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  1. looking for a psytrance party or anything related (goa, DnB whatever) located in or near prague. we arrive June 22 and leave June 28. IF you know of anything or any places where i can find information about parties in cities, leave a link or comment here.
  2. What's this Rakti Dei festival you speak of?
  3. nice topic, I was actually wondering this myself. I really like some of the old school jungle ragga more than traditional reggae tho, there is this one track that is a remix of barrington levi, sounds pretty nice, but I can't remember the name. Tribe of Issachar also had some really nice sounding tracks with good reggae samples in them.
  4. -"but grandaddy, what's a trance party?"-
  5. good stuff, I might be sending you a track in the near future, tho I rarely make pure goa, there is always another vibe floating in my music, but u can decide if it's good enough or not.
  6. oh, so all students have exams then? My friend in belgium has to do exams at that point, which suks. thanks everyone for all the info
  7. ah, that website is great, but I can't understand the language btw. RTP your avatar is awesome
  8. I'm gonna be in Belgium from June 20th to June 30th, or sometime around that time zone, Can any Belgians (or non-belgians) clue me in to stuff like psytrance nights/clubs, festivals, anything fun or interesting? thanks
  9. snow ball, I'm in the same position as you.... where are you coming from? I'm planning a euro trip with friends from here in the USA to go to Full moon for the first time (it's gonna be tough with the world cup and all). Hopefully we will both make it there
  10. snow-ball, I'm very glad you made this topic This summer I'm planning a Euro trip with my friends, amsterdam being one of the locations, so thnx alien for that info.
  11. The guy has got heart, and there's just not enough of that these days.....tsk...tsk...
  12. Well, u would need some very good studio monitor quality headphones or speakers, and even then, the difference in quality is small, and does little to affect the percieved quality. Mp3s work by taking out frequencies in-audible to the human ear.
  13. I'd love to hear some song with a massive buildup, and right when the climax is about to come, and everyone is ready to dance, the music stops and this voice starts laughing at you...... and then like ninjas wielding dual meats fly in and pour strawberry jam all over the DJ's face while he rubs it over his body and multiple rabbits with top hats slowly eat away at your flesh, all while the DJ plays Heaven by DJ Sammy.
  14. mannnn....you gotta create ur own visuals or use milk drop with winamp. You can play wavs and what not, (tho why wavs? they take up a ton of space for a very small difference in quality, u can barely tell the difference if the mp3 quality is 128 kbps or higher)
  15. no my friend, I didn't make those, the bottom one is Salvador Dali, the top is Max Ernst, guess I was a little unclear, lol. This is an example of what I normally do, http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/300W/fs7.devia...Strifer4444.jpg tho normally it's more cluttered. Sure it's good, I love it, but there are two seperate levels in my head of good, and beautiful, and the only thing stopping me from calling it beautiful is that it reminds me of a cartoon, like there is something missing there.....
  16. only heard two of their albums, science of the gods, which I loved, and Implant, which was ok, but I found it too be pretty boring at times and repetive.
  17. That wide drawing with the train was very good (respect), but not beautiful, just like cinos said. I got to agree with him on this one, seemed very cartoonish to me. I'm not saying it's bad, I make a lot of drawings like this, where I have no goal and I end up with very strange imagery, but it's hard for me to call it beautiful when I look at the surrealist work from the 1920s of Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, giorgio de chirico, Dali...etc.., which to me is the most psychedellic/dream artwork there is.
  18. You're on to something here , yes you are almost right, what do people feel when they listen to hip-hop, regardless if its mainstream or underground? They feel cool, they feel assertive, that's the whole ambiance of hip hop nowadays, all the rappers sound assertive, in your face, strong, and of course, cool wether they rap about superficial things or philosophical things. A lot of people want that feeling in them, listening to rap gives it to them. Think about it, look at people when they listen to rap, try and soak in the feeling that they are emitting, you will notice it no where near resembles trance, or really any 4/4 bass drum electronic music (I say 4/4 cuz a lot of DnB has these same vibes). Trance is about dancing really, about energy, tribal dancing, uplifiting vibes, dark vibes, introspective discoveries....etc...because there are almost never vocals, if there were, it wouldn't really resemble trance. So, a majority of the black population, mainly in North America and Europe I'd say, listen to hip hop, and I'd bet a lot of money it's mainly for the reason I mentioned above, so you'll never see them listening to trance, they'd look very akward if they did. and if most of the people listening to it are black
  19. many times that is good though, at least for me. Sound is sound, and it's the rythm that creates the tribal nature, and many times synthetic sounds let u feel whole new feelings in tribal music. but of course, it's a preference.
  20. Yea, Juno reactor definitly has some tribal vibes, I forgot to mention him. I have to check this stuff out, all these songs sound great, and yea, The ambush, I remember that song. I was really curious though, to see tracks outside the trance genre, because you can find these vibes in any style of music, so I'm wondering in which odd places you might find them.
  21. yea, this is great, the song grabs you and doesn't let go, though for me it's a little fast to be really hypnotic, but if it was slower the song would lose it's beauty.
  22. ahhh dnb and psytrance, my two most favorite genres in electronic music, and the two most different, in almost every way imaginable. (Tho I can see some small connections between the two) Very odd to see this topic, considering I've been recently thinking of it was possible to connect psy and dnb. I'm starting to believe it's not though, they're just so different in culture and sound. DnB, fast drumloops and powerfull basslines, psytrance, a single powerfull kick and layers of synths and fx. One is for tribal dancing, back and forth, the other is shake you body breakdance kinda thing. DnB-roots in dub, hip hop, breakbeat...etc... Psytrance-roots in psychedellia, spiritualism, tribal dancing nowadays I think DnB is all about the popular big epic, hip hop, junglist vibe, just go to www.breakbeat.co.uk (dnb arena) and see wat's up. I think it's falling into the mainstream hip hop trap, but some of the tracks nowadays are incredible, filled with energy you can't find anywhere else. Listen to Pendulum-trantuala, fasten your seatbelts, the terminal to get what I mean. Watch one of the videos of the live sets on www.breakbeat.co.uk, can you imagine psytrance mixing with this?
  23. Hey, so I'm wondering what music you think is incredibly tribal, the music that sends you in a hypnotic state of mind where you lose track of time and your whole mind is focused on one thing, the rythm of the song and where it's taking you. It doesn't have to be psytrance or even trance (to me, most psytrance coming out now doesn't induce any of these feelings whatsoever). One of the songs I'm thinking of will probably surprise you....flight 643 by Tiesto, dunno, can't get enough of that song, lol. Also, I dunno if anyone here has witnessed Capoeira (Brazilian martialart/dance) but the music they play to it can be incredibly hypnotic, and it consists of just some percussion and a birimbao (very cool instrument).
  24. can u incorporate rebirth into reason in some way? I know there is a thing in reason u can add to ur rack that has to do with rebirth.
  25. ahh urban shakedown, bak in my epic days. (nowadays I cringe when I hear those melodies I once felt euphoric too, lol) I know some CDs that have this exact music that u probably already have tho DJ Tiesto, Magik 6 and downwards, In search of sunrise vol.1, Nyana... and that pretty much covers it....lol.
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