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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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New Mindwave, everyone !






Your reaction :


"_What ? :o The new Mindwave EP is already here ? :blush: Mmm... I've been waiting for it in secret. :wub: I'm just so happy right now ! :lol: "


And YOU are perfectly RIGHT to blush out like a Japanese school girl !


'cause you know... it's Mindwave.

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Oh, thanks for your kind words :) it was one of my very firsts and can't help but hear everything I've done wrong on it haha.


Back on topic, I've recently discovered this project while browsing my Soundcloud feed (no idea if it's already been posted, if so, sorry!), it's pretty old-school and I like it very much. It does not seem like there's a huge following on his profile which seems strange to me because the tracks uploaded there are really good, in my opinion! So here's to hoping this guy gets more attention :)



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