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  1. Maybe check the lengths of your midi/audio events - perhaps they are a little shorter or longer than the bar. So when you duplicate an event it snaps the end of the event to the bar, and the front is out of place. hope his makes sense??? happens to me some times like this. good luck!
  2. insane strange that it doesn't fall into intense feedback. Would love to hear it with some overdrive. moog guitar pwns all
  3. click the pic in my sig or click: AUDIO STUNTS forever a "work in progress"
  4. I use it on my mac. no problem. It works a charm if you got the right eq and compression going. Also adding a bit of overdrive can be nice at times - or just running it through Camel Crusher
  5. My girlfriend says I should clean up my work area a bit I think it's fine. Those pesky seagulls can get on my nerves at times. If you look closely you can see my Waldrorf Q-Rack. Now where did I put those Rizzla's?
  6. Audio Realism Bassline is worth checking out
  7. a cool "bare neccessity" selection of drum samples found here: http://www.nanorecords.co.uk/main.html ( go to "Resources", download "copywrite-free sample pack" at the bottom ) vsti-wise... check out "NI Battery" or a simpler, free'er one is somewhere in here: free VSTi's !!!!!!!!!! not to mention a whole lot of other vst stuff. How can you resist a VST plugin called "Barking Wombat"????!!!! enjoy and good luck!
  8. about Mr Posford...... *looks at Dajek's LONE DERANGER avatar *scratches head
  9. Cicadians sounds like the new Atomic Pulse album. but that's not a bad thing - cos I actually like Atomic Pulse! Refractions was ripped by tons of psy-clone artists. A follow-up album would have to break new ground to be as successful. I thought that Proto would find HIS unique sound in this album. But no. I guess our expectations were pretty high to start with. so: For originality and songwriting I give it a 2/10 For production skillz: 10/10 - nicely polished as always. although I would like to recommend it for any melodic psyheadz - it's decent
  10. WOW. What a cool drink of water. this album is so fresh sounding. I give it 11/10 just for being different! this album has changed my perception of TIP completely! It's a brave and pioneering compilation. Just when you thought all these artists had faded away or were left behind the bandwagon - these boys pull of a serious assault on the psy-scene! I especially enjoyed the way these guys have stayed a little with their classic sound ( eg the Tristan track ) and haven't even entertained the thought of a killlaaaaargh bassline or other fashionable formulas! And they have seemed to brought back the trance into Psytrance. Great idea! I'm inspired by this release! It feels like I've rediscovered psytrance. weeeee! p.s - oh, and Dimitri.... psyfactor rocks too mate!
  11. I must say all this fullon-hatred has made me like it again! It's like I'm being alternative or sumfink
  12. 1. listen to music. similar to the stuff you want to make. 2. read, or do anything that requires the accedemic half of your brain - this will stimulate the creative side of your brain. your brain apparently likes to keep things in balance. 3. if you try writing/composing something and it's not really working - stop immediately. try again tomorrow. there's no point banging your head against the wall - you become creatively insecure and inhibited. 4. Shag
  13. AFAIK and have heard... WAV invented by PC headz, AIFF invented by the Apple crowd. Same sized files. same quality. just the data is written in different ways. apparently the AIFF data is written in such a way that your computer can access it / open it / save it quicker. or so I have heard. so in theory it is better to use AIFF when you have multiple audio tracks, playing live etc. but I cannot comfirm any of this for sure. main thing is both are appropriate.
  14. nice 1 geeza! is that audiorealism running the bassline? sounds great, nice and rubbery
  15. Right now I'm enjoying the Ferbi Boys
  16. YEAH! HD's are the shiznay! I use them to produce at home and when I'm out djing too! I find that the dynamic range is so good that you don't really have to turn them up so loud. And now that Sennheiser make closed-back headphones I would recommend them to ALL dj's! They also have SUPER bass response! A cool tip for buying headphones: put them on in the store ( with nothing playing through them of course! ) and clap your hands! Now you can hear how much sound they block out - a cool way of seeing what they will be like when you're in a club with a booming PA!!!!
  17. check out the claw vs. Paranoize album
  18. I would suggest a Nord Lead. They are around the $1000 mark. So maybe check Ebay or the 2nd-hand option for a cheaper price.
  19. psychocell, you use Reason, right? a cool trick is to send your tune through the Scream 4 add a Scream4 Distortion unit at the top of the rack. ie between your top ( main ) mixer and your audio out . set the scream4 to "Tape" distortion. "Damage control should be set quite low, say at 15-30%. this will add so much life, warmth and punch to the tune, it's really amazing what's also cool is you can do a basic eq here too, plus add compression etc. I wouldn't call it a mastering tip, but it certainly juices things up a bit! give it a try
  20. and the mono/stereo thing is a big help in bringing things out in the mix. Split melodies into two mono channels and pan them left and right. experiment with just how much they are panned and you will notice very different results. But I am no expert in mastering. and I don't need to be. mastering is for specialised studio engineers. For Mastering experts. So maybe you should rather listen to what they say: click click click
  21. - Your kick should be the loudest element in the mix. - Your bassline and kick should be in mono, the rest is up to you
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