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  1. He only ever had 1.5 good albums. I didn't need to listen to the samples to know it was dreadful, but I did anyway. Horrible. A disgrace.
  2. Hey... was browsing Saikosounds... and found: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6384 Prosect is one of the artists behind it and the samples sound pretty good. Not your usual full on crap and sounds melodic. Anyone have this? Would you reccomend it?
  3. Don't wait. Go buy Strange Attractors right now.
  4. Well, have had this for a while now. Like many, after SA, expectations were very high and I straight up ordered this without even listening and that is very very rare for me these days. My thoughts are that it has a different overall feel but the quality if there. No doubt about it. SA had a way of having a huge impact in a very subtle building sort of way. This album is a bit more psy and bit less prog??? Something like that. Great dance music. Very smooth. Beautiful production. Crisp. Bright. Groovy. Fucking wicked. My one and only issue (and this is being very nit picky) is that every track does not move me deeply (SA was that good). But this is still solid. No regrets and my respect goes to Freq. Keep up the good work. Don't rush the next one and make it just as good. :-) P.S. relaxing right now on a Friday night with a cold beer listening to track 7 right now. Awwwwwwwesome!
  5. Transwave - Helium... classic. Pure gold. If it was $50 or less the I'd say it was worth it.
  6. khogg


    This album is pure magic. People can fly!!!
  7. I thought their last one was bland. Underworked. Lacking spark. This one I got for old times sake with no expecations. I was pleasantly surprised. Over the last while, I have grown to like elements of the newer styles but mixed with tweaked out effects. Now to be fair, this album treads dangerously close to that Israeli fullon line in parts, but it still has a little something more in my opinion. Overall, I quite liked it. A good blend of some full on elements but with a bit of oldschool touch to it. I imagine that certain tracks would go over well as parties too. I give this one a solid 7.5 (maybe 8?) out of 10. No regrets on buying it.
  8. Expectations were high for this one. You could sense in some of his more recent singles that he was losing a bit of inspiration. This album confirms that. Nothing new here, but, I don't regret getting it. Nice for home listening when you're in the mood for something light and not that challenging. If you liked his first and are looking for more of the same, this is a pretty good bet.
  9. I am just listening to the samples. Sounds interesting but not very psy. Might get it... might not. I'd like to see some reviews first.
  10. Blah blah blah... I like Digitalis the best. After that, I pick Enlightened Ape. (Silicon Sound is classic because of when it was released but sounds dated to me now.) Finally, I must pick Kaaya - Elixer... mmmm yummy chill. So let's break it down. The guy made many albums. Some I like, some I don't. There is one thing I can't deny: he has talent.
  11. Priceless. Fuckin priceless.
  12. Yes... true. None the less. This is awful.
  13. You can't listen to this unless you are wearing track pants and have snorted lots of coke. Oh my dear god. This genre is so depressing these days.
  14. "Breaths deeply, stretch your muscles carefully – itfs time for acid sport! International team of psytrance champions from India, USA, Brazil, Denmark, Macedonia, France and Russia will explode your body and mind with non-stop powerful psychedelic energy. This music should be played just before sunrise, in the mystical early-morning twilight. Dancefloor will become an acid playground filled with fat baselines, enigmatic rhythms and modern psychedelic grooves. This compilation is a new chapter in trance history. Vertigo Records always stood on edge of real psychoactive sounds. No retro vibes just fresh psyspirit! So, get ready, dress your favourite party wear fantastic, unforgettable trip coming very soon! Donft be afraid to get some vertigo "Acidsport" is 100% pure stuff!" Boooya! Killargggh. No retro vibes here... only 100% pure stuff. Keep in mind, it's best played in the mystical early morning twilight! Yeah baby, YEAH! It's non-stop and has fat baselines, what more do you need to know? GET IT NOW you 16 year old psytrance loving pussy!!!!!!! Ack! Boooya! (did I say that already?)
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