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  1. what takes long time, becomes pretty good in the end. thats what we have to expect from this album --- good luck with this one Atma! LT
  2. shpongle is truly overrated and nothing special even if the sounds are well aranged. the accoustic aesthetic isn't really a burner – one out of ten songs maybe is real good and this should be rated as quantity rather then quality. i dont dislike them, but they are not worth that hype!
  3. we've heard that opinion already. It's boring.. maybe you should go to a Sphongled-thread!!!
  4. I'm not exactly sure what the person, that wrote the story on the other forum, wants to reach with that. BUT i've been to the ShivaMoon 2002 and i know that a dead born baby was found at the mobile toilet and another person was found dead in a field nearby the festival. The baby had to die, because the mother which was in the 9th month thought she has to do heavy party and drugs at one time while she was pregnant. The person which died in the field was also extermely overdosed by a coctail, which often leads to death. It's just a few informations i can give to the subject. But after the party the police was controlling everybody who was leaving the festival in order to find the girl which let her baby die in the toilet. The dead person in the field were no reason for the police to do any investigation afterwards the party. so long LT
  5. Have a look at the older ones… For example "FREE YOUR FUNKY CHICKEN" That is a great illustration style… The new ones are rather medium quality to me.
  6. in comparance to some people here, i have a life. That's maybe shown by the amount of posts. I just write when i have to do a statement. Most people here write a lot more then me. Sometimes i ask myself if they got a normal life beside that forum?
  7. Is it really that way? Only because a girl is starring from a coverdesign towards you, you would say it's out of the purpose to sell more? Me personally would like more a beautiful girl on the cover than another pseudo-trippy-attempt of generic psy-design. In the last millenium it wasn't much different than now, maybe you have just forgotten? have a nice time, and don't forget when thinking about sex – you're also an outcome of it.
  8. Same way i think about the new Loopus-Album. Matteo, this is a good coverdesign-idea. It fits perfectly to your extremely unconventional style of music. It is good represented by the fat lady, which also is that kind of unconventional - good job. I also needed some time first to get used to the Loopus artwork-style. It has simply another tradition than other coverdesigns from that specific music genre. Keep on the good work. Lawrance Taylor
  9. in comparance to you - i had already a few situations in my life that were dangereous. Enough that i can say it lasts for a while. So no one i going to rip me apart. If you want to do it, then pass by. Want my adress?
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