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  1. This ep is about atmosphere and story-telling. Tracks progress as in you hear a lot of diffirent stuff within one track, which I like. Especially considering how rare that is nowadays. As Trance2MoveU said, its not 10/10 legendary stuff BUT I enjoyed the hell out of it! He takes his time to build up a story! Do yourself a favour and download this EP. You wont regret it! Fave tracks: 1 and 4
  2. Not bad but its probably the most linear album Ive ever heard in this genre. Hear one track and youve heard the whole album.
  3. When I said I wanted Cronomi to get bigger and that I wanted more releases, I meant that in the best possible way. Guess it came out wrong somehow. Never the less, thank you and the artist for this release. It really is great! Also cant wait for the next one which you mentioned in the "Portamento - The Portal" review thread. Cheers!
  4. More frequent releases doesnt have to mean that the quality will drop. I would just like to see them get bigger as they deserve to be. I want to see more from them because they have released great quality content everytime, and when I see their name- I know its going to be good. Dont see why you wouldnt you want more music from a great record house.
  5. I was getting my hate goggles on when I started listening. I never was an Artha fan because I always thought that he is capable of making a few good tracks, while the rest of the album just isnt as good. Yeah... That is no longer true! I absolutely LOVE this album. His sound has matured while still retaining his own style. I actually agree with him. The first half of the album is superior to the other but its still a great album. Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Just love Cronomi Records! They are on fire with their releases. Hope that we will start getting more frequent releases from them.
  6. HAPPYHORSE, what did you mean by this? TELL ME
  7. This thread needs to live! -- My favorites are: - Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy - Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics - Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives - Khetzal - Corolle - Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons
  8. Funny how that word is coming out of your mouth lol
  9. He's actually not as bad as I thought he was
  10. I actually get where you're coming from (I usually dont since I dont have such good ears ). A few of those flaws I heard as well but I decided to give it the biggest grade because I enjoyed it immensely. Couldn't stop listening to it for days. Empirical bias I guess but I still think it deserves it IMO. Thank you for your review antic as always!
  11. Im pretty sure that not one great track was made while the artists were high.
  12. Surprise surprise! What do you expect is gonna happen to Earth in the nest decade? Im not optimistic lol
  13. COME ON 2017!!! Cant wait much longer! I was hyping over "Dimensional Gateway 4" ever since Richpa said that I can expect "The World Beyond" (which is one of the most important releases in the recent 5 years for me) sound in it. Could you re-upload the cover? The links are broken
  14. Okay so I've discovered these guys today. Discogs calls it EBM (dont know what that is)... I just love how dark and erotic their music is! Do you know anything similar? Thanks
  15. What Im hearing right now on samples is so bloody good! It sounds so much more sophisticated than your previous tracks imo. Cant wait to hear the full album! Blacklight Beings and Rising Sun are so tasty! MAN this has already been a huge month with Proxeeus' release and now this!
  16. I definitely see how this would be appealing to some, but unfortunately, not for me. I enjoyed a few of its moments, but on the others I couldnt get how unarticulate it was for my taste.
  17. Artist: Proxeeus Title: Weird Tales Label: Goa Madness Records Release date: 02.11.2016 Track list: 1: A Lone Mi Go 2: The Shoggoth In The Mirror 3: Something Lurks On Yuggoth 4: He Waits Dreaming 5: Tekeli Ii 6: What The Moon Brings 7: Let's Goof 8: The Mad Poet Of Sana'a 9: Fhtang No More Who Is Proxeeus? Well, Jerome Lesterps is his name and he is a guy from France. Pretty new to the scene but he has made quite the name for himself and that is "The dude who has some serious 303 issues." In the summer of 2015, he released his debut album called "At The Mountain Of Madness" on Ektoplazm (download it for free here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/proxeeus-at-the-mountains-of-madness) A release that standed out and had a few of my favorite tracks like Vimanas and Chandra Knows. I, unfortunately didnt have the honor of hearing him live but I did listen to his gigs online and just by looking at him you can feel the serious vibe that he emits! I like that. Now that we've introduced ourselves, lets get back to business! The album cover has the Lovecraft motif (like the previous album as well) and I actually got introduced to Lovecraft's literature quite recently so this set the theme for me perfectly! As you people know, I'm not good with technicalities so I'll write how tracks make me feel as I'm writting this as I listen to the album for the second time. Bear with me! The story begins with A Lone Mi Go and it kicks of with quite the energy. A catchy razor sharp electric melody gets introduced with a lot of ambient noises that set the mood vey well for the rest of the album to come. Next comes The Shoggoth In The Mirror. Just like in Lovecraft's short stories, everything goes awry very quickly, and so does this album! The track has a dark and hypnotic pounding tone and is riddled with acid and the track ends with a BLAST! There is something calling to us from the depths and who are you to resist? Something Lurks On Yuggoth. The crawling chaos. . . creeping and building up as the track progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A story of its own. He Waits Dreaming this track sounds so oldschool to me, which is of cource a good thing! On a few notes some sounds gave me the "NDMA - The Answer" feel, maybe Im tripping. But then again, what IS real? You have been seeing strange silhouettes and weird noises all day. The second half of the track gets pretty aggressive. Jerome definitely likes to end his tracks with a blast. With Tekeli Ii I hear how Jerome's sound matured compared to his previous album. There is a lot stuff to hear yet it's all tidy and organized. Just pay close attention at @4:55! Words are starting to fail me... What The Moon Brings... Well it brings a perfectly balanced combo of melody and acid. One of my favorite tracks! Let's Goof is pretty straight forward. A dance-floor oriented track I think. Didnt like it as much but its still great. The Mad Poet Of Sana'a has an easternish melody. He had an obsession with instruments made of glass and metal and had used them to combine them into yet weirder objects. He was known for doing strange magic involving electricity and people were as much as in awe as they were afraid of him... The album ends with Fhtang No More. A more melodic and brighter track, and a last stand against the eeriness. A hope for dawn. Jerome is a bard that sings his songs through the TB-303. His tracks are interchanging constantly. A lot of peaks and a lot of lows. A lot of thought was invested into the ambient which is then followed by a lot of entropy. A balanced chemical reaction which is then disrupted just to be returned to its calm and stable state again. Favorite tracks: 2!, 3, 4, 5!!, 6 Edit: I tried to figure out what my favorite tracks were, but I literally think that all of them are standouts except Let's Goof which isnt AS amazing as the rest. Its a wonderful album and a worthy successor! Grade 7/7 from me! You can buy it here: http://www.beatspace.com/9800/Goa+Madness+Records/PROXEEUS/Weird+Tales/detail.aspx https://goamadnessrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weird-tales
  18. Awww maaaaaaan.......... I was an emo 10year-old back then listening to Bullet For My Valentine n shit... Why couldnt I have been born 10 years earlier why oh why?! Anyway, looks like an amazing party! Look at all those happy pupils
  19. Heard Cosmos In Her Eyes on youtube (did it get leaked somehow?) and on a live party in India that you posted on facebook. Love that track! That 150 bpm closing track tho hahah! Looking forward to the samples!
  20. Well I did drink it when I needed to cram for my anatomy exam, but I 98% of the time avoid it cause of my drastically large sensitivity to it. I drink one cup and start shaking, sweating and and become so focused that I can do only one thing at a time... No coffee for me
  21. That by itself is why I asked for Shitty Stick! Lunar juice is more famous and it already got played a few times on previous parties by the same guys. Also you should have seen the mass when he played it! Complete acid meltdown man! The Djs tend to play tracks that more people know (only oldschool goa but still) and I usually ask nicely for some track that I like and they play it for me. Not everyone is a goa worm that knows almost all albums by year released lol That night in particular, VERY HARD! Legendary night! Plus the party was on a platform, maybe I can even call it a big boat that floats on the place where Sava flows into Danube, ancored to the shore. The morning was absolutely amazing as the sunrise made the danube look like its burning, the wind was blowing hard and the goa was raging. Damn that was a beautiful day!
  22. When I asked a dj to play Maia by Pleadians and Shitty Stick by Slinky Nuns and he played both during his set. I went completely beserk. Nothing felt as good in my life as hearing those 2 tracks on a massive sound system.
  23. Gone through the 1st CD and literally all tracks are highlights. Draeke you and DAT are one of the best things to happen to goa. Its pity that im not in the position to support your beautiful movement. Cheers and thanks a lot for the unreleased tracks
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