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  1. Simple Man's world is not a psychedelic bass and drum collection. Instead of creating deep & monoton tones, Simple Man places the emphasis on various beats and flowering, peaceful melodies. "Your opinions and your memories are false illusions. They are not exist in the real world, so don't believe them. What are the opinions and the memories? They are the components of your EGO." (Simple Man) FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! * DOWNLOAD NEW TRACKS: [soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1] FOLLOW THE NEWS HERE: [Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/simple
  2. SIMPLE MAN [the simple trip] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-euphoria-vocal-mix Simple Man - Euphoria (2015.05.01.) I. Biography: Simple Man was born in a peaceful and friendly town in the middle of a beautiful land (The Great Hungarian Plain). He was a very clever and respectful boy. His first teachers realised that he is a genius. He was entered for many competitions and all of his school reports were excellent. Later he became the member of the school's Maths Course. He was interested in life, universe, music and natural science. He won an ortographical and a musi
  3. Simple Man Born Of Exotic House Vol 1 Simple Man: the first Exotic House artist. Exotic House: special progressive house music with egzotic melodies and clear, peaceful and affectionate atmosphere. Fanpage Official Site (Download Simple Man's new album (free)) https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/exotichousevol1
  4. Title: Simple Man - TRIP 2.0 Artist: Simple Man Label: Simple Man Music (free) Genre: Exotic House Format: Digital Download Release Date: 20.09.2014. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist TRIP 2.0​ Simple Man's second beautiful album. Special melodies. The style is really unique: Simple Man is the first Exotic House artist. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist. Exotic House: special progressive house music with egzotic melodies and clear, peaceful and affectionate atmosphere. Simple Man: music without record label, so every track is Free. Exotic House: the uplifting magic
  5. SIMPLE MAN - RESTART (full album) FREE DOWNLOAD -> Artist: Simple Man Title: Restart Release date: 09. 2013. Label: Simple Man Music Style: psychedelic, chillout, trance, progressive Format: mp3 (zipped file) Bitrate: 320 kbps Tracks: 10 Time: 77:04 Size: 185 Mb facebook -> 01 Flower Of Life 02 Robotika 03 Kepler 04 Albert Einstein 05 Children 06 Here and Now (feat. Osho) 07 Gandalf 08 Rasta Heart 09 Hoffmann 10 Ending Trip
  6. ELECTRIC ATMOSPHERE - PROMO 1 - SIGNALS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C84PkBi2Dk
  7. ELECTRIC ATMOSPHERE RADIO STATION Official radio station of the hungarian party organization LISTEN -> Every Day (gmt+1) 8 pm (20:00) Fullon News 10 pm (22:00) Goa News 0 am (00:00) - 7 am Chillout 2013 BE A MEMBER ON FACEBOOK -> (trance, progressive trance, progressive psytrance, psytrance, fullon, chillout, ambient, minimal goa trance) This is Electric Atmosphere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxidue5jv1M
  8. SIMPLE MAN RASTA HEART EP 01 liquid version 02 peace version DOWNLOAD (OFFICIAL SITE) FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD MIXCLOUD SIMPLE MAN MIXES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2o_G-eio80 on cover: Márk Kulbert, designed by Alina Vincze
  9. OFFICIAL MOVIE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Krryxn0h5Y
  10. SIMPLE MAN'S MIX SERIES Let's start a new, wonderful fantasy world with Simple Man: PEACELAND (ambient/chillout) PeaceLand is a beautiful, fantastic empire with green hills and valleys. By the rolling, shiny rivers and lakes human, dwarf and elf villages grow in peace. In this land money and war are not exist. The value is the Soul. PeaceLand is famous for mushrooms, foods, spices, herbs, amusements around the campfires. Lord of The Genesis (progressive) In every season PeaceLand's inhabitants dance together on the Genesis (mountain) to show their positive energy to the Lo
  11. SIMPLE MAN HOFFMANN EP (progressive psytrance & goa trance) OFFICIAL SITE FACEBOOK SIMPLE MAN MIXES SOUNDCLOUD MIXCLOUD YOUTUBE This new track is Simple Man's newest debut EP! He could improve into a new level! This track is an energetic bomb, a teaching, a wonderful message. First, you can hear Albert Hofmann's experience about his child, the LSD: "If you open your eyes, you can see the real world, it's wonderful." Then the hard bass flows into your mind and a real trip begins...
  12. SIMPLE MAN (Peace Fusion) Promo Live Set O.Z.O.R.A. 2013 Simple Man on Facebook -> Official Site -> LISTEN & Download (Soundcloud) -> 01 Simple Man - Andromeda 02 Simple Man - Venus 03 Simple Man - UFO 04 Simple Man - Pulsar 05 Simple Man - Universe 06 Simple Man - Milky Way 07 Simple Man - Aliens 08 Simple Man - You Are A Buddha 09 Simple Man - Solar System 10 Simple Man - Magic Life 11 Simple Man - Ganesha 12 Simple Man - Aztec 13 Simple Man - Maya 14 Simple Man - Soul Of The Moon (outro) Official: www.simpleman.hu Download mixes:
  13. SIMPLE MAN Spring Progressive Set 2013-03. Official Site Facebook Tracklist: Hi Profile - I Am Innocent Ritmo - The Truth Suntree - Human Eye Nerso & Arhetip - Air Echotek - Parallel Universe Lifeforms - Illumination Zyce - Gates (Lyctum remix) Static Movement vs Fender Bender - Circle of Life Liquid Soul - Dreamdancer 2013 Sonic Entity - Future Evolution E-Clip - Sacred Science Aladdim - LSDANCE Soundcloud (download): https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-spring-progressive "Music is Art, its aim is teaching, delectation, relaxation. Music has to amuse u
  14. Simple Man @ Chillout Room http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7CH2Pj1x9Q Simple Man - Chillgressive Mix (Spring)
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