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Found 13 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Art From The Heart Chapter II Label: Old Is Gold Date: August, 2011 01 - Jayex & The Wonderboy - Witchcraft Night (145 BPM) 02 - Radical Distortion - Evil Machine (142 BPM) 03 - Jikooha - Riot Here! Riot Now! (144 BPM) 04 - Qlipadelic Rythm - Ganesh Soul (140 BPM) 05 - The Wonderboy - Kings of Camouflage (145 BPM) 06 - Snag The Sunshepherd - Aura (146 BPM) 07 - NK-47 - Know No Silence (145 BPM) 08 - Hybrid FX - Shamar (148 BPM) 09 - Afgin - Cleopatra (143 BPM) 10 - ArmagedDance - Sun And Snow (136 BPM) 11 - ArmagedDance - Away From Eden (113 BPM) God Awful. Have you ever seen something and said that? Nope that's just terrifying. I've never actually vomited spontaneously, but perhaps here... Hey I"m a dog person, but this...f*ck where would you begin to try and pet this...abomination. "Ok...I'll come peacefully. Let me get my fur coat." Need a lawnmower to shave that thatch. He is every cab driver I have ever had in NYC. That's how I felt when I saw this cover. So ugly. So we've got flowers (opium maybe?) mountains, crazy colored clouds, the Earth I guess, and then...what the f*ck is that? Riiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg...yes, it's attention. I craves it. Aw f*ck it, if that's his way of expressing himself more power to him. It's a free country, but good luck finding a job that doesn't involve circus tents and cotton candy. And how does getting laid work? Can't imagine they're lining up for some reptile lovin. How bout that first visit to the girlfriends parents? Actually he's been married for almost 10 years so if that doesn't prove there is someone for everyone....and no she isn't a turtle. Guy's actually really smart. So yeah, this cover is ugly. Maria, no offense but uh...I wouldn't put this on the resume. Less is more, and there is just too much "more" going on. But file this in the don't judge a book by its cover drawer, because there are some seriously good tunes to be found. As you can see this is the 2nd chapter in the Art From the Heart series and like its predecessor it is also free. It's a who's who in the genre of today's goa trance with some names I am sure you will recognize. And some not. But surely if you've been following this music, then you know of the label. They have released the 3 Golden Vibes goa trance compilations and of course the album when the world became aware of Uber-talent Afgin. Witchcraft Night- I swear I've heard that tribal chanting sample, but I cannot put my finger on it. Hmmm...notice it's over 9 minutes and that gives me pause because normally I cannot take 3 minutes of Wonderboy tracks. Just my preference, but I feel he is a better compiler. But this one isn't bad. Flutes, bass sweeps and a general happy vibe until it shifts after 4 minutes. The break sees a return of the chanting sample and I have to admit the flow is very enjoyable. Good job. Evil Machine- Civil servants mistakenly believe they can save Sarah Connor by beating the sh*t out of one of HP's budget models. Alas the blows struck weren't fatal...and laser printers hold a grudge. It's full steam ahead with power and multiple waves of melody. Gotta like the energy in this one. Riot Here! Riot Now!- "No more naps! I mean it...and get that f*cking cauliflower off my plate!" Japanese badasses Jun Iwai & Masakazu Shimodi win the title of don't f*ck around track with a straight out of the box stormer that oozes with intensity. Layers of melody and the presence of some crunchy guitar that doesn't seem out of place. Boom. Ganesh Soul- Very good track by this newcomer with yep you guessed it more layers of melody. He strangles one lead like I want to strangle those baloonheads on Fox News. Wipe that f*cking smirk off your face Steve Doocy! It loses the initial power it had, but it's still good for what appears to be the first release from this project. Kings of Camouflage- nothing to see here, keep it moving people. Aura- I didn't hear his album. Was it good? This was a little too...full-oney for my liking. Pass. Know No Silence- 18 year old (you sonofab*tch wipe that smile off your face!) Israeli Nadav Kahanowich makes some awesome goa trance. Melody + Power = wish I was 18 again. This is not your 4 on the floor type stuff. I mean yeah it gets to that, but it also has other interesting rhythms. He starts tacking on the layers for a pretty good track. Shamar- Kinda has a simple bass line, a bunch of Indian(?) chants or vocal, especially the break. I think if I was bumping this in my car, they would think I was a terrorist. Then I would be brought in for questioning, they'd check my internet history (and I definitely don't want that) and then put on the no fly list...it's a whole thing. It's a little on the thin side, but still enjoyable and pumping. Cleopatra- This gentleman needs no introduction and the soft Indian vocal means the promised land of bollywood can't be far away. Man, he shows us how it's done. Bubbling synths and bass lines, layers of 303 madness, and just smooth as silk flow. It twinkles and then growls for a great ride. One of my favorites. Sun and Snow- Artur Mataryan from Mother Russia has released several albums that are worth checking out. Here he brings rising and falling synths and layers of sound. It's got an outer space feel and is floaty. Good one. Away From Eden- Artur again to close the compilation with a short downtempo track. Big pads and percussion form the foundation with a nice flute melody. Good way to end. So it is what it is. Please overlook the cover and give this a try. Several styles of goa are represented with some good results. It's free so you have nothing to lose but time. Ektoplazm Mdk
  2. Artist: Easily Embarrassed Title: Tales of the Coin Spinner Label: EE Records Date: August, 2011 01 - The Truth (66 BPM) 02 - Blessed Day On Distorted Shape (79 BPM) 03 - Sylphesizer (100 BPM) 04 - The Coin Spinner (60 BPM) 05 - Moon People (70 BPM) 06 - The Old Ways (100 BPM) 07 - Little Match Sister (97 BPM) 08 - Triplets (95 BPM) 09 - Nothing But Spirit (82 BPM) 10 - Under The Jester's Hat (58 BPM) Before Jon Stewart was making fun of politics and the media he had a bit part in the Dave Chapelle vehicle Half Baked where he said, "Yeah, but have you seen it...on weed?" That stuck with me because that's how I used to be. I was that guy. Event Horizon was a great movie, but on weed? It scared the sh*t outta me. Silence of the Lambs? I thought I would suffocate because I couldn't catch my breath. It seemed like the infrared scene was an hour and a half long. Hell I even stood up in the movie theater during Alien Resurrection. Yeah, not one of my proudest moments. Like Rick James said, it's a helluva drug. Point is that's how I would watch all my movies. But you know...I got kids. Besides I was also the paranoid guy who swore the chick at Applebees knew I was high. What gave it away, the smell or the fact I had to point to the picture on the menu because I couldn't speak? So wasted. Don't do drugs kids. All roads lead to drinking out of a urinal. This is Jeffrey van der Schilden, Nick van der Schilden, and Peter Spaargaren with another free offering. Guys love making music and giving it away. This is their 3rd full length album and it is wonderful. The journey they take you on is a combination of the analog warmth of Jean Michel-Jarre and the celestial atmosphere of Vangelis. It's viewing the glare of a stare from an enormous window of a starship. Of Androids walking among us like it was the most natural thing in the world. Of the old man spinning coins describing a world the way it used to be. Futuristic samples stretch out between wavering choir pads and Vangelic synth runs. Ambient laments and breakbeats that harken back to the days when Crystal Method knew what the f*ck they were doing. Somehow they manage to work a reggae style beat in there and it doesn't seem the least bit out of place. The title track with its acoustic guitar melody is a melancholic short story of regret. Most of the melodies are of that type...and they do a great job mixing real and electronic elements with a lush cinematic scope. Nowhere is that more evident than in Moon People with its crawling eerieness that should make you a little...uncomfortable. An awesome trip through space that I cannot recommend highly enough. The fact that it's free is just icing on the cake. Good show boys! Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. Artist: Psygone Title: Organique Label: Rebeat Date: August, 2011 1. Slammer 2. Kashmir 3. Kothoga 4. Unborn Destiny 5. Organique 6. Monotomic Master 7. Mentism 8. The Drill 9. Rising Hearts 10. Exstatica Michael Kjeldgaard is a name that all goa trancers should know as he was the mind behind the Psygone project which gave us Optimystique, one of the best hyper goa trance albums of all time. Many were sour that he only produced one album, but then there was some light at the end of the tunnel with his 2nd effort A Second Breath. Indifference was rampant. At least from me. It was ok, but surely a letdown after the long wait. Then following some internet snooping I discovered that he actually released an album after Optimystique called Organique. It was ready to go in 1998, but for whatever reason it never saw the light of day. Until recently. This might as well be called Optimystique 2 as you will recognize all the same sounds that he used before. His knack for putting the groove in goa trance was still there (where would it go, this was only made a year later) as was his layering of melodies and that distinct Psygone sound. Now most of these tracks were all released on compilations as he like a lot of you creative people liked to use different names. For example, DJ Driller (that's him) made the track The Drill, which can be found on the compilation This is Goa Trance. This compilation is where you will find 70% of the tracks released on Organique. Hell, this guy went so far as to release the same track under a different name on different compilations. Several f*cking times. Now normally I would call bullsh*t and label it for the obvious cash grab it was, but with Organique you actually get the full track (not some bizarrely abbreviated crap) and it is remastered. That alone is worth it to me. If you loved his debut you'll really enjoy this with its racing melodies funky ability. Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Abakus Title: Reworks Volume I & II Label: Modus Recordings Date: August, 2011 Vol. 1 1. California Sunshine 2. Igmatik 3. Night Walker 4. Lux Boutique 5. Under The Stars Pt. 1 Vol. 2 1. Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix) 2. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix) 3. Beyond the Fields (Jong Remix) 4. Igmatik (Tripswitch Remix) 5. Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix) Good God it is f*cking hot out here. I think I saw the thermometer hit 100 degrees Celsius. This is my wife's plant that I have somehow managed to keep alive for the better part of 5 years. I moved it outside a few weeks ago because it wasn't getting enough sun. Now look at it. Pitiful. I don't claim to be able to speak with animals or plants; hell I can just barely hold it together speaking to people without wanting to punch them in the face. But here's how I imagine it would go if my plant could talk to me. Plant: Jesus F*cking Christ, what the hell are you doing to me!?! You left me out here during a tornado! A Tornado!! Look at my leaves! At least get me some water you uncaring bastard! Me: I just watered you yesterday. Plant: So what motherf*cker, did you just have one drink yesterday? Why'd you move me out here anyway? Look, just take me back inside. It's cooler in there...I can't take this heat. Me: No. Plant: CMONNN!!!!!!! The f*cking ants are eating me alive and you tied me to a stake in the blazing sun like I was Jesus, show a little compassion!! Me: No. Plant: I'll suck your dick.... Me: What did you just say? Plant: I'll...I'll suck...your...dick... Me: How is that even possible? You don't even have a...No! No, you know what...this conversation is over! *closes door* Plant: Cmon, shoot one right in the pot! It'll be the best one you ever had....you limp dicked asshole. "Go ahead George...light it up." Abakus is Russel Davies son of Dave Davies founder of the Kinks. Wow, he took a left turn at his father's music didn't he? Actually he didn't, because daddy makes music with him in the ambient/progressive rock genre. His style is a little all over the place. Equally fluent in downtempo and ambient, he can also craft some electro and progressive type stuff. As a matter of fact he has a side project called Cinnamon Chasers which does exactly that. First album That Much Closer to the Sun was really good and his second wasn't bad either. Prisms (his third) continued his mish mash of styles, but I felt it was his weakest effort. He has a new album called Futurism Pt. 1 that came out this year, but this pair of digital EP's came out first. Reworks Vol. 1 are his own remixes of some of his older tracks and Vol. 2 are done by other artists. You might know some of them. Vol. I The original California Sunshine was a mellow downtempo magic carpet ride where there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but the new one sees the bpm's get raised with an 80's synthpop feel. The chants are still there and the beat is good, so he seemed to do a remix right. Igmatik- Probably my favorite track by Abakus. It had it all. Funk, groove, mystery...just a smooth piece of music. The newer version sports a fatter bass, big beats and funky rhythms. And there's some Miami Vice appeal as well for old bastards like me. Jan Hammer might be upset you stole his keytar, but you know...f*ck him. Nightwalker is another of his smooth, dubby brand of electro tracks that has a real lounge component. Like it could've been played in a smoky jazz club. Gone is the quiet funk of the original with another nod to a more synth riff based type of track. Noisier, synthier, and more anger by Jan Hammer. "I don't care...Black people can do a lot of things, but even they cannot make the keytar cool." Lux Boutique was a soft ambient track with glitchy tendencies. Mellow for sure. Well, he electro synthed the crap out of the remix with enough autotune that makes Kanye blush. It's happy and reminds me of Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani and generic rapper. Under the Stars Part 1 was from an Ep of the same name and it was a dreamy type of ambient floating with a trance background. Like all the tracks before in this first volume it seems shinier with a heavier electro influence. If you told me it was an instrumental by the Thompson Twins or Erasure I wouldn't slap the taste out of your momma's mouth. "What did the five fingers say to the face?" Vol. II Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix)- Slowest. Track. Ever. This is music heroin addicts use to overdose. Where the world is flying by, but your perception is in super slo mo. Arizona State University takes its admittance qualifications seriously, believing it's never to young to start preparing. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)- Never heard the original. Another slow (not suicidal) dubby tune that combines the warm beach vibe with sun shinning through icicles without melting them. It's got some wobble and seems to freeze time. Let's just say that if I still got high, you would be able to find me by the trail of empty Dorito bags. Beyond The Fields (Jong Remix)- Another track that I haven't heard, but this is a smooth and happy electro tune. Sunny and warm it goes down like an afternoon at the beach. Floaty and comforting. Igmatik- Brennan. Nick Brennan. Responsible for the most epic of the remixes on this series of Reworks, it has huge scope. Layers of running synths fly you to outer space as deep dubby bass rumbles on the bottom end. Massively soothing it's like when my kid releases the string of balloons he was holding. There is no crying...you just watch it go. Bee Yoo Tee Full. "We'll uh...we'll just tell your mother she got kidnapped by some Mexicans." "Dad, that's racist." "It is? Shaddup...want some ice cream?" Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix)- Not to be outdone Mr. Magnus gives you a 10 minute track that combines the boredom of staring at a wall with the excitement of wasting time. Sorry Magnus, you have the midas touch, but would it kill you to give me something to focus on? As it stands, you have given me the soundtrack to me coming out of the bathroom. So that's what you get with these two Reworks. A mixed bag really, but there is plenty of variety so points scored. Most of the tracks are good with the Tripswitch remix being spectacular. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to ah...water the plants. One plant in particular is gonna get so f*cking wet... Beatport - Reworks Vol. I Beatport - Reworks Vol. II Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Progressive Request Label: Uxmal Records Date: August, 2011 1. First Days ABSTRACT SUNRISE 2. Kailash SUDUAYA 3. Remix Yourself BADBUG 4. From Human Blood CYKLONES 5. Ipanema NATURAL NOTES 6. New Mysteries MEANDER AND RIDDEN 7. Super Heroes SENSIFEEL 8. Orion Smoke SUBSISTENCE 9. Levitator STRATIL "Some individuals it's true are more special...this is natural selection." Very true. The cream rises to the top and that also holds true with music and the labels that release it. While Iono and TesseracT occupy the penthouse of progressive music, Uxmal is fighting with the balding security guard in the lobby. Nothing personal of course, but as of yet none of their releases have set my hair on fire. Well welcome to the east side cause you're movin' on up! Kinda. At least your rental application has been received. This label from Mexico has discovered the winning formula with drifting melodies and smooth atmosphere. The tracks are soft and comfortable perfectly content to act like warm blanket fresh from the dryer. Best track? The Suduaya effort is delicious. Now, this is not to say they are ready for the big time. In the past I found that a lot of tracks on Uxmal compilations droned on without much evolution. They'd find a melody and groove and ride it out to a mostly boring conclusion. From Human Blood is a let down while Super Heroes is signigicantly less super. So there are a few tracks that see the label slipping into old and unfortunately comfortable habits. Because of that I can't recommend this as there is better progressive out there. But at least they're trying right? Progressive Request? Ok, I request you make better progressive. Psyshop Goa Store Mdk
  6. Artist: Various Title: The Technosopher's Stone Label: Glitchy.Tonic.Records Date: August, 2011 01 - Xenoscapes - The Fern Dimension (128 BPM) 02 - Brujo's Bowl - Techno Trousers (135 BPM) 03 - Psilocybe Vibe - Rhododendron (130 BPM) 04 - Dharana - The Pit (135 BPM) 05 - Radioactive.Cake - Human Body Part Industry (132 BPM) 06 - Loagsta - Delivery (132 BPM) 07 - Carnivorous Vuduist - Nebel Des Krieges (125 BPM) 08 - Nikroma - Forest Freq (128 BPM) 09 - Sporangia - Endospore (134 BPM) 10 - Zeitgeist - Technokrates (130 BPM) 11 - SourOne - Neurosynaptic Malfunktion (126 BPM) 12 - Paracozm - Acid In Wonderland (127 BPM) "I think you'll find this present a valuable addition to our modern lifestyle." This was a nice surprise. Think of it as darkpsy atmosphere with minimal structures and some techno sensibilities. All the tracks are moody with a simplistic kick and loaded with effects. The sounds of alien creatures can be heard constantly with lots of bubbling and electronic wheezes. Sometimes it can get very lush and descriptive and sometimes it can go on way too long. I like effects tumbling over the kick, but when there is not a lot else it can get tiring to listen to. My favorite was Techno Trousers by Brujo's Bowl. Get it free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. Artist: Hiyarant Title: This is Only A Game Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: August, 2011 1. Osaka Remix 2. Something Else 3. Chaos Resolved 4. Last Possible Solution 5. Yojimbo (Hiyarant Remix) - Frozen Ghost 6. Hall of The Mountain Clown (Hiyarant Remix) - Rubix Qube 7. In Hindsight 8. Power To The People 9. Triple 7 "You people have been chosen...to reveal our existence to the world!" Whew. This is intense. Hiyarant is Stuart Vermaak from South Africa and he drops a migraine inducing blend of hard bass lines, ominous samples, and ear piercing leads right into your living room. As you would expect from the artist behind Collision the mood is dark and unrelenting. One does not just sit and listen to this. Oh no, you put this on right before your first Muay Thai fight. It's brick hurling twilight madness that people not familiar with our music might associate with animal cruelty. Severely detuned leads that sound like they're weeping are everywhere and there is a lo-fi rawness to its production. The low end rumbles and the highs screech like an eagle. It might be a lot to take in one sitting, but if you need a blast of energy before you go all hostel on someone...have I got something for you. "Let's get to work..." Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Cosmic Tone Title: Uniting Forces Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: August, 2011 1. Dance Time (with Noga) 2. Are u ready 3. Pink (with Noga) 4. Modulator (Edit) 5. Toxic 6. Rhythm is the power 7. Open your mind 8. Give me sound 9. Maniac Yep, that's an E that is literally attempting to jump off the keyboard in protest. Roei Nissan is out with the 6th album from Cosmic Tone and you'll never guess what style he pursues. That's right Pancake Trance. Fluffy light and oh so easily digestible. I'm thinking about sending him the bill from my dentist because after hearing this sugary sweet confection I collected 3 cavities. Full on is his game and boy has he become mediocre at it. Boring and predictable this is just like all the rest with a different project name. And oh the buildups...Once again the always reliable Discogs score is right on the money with a solid 4/5. Sigh. Another quality artist swallowed up by the voracious commercial full-on monster. Some of you may be wondering why I subject myself to subpar music and then spend colossal amounts of time writing a review. Hey I have to live up to my Family of Light title, but think of it like this. I do it...so you don't have to. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Future Nature 2 Lablel: TesseracT Studio Date: August, 2011 1. Sunrise Tonic - Vertex and Pion 2. Disturbings - The Riddler 3. Orange Bad - Phaxe and Vice Vs. Vertex 4. Particles - Nerso 5. Source Code - Zyce 6. Four Kings - Sideform feat Zyce and Flegma 7. Lunar Drive - Middle Mode and Ectima 8. Crowd Control - Ectima and E-Clip 9. City of Pula - Hardy.Veles 10. Evaporation - Zyce and Flegma Tesseract is out with the 2nd installment of the Future Nature series. Not unlike Iono's Forensic Science (which was f*cking awesome) it's a who's who of progressive trance brilliance. One name that you will see a lot of is Zyce who must've had a sh*tload of tracks lying around because he is all over this thing. I had the opportunity to play this for the good folks at my local establishment and they seemed to enjoy it. Sunrise Copy- Vertex is Nikola Kozić and Slobodan Gaćeša who released the stellar album Ocean last year. Here they team up with Pion (Vladan Jarić) on the opening track. The first 4 minutes are nice, but nothing remarkable. The break erupts with true analog synth chords that warm the soul. They wind it down and this one remains an underground groove. Those chords make a final appearance near the end and are clearly the star of the show. Disturbings- Goran recently released his 3rd Talpa disc called The Path and I'll have to check that one out. Especially since I ripped his 2nd album a new a**hole. But here in his Riddler persona it's all about the funk. And he has a distinctive style. Eerie melodies twinkle and shimmer before he drops the funk hammer that induces involuntary booty wigglin'. Oh, you and your groupies... His basses are groovetastic and he twists dem sumb*tches like he's trying to contact Tokyo on a ham radio. Funky as always sir. Orange Bad- See I imagine the title came from the Hulk's intense dislike for citrus. You know..."Orange bad...hulk smash!" But I have a lot of non-sensical crap rolling through my neural pathways. The Vertex duo take on Kevin Josefsen (Phaxe) and Martin Daltoft (Vice). Another groovy progressive ride with little melodies that crop up from seemingly everywhere. The bounce is nice and it's a sunshiney piece that will put a smile on your face. Particles- Progressive master "The Dragon" fresh off his release of Exploration of Infinity rocks things in the same dark style. Bubbling basses, moody pads, and genre encompassing effects make this thing a monster. It just thumps with a driving spirit as it totally envelops the listener. Massively lush and descriptive...he is to progressive what the Pleiadians are to goa trance. Yeah I said it. Source Code- Zyce is Nikola Kozic aka one half of Vertex. He's another Balkan that rules this genre and is quite prolific. Sharp synths echo over a monotone bass line as effects scratch and claw in an attempt to gain purchase. The middle of the track sees the bass line change and a nice bright feeling peeks out. The break is truly shiny setting you up for a good time. But like any good progressive track he's building towards it and if you have patience you will be rewarded. Nice job. Four Kings- "Yes...front desk? Send up a bottle of your best champagne and 4 bustiest hookers cause it's on." Hey it's Zyce again, surprise surprise. They do love the delay don't they? It's all over the place as sounds echo across the horizon. The same roadmap is followed here with the accumulation of effects and similar if not identical bass line. I like this style so it doesn't bother me, but I can see people hopping on the "damn this sounds too samey" bandwagon. Still, it's so lush and positive that I can't help but like it. It's drifting and melodic with a nice ending bit of melody so thumbs up from me. Lunar Drive- Motherf*cker Zyce, did you not get enough hugs from your parents? You're part of Ectima also? That is 70% of the tracks on this compilation you're on. I imagine the compiling went something like this... "No! No!! I want that track too! F*ck you Nesho! Mine! Mine!!" Awww...I can't be mad at you. This is a trip on the darker side of things with wild and spooky Silent Hill type atmosphere. The middle has a weird rhythmic element that continues out of the break with a boom boom bass. Like it. It returns to its original form to continue the eerieness. Good stuff. Crowd Control- Ectima (Zyce + Flegma) takes on Marko who is in strong contention for album of the year from me with his release of Shuma. They try to control the crowd with a thunping snare....stay back, we bite. Once they add all their progressive elements together it becomes quite groovy. Where the previous tracks were pretty melodies this is darker and more abrasive. I would've loved them to take all the synths out and have a period where it was just percussion, but hey, that's me. Hey whattya know, they did it! This what Artifakt would sound like if he did progressive. The end more resembles the rest of the tracks on this compilation with it's echoing effects but it has an angry swagger. This one grew on me. City of Pula- Goran (no, not that one) released a quality EP called Shumska Majka last year and he also had a track on the first Future Nature compilation. He chops up a sample and makes it fit nicely in the mix. Funky even. It has a reeaaaalllly long sample in the middle that is slightly on the cheesy side. It dominates the track because he keeps using it. Too much. It's fun to knock out a few knuckle children, but eventually you have to give it a rest. I can pass on this one. Evaporation- I think this one is the slowest on the track as it plods away in midtempo style. It's also Zyce's last appearance on the compilation. 7 out of 10 tracks, why not just release this as an artist album? I tease him, but that's because his music is that f*cking good. It's a slowdown groove that makes you nod your head with nice percussive work and cool effects. Like all the artists on this label use. The melody is pure sunshine and man does it feel good on this rainy day. TesseracT continue to release quality progressive trance. It's deep and atmospheric with echoing melodies that are good enough to eat. The tracks go from light grooves to dark epic monsters. I'm not certain if all of the artists are Serbian, but damn if that area isn't a fountain of talent. If you like your progressive trance larger than life with loads of effects and melodies than you cannot go wrong with this. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  10. Artist: Auma Title: Interacting Processing Label: Enig'matik Records Date: August, 2011 01 - That Old Magick (100 BPM) 02 - Settle And Release (105 BPM) 03 - Machromatic (100 BPM) 04 - A Collision Of Craniums (100 BPM) 05 - Nude (95 BPM) This is Luke Peart based in Melbourne with an EP that sounds different than most. He makes downtempo but with influences that range from hip-hop to smooth jazz to glitch it definitely makes it's mark. It's free so there isn't any excuse not to check this out. Unless you are a bitter soul with popeye face. The Old Magick- This reeks of Ultimae quality with the cold percussion and skittering sounds. Perfect music for a rainy day with detuned tones and a funky break beat. The bass does the heavy lifting but all the effects create the spooky atmosphere. My favorite part is when the beat drops out for a second. Slick. If you're riding a train home from work and it's raining outside...this is your soundtrack. Settle and Release- Electric piano smoothness with rolling bass sweeps make this pull your coat closer to you as you cross the street in a rain shower kinda music. The hip-hop influence is on full display with the beat and the chopped up percussive funkiness. Music like this could make Steve Carell seem street. On second thought.... Machromatic- The BPM is only 100 but it sounds twice as fast as that with glitchy electronics. Soft pads float in sharp contrast to the hectic chaos below. It's like a weird melodic dream sequence. Catch the drill? A Collision of Craniums- "Here we see Mark and John taking a traditional hug and adding a more personal touch. Watch...how the foreheads gently collide." "Damnit b*tch, I said gently! We're not insured for that!" More gentle melodies that caress your head and tell you that everything is gonna be all right. What is that sound, a kid's piano? The layers are stacked and this is a very happy track. He transitions into a reverse sounding break and then you hear that cool sample. More smiles here than a dentist's office. Nude- This sounds like something Radiohead would do. Screechy, unintelligable vocals about some boy that doesn't understand him over strings and a break beat. Not my cup of tea. Good EP with the exception of that last track. Smooth music that deserves a listen. Ektoplazm Mdk
  11. Artist: Atomic Pulse Title: Anatomic Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: August, 2011 1. Solar Flare (Live mix) 2. 3rd Eye (Atomic Pulse rmx) - GMS & Space Tribe 3. New World Order III 4. AnaTomic 5. Spartan 6. Open Society (Atomic Pulse rmx) - Astral Projection 7. Eaven and Earth (Atomic Pulse rmx) - Ultravoice & Indra 8. AnaMorph 9. Unknown Strings 10. Existence If there was ever poster children for the full-on sound it would be this project. They were doing it before it was even labelled I think. This is Tamir Ozana & Yair Bar-On with their fifth album release. Their first album, The Safi Collection was one of my first introductions into this genre so I've kinda been keeping track of their evolution. Since then, they have appeared on so many compilations and worked with all the full-on labels. Well, now full-on is pretty much a dirty word but that's because so many artists just applied the cut and paste model and deleted all the creativity. So like VH-1, where are they now? Solar Flare (Live Mix)- This was a good full-on track with power and some pretty thick leads. With the vocoded sample it gives it a space appeal. 3rd Eye (Atomic Pulse Remix)- "Mental abilities would multiply a hundredfold. That our consciousness would be expanded to the ultimate." So I went back and listened to the original from the Space Tribe album Collaborations and, uh...yeah it doesn't really hold up well. The wavering synth is memorable, but that's because back in its day this sound was probably cutting edge and you can identify with it. Like the time you finally got to be with you're soulmate "If this is wrong...I don't wanna be right." But I haven't seen a lack of balls this evident since they neutered my dog. No power or originality whatsoever, just another track to throw on the generic crapheap. New World Order III- The first NWO was on their 2nd album De-Toxicated. Then came the 2nd part on Multiverse. So here we are on part III and I'm not about to go and relive those rather unremarkable tracks so I'll just discuss this one. And it will be a short discussion because there ain't a lot here. Like frozen pizza that I get from Wal-Mart where's the f*cking meat? No layers or new leads, just the same limp dick effort that I've heard on previous albums from this project. AnaTomic- Better. Here you have uplifting melodies and expansive breaks. Yeah it's cheese, but it's well done cheese. I would say this is more epic trance that Van Dyk would spin rather than psytrance, but it's not unpleasant to listen to. Spartan- The lead is twisted and filtered as it searches and smoothly transitions into a new sound. See this is good full-on stuff. The break has soft pads and a new synth germinates out of this rich medium. It undergoes a for lack of a better word a "heavenly" transformation with a choir sound and it really is pretty good. Hell, you win points from me by not going the easy route and stuffing samples from the movie 300 in there. Open Society (Atomic Pulse Remix)- "We must after all is said and done preserve the liberties that we are fighting for." Ah a remix of an Astral Projection track probably from an album that we shall never see. This was also on the Blissdom EP released back in 2010 and it's another good one. Plenty of layers and that main melody sounds like vintage Astral. It's pumping and I always thought the sign of a good track is that you are into it and before you know it, it's over. Good sounds and good structure. Yeah, I know it was made almost 2 years ago and it's not a new track, but look at 'em...the kids love it. Eaven and Earth- "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth." First I'll say I like the break with it's skipping effect. But Alien Project did this type of stuff almost a decade ago. The leads are nice, but I feel like I just jumped back in a time machine. "Is that the new PS3 with retro stylings?" AnaMorph- *sigh* Unknown Strings- You know those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it. Hitler was a brutal dictator filled with hate who killed millions of Jews. Atomic Pulse did not study history. Therefore...Atomic Pulse is responsible for the slaughter of millions of Jews. "Sometimes...I get a feelin. I get a feelin that I never never never never had before!" Existence- To finish this underwhelming exercise is a lower tempo track that contains more of the same cheesy simple melodies that true psyheads will scoff at. Sure it's pretty but so's this guy. Doesn't mean I want to spend time with him. Besides, he's got his shoes on the wrong foot. Unless they pull an Osher or a Talpa and go in a direction 180 degrees from where they are currently located, I think it's time to put this project to bed. How many times can you create the same generic paint by numbers full on and expect to come up with a different outcome. That's the definition of crazy. Surprise surprise, it's more run of the mill full-on stuff that would've sounded great 10 years ago. Times have changed, we have the internet and 16 year old kids are downloading pirated copies of Cubase and smoking the sh*t you just made. When you put 10 tracks on an album it just makes it easier for me to come of with a percentage of disappointment. So if we discount a track that we already heard, by my count I am...let's see carry the one, divide by 2....yep, 80% sure that I have no room on my hard drive for this. Psyshop GoaStore Mdk
  12. Artist: Osher Title: Stepping Around EP Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: August, 2011 1. Stepping Around - Osher 2. Exchange (Osher Remix) - Vaishiyas & Audiomatic 3. World of Sound - Osher 4. Pump - Ran and Osher 5. Adventure - Osher & Avshi Look, it's not that simple...I just can't wave my hands and erase the past. If I could the parents of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber would've never joined in that unholy union. I believe in whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but how much suffering are we going to have to take? Remember Ananda Shake? Their compilation work was usually impressive and their first album had some really good moments. And yes, their tracks Break Dance and Make me Shake may very well go down as some of the worst pieces of music ever, I'm aware of that. Even their 2nd album We Speak Music wasn't a total failure. But once you reached Inside the Sound, you could tell something was stinky in poop town. This was how I had to take The World is Yours.... But then something happened. Osher had an epiphany and took a hard left into the progressive trance genre. He released his debut Twilight and it was as if he had an exorcism. Gone were the inclinations toward cheesy full-on crap, and in were the smooth beats and drifting melodies. It's like when your kid grows up and begins to drive. You knew this day would come, that they would mature, but it still seemed to come out of nowhere. Well now after his debut and another EP, he brings another taste of his new found sound. And it's a continuation of his smooth style. On Stepping Around echoing synth washes wipe away his sins as soft beats soothe the listener. Floating melodies glide through layers of sound as breaks open up possibilities. While some Vaishiyas tracks aren't bad (Action Flaxion was pretty damn cool) the best thing that project has done was to let the masses remix their work. Exchange bubbles and rings with that guitar lead and finds itself becoming a little groovy if a little thin. World of Sound is typical of his drifting and bright style. Plenty of effects and echoing synths to give the track some depth. Not too dark and not too light. Pump has a sample that sounds like that android in Aliens after he got all f*cked up. You know when he was cut in half but still kinda functional? The music is deliberate and futuristic with a pumping beat. Pretty good. The final track Adventure is chock full of synths on delay and shimmering sounds. Like the first rays of the sun as dawn breaks. Bring your sunglasses because this one is very bright. But hey, ain't nothing wrong with a little happy feel good music is there? Loved it. He continues to fight the good fight. Smooth, laid back progressive trance that is spacious and melodic. His finger is on the pulse and this would be a welcome addition into anyone's progressive library. Good job Osher! http://www.beatport.com/release/stepping-around/401688 Mdk
  13. Artist: Querox Title: The Life and Me Label: Prog On Syndicate Date: August, 2011 1. Crazy Smile 2. You and Me 3. One Day (feat. Monod) This is another label that has been releasing some really good progressive trance. Querox is Tobyjas Zaslon, but apart from his appearance on the Kosmics Playground compilation I've never heard of him. Since I've been on a bit of a EP binge as of late I decided to give it a go. The cover is very appealing and since I'm a sucker for that I dive in with eyes wide open. Crazy Smile- F*cking hell this is loaded with epic trance pads and saccharin sweetness. Not a lot of layers, erring towards the minimal side of progressive it also doesn't have a lot of surprises. Though I guess that was implied with the minimal comment. It's uplifting, but lacking. For example no matter how hard diet soda tries it can never be the same as regular. Made me feel like this... "No, no,no...! Don't lean back, you gotta...Meh. Nice sh*tcan though." You and Me- More diet soda. I like layers and for me there isn't enough going on. I get bored. My mind starts to wander. And that's dangerous. So when the break comes, I'm wondering what a Mike Tyson in spandex with backup dancers dance video would look like. Ahhhh...there we go. The break is pleasant and the vibe is cheerful, but I need more...I am a needy bastard. One Day- Hey, we heard this on the last track. And this is with someone? What did he do plug in the gear? When the MLK sample comes in I've had enough. This wasn't for me. Not enough happening. As mentioned it has a minimal style without much evolution. It's pretty and happy, but I came away empty. http://www.beatport....e-and-me/435803 Mdk
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