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    ...and what Ecstasy means!" -Wasson
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    Outdoor activities, psychedelic trance (Progressive, dark, South African, chill, oldschool, some fullon...), parties, music creation, lucid dreams, metaphysics, physics, astronomy, road trips, California greens, stuff...
  1. The ~50 minute one is a live set practice recording, its sorta older, but Id love to know what anyone thinks, if that would be entertaining and varied enough to dance to, if anything sounds awkward, any changes too abrupt, etc
  2. DDMF's bundle is quality kit, nothing really exotic or anything, just general mix-bus effects. What caught my eye was the Butterworth -48db option on one of the EQs, Ive been trying to find a plug with good, clean, non-resonant Butterworth falloff for years, Renoise's native filter has 4 and 8 node options and Ive been using it heavily since the plugin was updated, so Ive come to rely on it for quite a few different things, which in the process of setting up a live set in Ableton turned into something of a hurdle in the way of a clean sounding live rack. (ended up working around it before di
  3. Well I always figured its something like this; Dedicated hardcore individuals break free to make their own art their way, and have fun. Others see that happening, and want in on it. Others bring others, who bring others who may or may not be jsut there to gawk. Pretty soon its a spectacle. However, the hardcore individuals are still tehre
  4. Im wondering how i got transported back to 2007 Thats the only explaination for there being an offtopic here
  5. Psytrance was my first trip really, when youre in a town of 6000 ppl, 150 miles from the next in teh middle of Nevada, you taek waht you can get, and what i got was MWNN-Teleport, Juno-God is God, Eat Static, and whatever else MTV showed 14 yrs ago heres some trips
  6. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Too%20Beautiful.mp3 Ive been wanting to put this together since January of 2006 when I heard the bad news... I never felt quite up to making a real fitting tribute, but then the universe told me it was time by returning my Deja Vu Fabrique cd to me, that I had given up as lost. Here is my tribute and eulogy to Zolod, in thanks for his wonders left behind that have inspired and delighted, and continue still, since first I heard them. I put together a little ambient piece, and wrote a little poem about those loved ones of all ours, who have gone ahea
  7. also have my officially spiffily licensed legal remix of Daft Punk from Tron Legacy http://soundcloud.com/mudpeople/daft-punk-the-grid-mudpeoples/ license info in the comments
  8. ftp streams, individual downloads http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Corium%20remasters/ full release with art http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Corium%20remasters/Mudpeople-Corium%20Remastered%202011%20320k.rar Originally released last November. Not really a lot changed in teh tracks, writing wise, just a LOT of polishing done. Lots of learning since the original release.... public domain, do what thou wilt! WAV soon
  9. analog stylee, scissors and glue By mudpeople at 2011-03-22 By mudpeople at 2011-03-09 By mudpeople at 2011-03-09 first one spliced from 2 imgs as it was too wide for scanner, forgive horrific GIMP job, whihc is why I didnt do anything other than scan the other 2. BONerUS Uploaded with ImageShack.us ^^^^ Thats the cover of an EP i put together a few months back. All I did was post a 'Req'd: Album Art' thread on a forum i frequent (not this one) and 2 guys got together and blew my mind. Ask and ye shall receive.
  10. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/Mudpeople-Corium%20EP%20320k%20mp3.rar RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS
  11. Been forever since i posted anything at all on psynews... Im using Live now to mix and I love it, here's a recent one thats sort of twilight-daytime-etc ish (Guinea Pigs type stuff). Dr Octagon-Half Sharkalligator Half Man (Bulk) Southwild-Darthavadda (Ektoplazm) Tsabeat-Depth (Postunder) A-Mush-Spirit Control (Ultravision) Guinea Pigs-Have a Nice Flight (Zaikadelic) Little Pumpkin vs Noisy Pipes-DTC (Peak) Cactus-Love Magic (Doof) dNi vs A-Mush-Loading Frequencies (Ultravision) Dissociactive-Eclipse (Sorrowmurk rmx) (Sun Station) Karmazon-Bad Meat under Mad Beat (Berlin Psy
  12. New untitled and new versions of the rest ;D
  13. Put together an album sort of, of my newest and best tracks. http://www.mudpeople.lsdxm.com/?C=M;O=D Its the 96mb link, should be at the top. Some tracks are a little rough, they'll be 100% finished soon and then I can give out the album in FLAC or something like that.
  14. Tracks available in WAV download or mp3 stream, original mix made with 24bit WAVs mixed with Ableton is mp3 quality only (no one wants a 700mb mix, do they?). All tracks licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike licenses except 'Storyteller' which uses files from Electrypnose's '5H Countdown' remix pack. That one is public domain. Id love to hear what people think! It seems people either love my stuff or just scratch their heads and say 'its got cool sounds but idk'. Sometime soon Im going to be dumping a ton of older tracks of mine if anyone cares .
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