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  1. thank you guys, thanks alot! i havent had time to listen enough to everything in the package but i know you guys since before of course and i think you seem to be very creative & original, and very brave! (the "death machine 2006"-sample is absolutely amazing; will it be released?)
  2. edit: ah forget it. i am to upset over the album to type anything logical
  3. hello again. i dont know anything about their new release, i had actually given up my hope on them releasing more music (as a group) since a couple of years. i remember that they said that if 'the message' didnt go well in terms of record sales and getting booked for partys they would consider other directions with their music. so maybe they did turn into sellouts, i dont know. as you so wisely said, lets wait until we have heard it in its entirety, and dont make hasty conclusions on singles and samples.
  4. i dont care much for your theory about MFG being a copycat or some sort of mimic of astral projection. true, they got inspired by 'let there be light' in the very beginning but thats it. you whined about their album cover of 'the message'. art is subjective and you are entitled to an opinion but whats not subjective is the fact that 'the message' was released a long time before astrals album 'amen' witch means MFG did not copy them. you also said that MFG disappeared while astral released club trance. i assume you have forgotten that guy zukrel released a morning trance/club trance album between 'project genesis' and 'the message' while aharon were busy with his family and his religious beliefs. no one but aharon and guy knows why they havent been active but trying to find correlation between the music astral projection makes and the dissapearance of MFG is plain silly.
  5. cocco, i wont even respond to your silly and ignorant post; new kind of world is their second album and project genesis is their third.
  6. great track! it oozes MFG all over it! i had given up my hopes on them releasing another album but here they are now with a new release and a slightly updated sound since the message; ahhh the joy!
  7. thats some very, very nice grafitti!
  8. nahh, nothing for me. but i did like another tune i found on that site, called "tabernacle". its adorable! thanks!
  9. mfg!! im sure they wont sell out
  10. i cant stand beija flor and i cant stand the terence mckenna samples
  11. astral projection - the astral files mfg - the prophecy mfg - new kind of world infected mushroom - classical mushroom shpongle - ays? shpongle - tales of the inexpressible midi miliz - antistat spirallianz - blast food authentik - preamplified magik 6 (dj tiesto) in search of sunrise 2 (dj tiesto)
  12. i like the track and described it as catchy. i meant to refer to jon cocco, but wrote your nickname instead... sorry about that! anyways, jon cocco has a tendency of (over)using "catchy" as an adjective when describing sounds, tunes and even covers :}
  13. here is another one! astral projection (sfx) - techno terror. they sample lord vader himself, proclaiming the power of the dark side. its a catchy tune, as seraph might have said.
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