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Found 13 results

  1. Artist: Lost & Found Title: Consumed Label: Self-Released Date: December, 2014 1. Consumed 2. Drone (feat. Z3ro) 3. Mental Wealth 4. Nitro (feat. CPU) 5. Other Side 6. Subterranean (feat. Deliriant) 7. Eraser 8. Wing In The Sand 9. Trails 10. Decay "Look at me...and tell me if you know me." Do you know what joy is? I suppose this gif of Imba caught fangirling when invited backstage to a One Erection concert certainly could qualify as his joy. However as a Suntrip DJ I'm sure he no longer carries on this way. Probably. Well, maybe. Actually this video was shot last week. But I'm talking about true joy. Joy that isn't fleeting. Joy that has been years in the making and doesn't change with the season. It's called porn Santa. Don't act so innocent you judgmental bastard. Like you aren't a reindeer fart from diddling the little people. This is Gerhard Oliver and he has delivered the album night time psytrance fans were hoping for. Decoder was fine and supplemented with additional tracks added later, but it was one of those albums that you felt could've been better. After absolutely stellar tracks on compilations I know I expected more from his debut. Like a man whose wife left him for another woman I was confused. Sad. Angry. Which drove me to several...unscrupulous habits *points to Santa* That guy knows what I'm talkin' about! Well after a couple years Gerhard is back and he dropped a new digital album a la Beyonce' right in your lap. But he did ya one better. It's free. Take that Queen B. And man it's a wild ride. The opening title track tells you all you need to know. Sound and fury. It's dark and throbbing (get the f*ck off me Santa) with an industrial flair that will blow the doors off. An album best listened to all the way through to swim in the murky atmosphere laden with high-tech effects. Thumping beats and Trent Reznor angst combine for a powerful journey. It's cold and futuristic. The tracks with other artists were particularly great including the added bonus of CPU awakening from his seemingly eternal cheese stupor. The last track is a dark ambient delight speaking of life after a scorched Earth military annihilation. While not perfect, it's certainly a great album. Another cool thing is that each track seems to have a different image tagged to it. Not a big thing but a nice little touch. Highly recommended. Psynews Link Mdk
  2. Artist: Aion Title: Scepter Of The Machine Construct Label: None yet I don't think, Maybe Kali Earth soon? Release: September 3, 2018 Tracklist: - 1. Scepter of Ra 2. The Construct 3. Insane Cyborg Aion is Norwegian trance producer who has gifted us with a 3 track ep with a range of different influences and styles. No matter what style is being used, you will hear notes of melody, with full body, low acidity, low tannins, rich buttery synths, with a spicy finish. Scepter of Ra - A proper slow intro has you unsure what this track is gonna be. But the beat kicks in eventually and the track really does develop beyond your expectations. Where'd you hear those eastern melodies in Norway Aion? Oh sure the internet. This track is a complete banger that I more than like. Without a doubt my favourite. The Construct - I guess we know what we are in for now so the dramatic intros can disappear. We have now entered blissful psychedelic territory and I don't want to leave. Insane Cyborg - You know from the second this track starts that it's gonna be some heavy full-on. It's fun to be right. I don't normally find much to say about full-on but after getting to like Aion's style in the last couple of tracks I am more than well lubed for this banger. The beat tempo changes, melody, synths pretty much the whole shebang is pleasant. Not once does the track get corny or predictable. I don't know what they feed you there in Norway. Wait yes I do, it's the Surströmming isn't it? If tinned fish that needs to be opened outdoors is what it takes to make great music then I'm ok with that. Unlike your fermented salted Herring I can take this ep with me on an international flight. It's available for NYP as the moment in Aions band camp page. https://aion.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. Artist: Merr0w Title: Out of Control EP Label: Self Released Date: June, 2018 1. Dancing Galaxy Remix 2. Mermaid's Twin Sister Remix 3. Neural Network 4. Out of Control 5. Amazing Bubble (Hardware Edit) This guy is like an on his meds Filipe Santos when it comes to productivity. His last self released album Hybridization was a good bit of acidic goa and that is also what you'll find here. Of note the intense and relentless Mermaid's Twin Sister Remix and Neural Network. The final track is a a cat o' nine tails whipping of nimble leads and bombast. Solid ep with the only flaw being the, ahem...questionable cover art. Merr0w Bandcamp
  4. Artist: Schallusion Title: Morphologic Tales Label: Self Released Date: March, 2012 1. Shaman 2. The Aborigine 3. Transcendance 4. Harmonic Tales 5. Crossover 6. Collaborator 7. Future Stomp Wow if you believe what the announcement thread says sounds like these guys hit a home run. Let's start with this. If you open your debut with a 17 minute track you better know what you're doing. Yeah they did. Luckily this German project seems to have a pretty good handle on this whole psychedelic thing. Coming out of nowhere they dropped this hot potato right into our eager laps. For free. 5 years ago. This album is loaded with long tracks that reside in a variety of psychedelic genres. As others have said that opener was quite spectacular. Very lush and not boring for any of those 17 minutes. Aborigine only has one way to go and unfortunately doesn't come close to the depth or scope of Shaman. Just 11 minutes of noodling. Transcendance is a bit better, but again it fails to maintain the high hopes brought about by the opener. Harmonic Tales is better still with a haunting vibe and more of an alien flare. It's futuristic and heavy. Crossover charges full steam ahead for a pretty good track. Collaborator goes full goa with some glitch riding shotgun. Future Stomp closes it out with some more alien goa. When you make an album that only has long tracks you walk a fine line between overload and boredom. For the most part I think they straddled it pretty well. The album was psychedelic and sounded great even if some tracks went on too long. Is it a classic? Nah, but several tracks kick some ass. As I mentioned this came out 5 years ago so they're due to release some more music. Schallusion Soundcloud
  5. Artist: Hypnoxock Title: Sounds From Another Time Label: Self Released Date: July, 2017 1. Wormhole (Remastered 2002) 2. The Final Passenger (Nocturnal Mix 2015) 3. Mismo Plastico (Virtualmismo Tribute Remix) 2011 4. Dr. Livingstone (Unreleased 1999) 5. Progresion Ecliptica (Special Edit Ozora 2013) 6. Deluxaflex (Unreleased 2004) 7. Blue Monday (Tribute Remix to New Order) I have always liked this project. Imagine South African psytrance loaded with goa elements. Victor Solsona may not be one of the premier names in psy, but he always delivers the goods. I'm still working my way through his most recent album Eurythmia, but this came along not soon after. It's a name your price wav download of unreleased and remixed tracks dating all the way back to 1999. I believe his strength is the constant evolution of his tracks. His current style is never a stagnant 4/4 full-on borefest, but he interjects new melodies and rhythm patterns. He takes tracks in different directions and is very good at adding atmosphere to provide a more lush sound. And that's what you get here for the most part even though some of the tracks are pretty old. One other thing he excels at is really good break work. Even the uber cheesy remix of New Order's Blue Monday wasn't as bad as it could've been. Usually when an artist releases something like this there's a reason it was never given a proper release in the first place. Not so here. Wormhole is a rollicking good goa track and The Final Passenger changes enough to keep it fresh. Mismo Plastico keeps the goa vibe going, while Dr. Livingstone is a slow burner full of darkness. Tracks five and six are more of what you would expect from an album like this and even they aren't bad. Bottom line this is a great release that doesn't behave like a bunch of older, re-imagined tracks. Oh by the way...can someone explain to me the Japanese fascination with tentacles? Bandcamp
  6. Artist: Omnivox Title: Innerpolarity 10 Years Remix Ep Label: Self Released Date: February, 2017 1. Mayana (2017 Remix) 2. City of Black Lights (2017 Remix) 3. Over the Clouds (2017 Remix) Long ago, in a galaxy far away there was a project called Vox and he released and album called Innerpolarity. Goa wasn't as available back then, so this was a welcome treat to hear new talent. Since then he changed his name to Omnivox and released the blistering Fragments of Evolution which you should already have in your collection. Here is a blurb describing the ep: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday." Ummm...that's not what it says. You just quoted a line from the Black Eyed Peas. Did I? So I did. Sorry, here it is. "I'mma make you my b*tch / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake." Nope. That's Rihanna. Wonder how many ghost writers were hired for that? Try again. Damn, thought for sure that was it. Ok got it... "My hump, my hump, my hump (ha), my lovely lady lumps (Check it out)." BEP's again. Dude you're stupid. The ep consists of 3 tracks the artist believes are the best from the album which stand the test of time. I really liked that album so I was curious to see 1) which tracks he chose and 2) what he could do with them. He's right those three tracks were really good to begin with, and the remixes are actual remixes. So refreshing. Some new leads, some more layers, all whilst keeping the outer space goa vibe the same. As you would expect the tracks sound fuller maybe due to improved technology. Bottom line, even though they aren't particularly memorable I enjoyed listening to them. Omnivox Bandcamp - Name your price, but don't be a cheap bastard.
  7. Artist: Phobium & Phobosphere Title: Cubes Combined Label: Self Released Date: April, 2012 01 - Phobium - Sitte Ute (Album Edit) (100 BPM) 02 - Phobosphere - Arpochi (Album Edit) (67 BPM) 03 - HPC - Dissociate (Phobosphere Remix) (50 BPM) 04 - Phobium - Another Orbit Around The Sun (120 BPM) 05 - Phobium - No Longer Current (Album Edit) (90 BPM) 06 - Phobosphere - Hello Czechia (70.6 BPM) 07 - Phobium - Wait For It (119 BPM) 08 - Phobium - The Bird, The Bus And Renoise.exe (100 BPM) 09 - Phobosphere & Phobium - That Side & This Side (60/120 BPM) 10 - Phobium & Phobosphere - Space Flight Satellite (Album Edit) (100 BPM) 11 - Xerxes - Phurther (Phobium Remix) (60/80 BPM) 12 - Phobosphere - Need Help (80 BPM) 13 - Phobium - In The Wake Of Voyager (60 BPM) Norwegian producer Henning H. Ottesen offers up a compendium of previously released tracks, remixes, and special album edits. His last album Time Is Now was pretty damn good so like a good psy and ambient listener I like to check in with Ektoplazm from time to time. With this release (under two project names) he's all over the downtempo and chill map. The music is smooth and relaxing (loved Another Orbit Around The Sun) with plenty of detail to keep your attention. Don't believe me? Homie made a track with a bpm of 70.6! Precision. He picks up the pace at times with breakbeat tracks like the shimmering Wait For It which then becomes a pretty formidable goa track. The tracks are short for the most part, but far from snacks. I didn't find one track that I didn't enjoy and the last half of the album I'd say is a slow drift through the silence of space. Well worth a listen. Free at Ektoplazm
  8. Artist: Sibling Title: Forest of Illusion EP Label: Self Released Date: February, 2015 01 - Hybrids (88 BPM) 02 - Ki (105 BPM) 03 - The Gates (102 BPM) 04 - Soul Conduit (92 BPM) 05 - The Flood (117 BPM) "What the? You dumb Klan motherf*ckers, that's a white woman! Cut some damn eye holes!" Forests can be beautiful and scary. This is both. Sibling is Trent Thomas from Arizona and I'll be honest I didn't think Arizona had forests. Well what he does here is make some spooky and eerie forest downtempo music. Very dark and lush with a am I seeing things kind of feel. Slow, evil, glitchy groove with a prominent bass. Pretty trippy. This isn't the forest where the animals sing and help Cinderella put on her dress it's the one in South Park where they perform human sacrifice. Very interesting. Free at Ektoplazm
  9. Artist: Nervasystem Title: Early Daze Label: Self Released Date: March, 2013 1. Matter Transfer 2. Zones 3. Terraform 4. Liquid Lifeform 5. Initiation 6. Kinetic Space Dilation 7. Venusian Illusion 8. Decoder 9. Stardust "Seen from out here...everything seems different." There he is! I found fat Waldo! Unless you've been held captive in a Yemeni prison for the last few years you heard and hopefully purchased Mark Dressler's return to the scene Time Travel. Awesome album that is so highly recommended that it was with renewed interest I decided to check out his Early Daze. It's a digital only release comprised of tracks he released back in the day on labels like Matsui, Psychic Deli, and Phantasm before that label descended into a meteoric pile of sh*t. Now if you were to peek at my early days I'm sure it is filled with moments that are not ready for prime time. Yeah I had a bowl cut. And I had feathered hair as a teenager. Gimme a break it was the 80's. Some f*cked up sh*t went on back then. Anyway all the tracks here were released on compilations or his own EP's so slow your roll we didn't discover any hidden gold. Well, I'd never heard Kinetic Space Dilation before and I don't believe that one was released anywhere. I haven't heard his latest stuff (3 or 4) so I cannot compare this album to those. But I have heard and loved Time Travel. And this isn't that far off from Time Travel. I think this release is for Mark's fans (I am one) and those who want to support the artist. As I mentioned almost all have been released on his ep's and comps which I'm certain you freaks already have. The sound is unmistakably goa with screeching leads and bubbly sounds (Terraform, Liquid Lifeform) attaining high levels of psychedelia. Initiation rages with whiplashes of fire and Decoder has that post golden era goa sound laced with psychedelic sounds. If there are any weak moments perhaps you could include the overly long and steady Zones, but most of the tracks bring psychedelic goa right up front. Nice one. Nervasystem Bandcamp
  10. Artist: Nostromosis Title: Wood Illusion EP Label: Self Released Date: 2011 1. Mowgli 2. Wood Illusion 3. Mantras of Druids 4. Ents 5. In the Middle of the Glimmered Trees This is Igor Sidorov and I think he has a new EP out on Timewarp Records. Wood Illusion dates back a few years and is his first released ep. I think he first released it by himself and then I guess Goa Records decided to pick it up, slap on a new cover, and now you have the honor of paying $7.50 for it. And I think it shows an artist that has some great ideas, but also has room to grow. I liked Mowgli and it's many layers and Ents with it's fluid goa melody, but I'm guessing his sound palette was slightly limited. Either that or I just didn't like the sounds he used. The rest sounded like a first EP would sound. Very raw and choppy. As I said the ideas are there and they are solid. Now it's just experience and the execution that will follow. I would love to see him come back to this and remix it. Beatport Mdk
  11. Artist: Elysium Title: Various Works 1994 - 2005 Label: Self Released Date: March, 2011 Discogs I'm too lazy to list them...there's over twenty. F*cking hell, is everyone named Andersen in Denmark? Denmark's own Kristian Thinning Andersen is a polarizing figure that was the subject of several lively threads here on the forum. Like him or not he's responsible for a big part of our scene's music and was quite prolific. This was released by the artist a few years ago on Ektoplazm, but has since been removed. It's a collection of his work over 10 or so years with music that is tough to box in. Is it goa? Tribal? Downtempo? Yes, all of the above. A digital only release there is a 21 track edition from 2011 and a remastered (what the hell?) 15 track version that came out a year later. One was in wav form and the other in mp3, but most were found on his previous albums. Personally I've never been a huge fan of his style as I think it goes on far too long without sufficient evolution. There are great parts on most of his tracks that unfortunately don't fulfill their potential. But that's just me. If you're a fan than you probably already have a lot of this. If you don't then this is certainly a treat. Even though I didn't like all of it he didn't have to give sh*t away so I would just thank him and stop being an ungrateful b*tch. By the way, I'm super keen on hearing his newest album that is on the way. Mdk
  12. Artist: Xervana Title: Unreleased Tracks 2001-2004 Label: Self Released Date: 2010 1. Falling Up 2. Another Universe 3. Part of Imagination 4. Boundless Energy 5. Angel of Death 6. Turn Home 7. Solitude 8. Human Stupidity 9. Fall of Mankind "Terror that has no name. Terror that must not be named." Samples From a Virtual Life was a great old school goa trance album and this is clearly not that. Times change. People change. According to Discogs he rarely makes electronic music anymore so this might be the last we hear of Olof. But releasing some stuff for free is a very nice gesture. The first four tracks are similar to the monotonous sounds of the early 2000's however. Progressive / psy stuff that seems to go on too long. Some have female wailing on them, but they don't come close to his debut album. Turn Home and Solitude were very melodic and had a pumping sound with a very trance like break. Ferry Corsten esque that makes me smile. Angel of Death and Human Stupidity clings to his former goa greatness as he messes around with some break beats. One thing I will say, he was very good at creating atmosphere with the breaks, even here. I can't tell if it was the time period and everyone sounded like this or he just said f*ck it. The website where you could get these tracks isn't responding so unless you know him or someone wants to share I don't know how you would get these. All of the tracks were uploaded in sub 320kbps quality so couple that with the fact that they are less than remarkable and you ain't missing much. You can find a couple of them on YouTube, but what was more striking was other tracks labeled as unreleased which sounded WAY better than what was on this release. Wicked Cosmos anyone? Perhaps a comeback in the making? Mdk
  13. Artist: Paraklang Title: Liquid Jungle Label: None Date: October, 2011 01 - 4 Drops Away (147 BPM) 02 - Particular Mutation (147 BPM) 03 - Second Mind Disaster (146 BPM) 04 - Fast Slide (149 BPM) That is the coolest cover ever. It's a tongue right? A tongue from the Matrix maybe. Volker Wiesmann from the Fatherland is releasing his debut EP . The style is forest/darkpsy/twilight according to the promo. Pretty accurate too. 4 Drops Away- "There's pressure in here." It's bubbly and has the touch of cold machinery all over it. When it gets all glitchy with the hollowed out bass I'm all ears. The break is like a nest of electronic critters swarming hungrily over what was once human. Pretty visceral stuff. A little more variation would've been nice on a track that is over 9 minutes, but it's not bad at all. Particular Motion- This reminds me of some of the stuff from Wild Things Records. Full steam ahead with loads of effects, but not much melody to speak of. But he takes a turn here with a chopped up melody that suits the dark computer style. Can I get a little help with the sample from some of our German speaking folk? It's crazy. Second Mind Disaster- "It is a tradition in American life to respect young people." Since when? With all the old f*cks in congress? This has the familiar scratchy sound you hear in a lot of darkpsy. Squirty sounds litter this thing as it undergoes numerous changes. Fast Slide- More glitchy style with crunchy sounds and effects. It began to pick up steam at the 6 minute mark and reminds me of the sound you get when you blow through a straw. I liked his use of effects and his dark tone. Unfortunately is came off as a little thin. 8 and 9 minute tracks are great if you're telling a story, but they need to be filled in a bit. The computer/android vibe was cool and maybe he just needs a few pads to give it some depth. A memorable melody or two wouldn't hurt either. But what you can easily tell here is that he has talent. The sound is awesome and full on liquid so his mastering is spot on. I hope he releases some more stuff as I would be interested in seeing how he evolves. Thanks for the free music! http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/paraklang-liquid-jungle Mdk
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