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  1. There is a track on Strangeitude from Ozric Tentacles with choppings. The choppings can really mess with your head if you play the track loud.
  2. Awesome insultings, continue to insult here.

  3. I am downloading it now captain nemo.
  4. hm, strange, is he unsqezible? Let's try again.. *squeeze*

  5. I'm going to sweeze out Oopie, hope you don't mind

  6. Greetings on this sunny day!!

    pancakes and sugar! xxx

  7. 1: Skazi 2: Acid Pies. 3: "D" for Dumber.
  8. Feathers, by an ATI grpahics card and play a bit more doom3, it will do good to you.

  9. Feathers, by an ATI grpahics card and play a bit more doom3, it will do good to you.

  10. That's so clever! But what if he finds a bigger dot or two smaller dots that when combined, have greater mass than your single large dot?
  11. He has won every argument using the dots. If there was someone who could use a big dot as a counter-argument then cinos might lose.
  12. Yes. It is well known that Cinos uses the dots when all other arguments fail. It is the final ace up his sleeve and he knows that he can win any argument this way. .
  13. Please!! Not the dots! Don't use the dots to win an argument! That's just SO TOTALLY UNFAIR!! How can we hope to win an argument when you present the dots??? . One dot is all I can achieve and you can see it just doesn't stand a chance against your multitude of DOTS!!!!!
  14. That's much better. That mixer has knobs and stuff. Who is it made by?
  15. I don't get how you can make music with empty rectangles. Your keyboard doesn't even have keys, your mixer has no mixing knobs. It's just an empty white box. What gives?
  16. f u!

    [f-eathers, yo-u!]

  17. Please, no sex talk in public profiles. Thank you.

  18. Mmmm... Feathers feel great on bare flesh! :D

  19. panicky and over-protective when someone posts a lighthearted thread with the word "cinos" in? I just had a thread locked by Tatsu (a bore). The thread in question wasn't a personal attack on cinos. It was the same lighthearted posting that I did when Ov4rdos2 started playing the same game. How many OD/Wow threads were locked? Oh ja but you know what they will say "forum has a new policy blah blah and we must now be more aggressive in our moderation blah blah". Of course it could be that cinos reported the thread in question whereas OD would never do that kind of thing. Cinos does have a history of reporting threads he feels may damage his persona. The worst part is that we have a totally retarded moderator who immediatly complies regardless of the content. I am damned sure no one else on this forum would have taken offense at a lighthearted WOW thread! So the retard/wanker award for today goes to Tatsu and Cinos.
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