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  1. what takes long time, becomes pretty good in the end. thats what we have to expect from this album --- good luck with this one Atma! LT
  2. shpongle is truly overrated and nothing special even if the sounds are well aranged. the accoustic aesthetic isn't really a burner – one out of ten songs maybe is real good and this should be rated as quantity rather then quality. i dont dislike them, but they are not worth that hype!
  3. we've heard that opinion already. It's boring.. maybe you should go to a Sphongled-thread!!!
  4. I'm not exactly sure what the person, that wrote the story on the other forum, wants to reach with that. BUT i've been to the ShivaMoon 2002 and i know that a dead born baby was found at the mobile toilet and another person was found dead in a field nearby the festival. The baby had to die, because the mother which was in the 9th month thought she has to do heavy party and drugs at one time while she was pregnant. The person which died in the field was also extermely overdosed by a coctail, which often leads to death. It's just a few informations i can give to the subject. But after the party the police was controlling everybody who was leaving the festival in order to find the girl which let her baby die in the toilet. The dead person in the field were no reason for the police to do any investigation afterwards the party. so long LT
  5. Have a look at the older ones… For example "FREE YOUR FUNKY CHICKEN" That is a great illustration style… The new ones are rather medium quality to me.
  6. in comparance to some people here, i have a life. That's maybe shown by the amount of posts. I just write when i have to do a statement. Most people here write a lot more then me. Sometimes i ask myself if they got a normal life beside that forum?
  7. Is it really that way? Only because a girl is starring from a coverdesign towards you, you would say it's out of the purpose to sell more? Me personally would like more a beautiful girl on the cover than another pseudo-trippy-attempt of generic psy-design. In the last millenium it wasn't much different than now, maybe you have just forgotten? have a nice time, and don't forget when thinking about sex – you're also an outcome of it.
  8. Same way i think about the new Loopus-Album. Matteo, this is a good coverdesign-idea. It fits perfectly to your extremely unconventional style of music. It is good represented by the fat lady, which also is that kind of unconventional - good job. I also needed some time first to get used to the Loopus artwork-style. It has simply another tradition than other coverdesigns from that specific music genre. Keep on the good work. Lawrance Taylor
  9. in comparance to you - i had already a few situations in my life that were dangereous. Enough that i can say it lasts for a while. So no one i going to rip me apart. If you want to do it, then pass by. Want my adress?
  10. congratulation to this cover. it's gonna be another controverse discussed design. it's a typical loopus coverart-style with a psychedelic/popart mixture which a part of the gang here on the forum wan't understand at all. hehe me personally like it because it's weird and trashy to the bones. looks somehow progressive beeetween all this generic psytrance-covers. but as i said, for some nurds on this site lightyears ahead, they won't get it. Keep on doing your own way!
  11. Yeah, that is good resolution. And when i look at the work – it's clean and good on execution level. The design fits also the titles and the compiled artists – frankenstein and so on. It's probably not my style the whole thing, but it's place should not be in this topic.
  12. btw: what does this mean? FICKING ??? Any explanations?
  13. i don't think, that the artist had no chance to have a look a the design of the cover. So he or she gave a o.k. to the final look of the complete thing. So what's your point, i wanted to know simply if it's technically at least good done work. The picture posted here is blown up from 1x1 pixel to the current size and i can't say anything about it. The idea itself might be not good and fitting to the content. But how you know, did you listen to the music already? maybe it got elements which give arguments for the design?
  14. i just want to say, maybe even when you don't like or accept an idea, the work can be good done. So let's take the chance to have a look at both.
  15. You should at least send some good resolution of the pictures you deliver here in this topic. I'm wondering that when ot comes to the good covers topic you always have a good resolution. the ones you post here are already damaged that much, it's not even possible to recognize the quality of the final realization.
  16. PSYNEWS RULES - Be nice at all times - No fights, no anger - No lobbying against each other Remember this stuff? Ever heard of it? Only because you don't have any access to my argumentation you don't have any need to become insulting. No need to get pissed because somebody is criticizing your comments. In the beginning i had not even one bad word for you, why this escalated that much? Lawrance T.
  17. If you have any access to the arguments and critics form other people i do not know. But it doesn't seem to be that way. You fight a lot of people here in the forums and to me it looks like primitive kind of posing. You're just somebody who has to profile a lot. Here you can do it without really facing other people ––– your luck. Is there any other arguments, except yours ––– which you would accept? I doubt. So let's stop it now! o.k.? Lawrance T.
  18. ????? Maybe you should shut up when people are reacting to insults, which were brought up by yourself. (f.e. pancake) When you haven't got any arguments, it seems to be a valid way for you to do an insult. Just look a few pages backward in another topic you were posting and you will find also aggressive wordings from yourself according other people. Not only with me. So don't tell me how to interact with people. And on the other hand i didn't do any insult on you. I just were asking you, what do you think makes you competent of doing critics about artwork. That's all. End of our conversation hopefully. LT
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