, and found Ardour which looks nice (anyone know anything about Ardour, good or bad?).
  23. alleycat


    I enjoyed Apocalypto enough the first time I saw it to look into what exactly happened to the Mayans.... And Mel got it wrong. I won't bore anyone by listing details, but lets just say that our hero Mayan would have to have been about 5 centuries and change old, to have both visited Mayan cities in use, and 'greet' the Spanish. I question whether or not Gibson even tried to research Mayan history beyond what could be used as set-pieces and costumes. But still its not a bad movie if you ignore that one (blaring) flaw.
  24. alleycat

    Silent Hill

    I always try not to compare movies to the games theyre based on, usually there are fundamental differences, probably due to changing format from an interactive, will-directed experience to one that offers no flexibility. So with that said I think the movie was great. It got all the creepy that I was expecting, while pulling the rug out from under us sorta, changing things that to we, who played the game years before any movie, had come to expect and even take for granted. Its not a 'cover song' but a 'remix', its got the flavor of the original but has been taken in a different (and I ought to add, non-Japanese) direction. Though I do think it did the whole SH thing well, it did have a few *groan*wtf* moments. Ive loved all the games Ive played, sadly though Ive not played 2 and 3 all the way through. Origins was a little weak, taking the random aspect of shifting to the Dark World out took away a whole lot of suspense, as did the plentiful and powerful weapons. The 'Achievements' offered no incentive especially after the UFO ending, which made the game absolutely challenge-less. But I do think it was worth the time I spent playing it. I really enjoyed 4, but again, Im not the type to try to compare different games (made by different people). Purists may say it was too different, but I say, purism is boring. I especially liked towards the end when you encounter a corridor which resembles the atria of a heart pulsing around you, and the weird shit that happened to your item box. Hauntings ftw. BUT, to this day, despite the monochrome beasties I stand firm that my absolute favorite remains the original Silent Hill. Maybe its the memories attached to it, maybe its just a damn fine game. One of my top 3 of all time for sure.
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