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This weeks good covers


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nothing can convince me. sorry LT :)


stop trying to harm Seth, we all like his works.


Hi Moni


Sorry, if it sounded a little rude.

His work is nice done, i mentioned this already before.

Just the use of colors is too less for my opinion.

I know, that pictures of this kind with a lot of details

aren't easy to colorize with stronger colors, without getting cheesy!

But he should give it another try and give us even more visual flash,

it would be an upgrade to his pics for sure.


LT :rolleyes:

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hi m :P


yeah, it's a matter of taste and personal sight and personal style. i am sure we can spend 2 hours talking about why his colours are not stronger, i already have some ideas i could put here. but i won't. i'm pretty busy, plus i have made my conclusions for now.


using words that may be seen as rude is not the best thing to do. some people might think you have something personal against Seth.


conclusion : don't worry :)

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oh, and not to forget :)


if you want to post a picture here, go to www.imageshack.us, upload it there, they will give you a direct link to your picture, take that link, bring it here. ok?




Thanx Moni for the hint,


let's try if it does work........





LT ;)

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Fucking nice pics, but still I am sorry I never seen your friends art before those pics. I seen miljon dragons in japan and actualy that is where I got the idea and ask Seth to make it like that, so I would respect if you could not accuse me ripping of your friend art becouse it is not true.... It is just rude and childishness.

Anyway those pics was nice. thanks putting links here.

bom and respect



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...topic-hijackers!  <_<


Nice cover, imo.


Posted Image


The promotion text is even better:


This Trinitix unit was produced by Holly A Shwartz (aka Holymen) and Shay Elmakies (aka Dynamic/Dynamo)


The music of Trinitix is powerful psychedelic full-on. The create sound and using new hi-technology like a matrix sound. The amazing album was produced an under the name is 'Aspeclaria'. And this album is collaborate with 'Hypersonic' 'Electro Nation'and remix of Eskimo's 'Inter Gyaractic'.


Holly is Pioneer of the Israel Trance who made until today 12artist album, under the name Dr Acid, X-Samurai, and of course the most famous is 'Holymen', who is released Sony, EMI, 100 or more compilation has been manufactured from the major music company until now.


DJ Shay is unfolding Liveact all over the world also as Dynamic and Dynamo.He is also released the album from various music companies.Now, he is one of the most powerful artists. And it is working also as a pro's sound engineer. He also has very abundant knowledge and experience to music. He is the young talent of the Israel Trans.


Their full album 'Aspeclaria' is the latest version. Unpublished music is also contained in this. This 'Matrix Sound' is powerful and is a visionary melody. These are the center of attention very much.

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That wide drawing with the train was very good (respect), but not beautiful, just like cinos said. I got to agree with him on this one, seemed very cartoonish to me. I'm not saying it's bad, I make a lot of drawings like this, where I have no goal and I end up with very strange imagery, but it's hard for me to call it beautiful when I look at the surrealist work from the 1920s of Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, giorgio de chirico, Dali...etc.., which to me is the most psychedellic/dream artwork there is.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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I'm not saying it's bad, I make a lot of drawings like this, where I have no goal and I end up with very strange imagery, …






wouldn't say that the train guy doesn't know which goal his art/paintings have.

Your picture with the doubled woman is not bad, but you can't really compare this single image

to the guys work with the neverending train, i don't believe you make a lot drawings like this…

And if you really do, then show us more than this one image…


The other stuff shown here (ernst, dali,...) is real art,

but they time has passed and it's nothing fresh.

This topic here is more about applied-art in a commercial context.

The examples by the graffiti guy here are a pretty good piece of artwork IMO.


M :huh::)

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