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  1. Hello psyheads! Check out my latest psytrance release! It's an EP in which I tried to balance dark atmosphere with tribal elements and melodies... It's groovy, euphoric, but also atmospheric and melodic! So check it out and let it bring you on a journey between ancient and futuristic! Underground Gathering EP Cheers!
  2. Hmm interesting... I was afraid that there would be not enough bass in the kick because I really cut the sub bass frequencies in it and a little bit higher.. but okay yeah it's amazing how different speakers play you different frequencies... And yeah I wanted to but after I edited this video for an hour or so I realised the pictures are in 720 pixel rate so I said fuck it hahah And you can download it for free from bandcamp so it doesn't matter that much And thank you!
  3. Thank you for your feedback! Most of these digital squelchy sounds I created in Serum and I will soon upload a tutorial about how to create those kind of sounds that are featured in this track
  4. Hello everyone! I present you my new psytrance track "Tribal Ceremony" It's focused on organic sounds and beautiful melodies while still being energetic. You can also download it for free! Tell me what do you think. https://youtu.be/iU39CK3mypc
  5. I am creating psytrance production tutorials using Ableton Live Check out my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/PavleKladaMusic
  6. Hello psyheads I would be rather happy if you would check out my latest Goa trance track called "Balkan Flip" - it's an unique mix of old school goa sounds and balkan ethno melodies. Hope you'll enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for lots of psy music and psy production tutorials. https://youtu.be/2i_QooQJHWw
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