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  1. I keep going back to Proxeeus. Be it this album or his latest release. As for this album... its just divine. Chandra Knows is one of my favorite tracks EVER. Such a unique and trippy one!
  2. Have you been going around with a test kit? If not, it's 95% not LSD
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuof4DgFI3w Check out @4:35. One of the most climactic moments in forest Basically anything from Forest Freaks.
  4. Well it could be, Im not gonna say thats not true since im not a chemist but it wouldnt make marketing sense. I mean the point of cutting a drug with something else or substituting it entirely like on tabs is to make more money. The substitute drug should be cheaper and/or easier to make. If what you say is true, this is probably the case. Kinda weird tho, because XTC pills are really potent here but that is the characteristic of the entire EU I guess.
  5. Not nearly as much as in the 90s. Also LSD is nearly extinct. I have been scouring for it for years and didnt find it so yeah. Tabs that you find on festivals and parties are all NBome or DOx or some other reserch chemical.
  6. But you cant deny the decline in consumption of LSD and Psilocybe mushrooms on parties. Now its all basically XTC/MDMA, aphetamines and cocaine. There is a reason why those drugs are mainly used on techno, minimal, deep hause parties. Its because that kind of sound suits that state of mind. Im talking from personal experience aswell. Also you cant deny that the whole psychedelic culture was heavily influenced by psychedelic drugs. All the way from the days of psy-rock. So its obvious that if you change the drug, culture and the needs of its members change with it.
  7. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS THE SAME AS ME! I too think that this is a major reason why this is happening. People need to go back to shrooms and acid ha haaaa!
  8. Yeah his pre 2000 tracks are really good. Whatever the f... happened in his head after that....
  9. What exactly are they nostalgic about? I was born in mid 90s so i dont know
  10. Yeah Orange Is the New Black is pretty cool. Also I want to ask, what is it that Stranger Things does that is so good that it made such a great impression on people? I mean I would rate the show with 6/10 at best. Plot is meh, acting is okay, characters themselves are very meh, its not frighting, its not thrilling, its not original at anything. I dont get it o.O
  11. He has like 3 good tracks: Jungle Storm, Halloween and Sinai. The rest is bellow average IMO
  12. This guy needs to be stopped! Im fine with him making crappy music of his own but this is just unacceptable!
  13. Yeah I totally get at what this guy was aimig at. Hes trying to make that heavy and trippy atmosphere similar to Shpongle. Lots of real percussion noises and echoing vocals, but this guy straight up FAILED. I got bored 5 minutes in, tried skipping along but its all just a bunch of empty bass lines followed by warped vocals echoing around, trying way too hard to implement tribal sounds. Litterally just a bunch of repeating voice samples, a bassline and tribal noise and maybe a few FX but thats it. H O R R I B L E
  14. Soo, everyone who likes this release is an overhyped Artha bunny, T2MU? Also out of his previous releases I only like the DNA track. Personally think that this album is better than anything he released before
  15. I watched the first episode and Im hooked! I love how Luther himself is prone to violence and just his character in general. I also love how seductive Alice Morgan is, even though she is what she is. Hope shes here to stay! Anyway, thanks mate!
  16. Is it something like the first season of True Detective? I really enjoyed the philosophy-heavy plot, so if Luther is anything like that, IM IN!
  17. Uptempo: 1) Chi-A.D. - Earth Crossing (Amakusa Records) 2) Virtuart - Virtuart & Friends (DAT Records) 3)Proxeeus - Weird Tales (Goa Madness Records) 4) Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising (Neogoa Records) 5) Morphic Resonance - City of Moons (Suntrip Records) 6) Nervasystem - Brain Radio (Phantasm Records) 7) Veasna - Energy (Neogoa Records) 8) Negans - Danse Macabre (Neogoa Records) 9) Sab Kuch Milegator - Kauas Aikan Taa (Ektoplazm) 10) Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records) ***edited, added Virtuart - Virtuart & Friends to 2nd place
  18. I change my mind. This is 5/5 material! The whole album is amazing. I was put down by its weird drive the first time, but it actually works. Favorite tracks: 2,3,4 ,6 ,7
  19. I sat on this one for a bit longer so that I can see how exactly I feel about this. + What i like, - Dont like (Based on TASTE) + Suntrip and Nikola personally have done a great job of getting the album out there with a lot of interesting FB posts and promotion on local parties where you can buy the cd etc... + Good production + I like Nikola's position on this album and how he took his time to perfect it to his taste + Very energetic music and high bpm + Variety. Some tracks do sound similar which will be the point of next bullet, but there are some good exclusions to that like: 3,5 and 9 for an example + Cosmos In Her Eyes is hands down the best track on this album for me. - -/+ Predictable. Throughout the album I had a feeling that I knew what was going to happen 15 seconds before it does and how he is going to do it. Its like I heard the tracks before but I didn't. I had this feeling the most when he was building op to blast his full on melodies. Now, Im not sure if this patterned musical mindset that he has when he is making music is bad or good. Good because he found the formula that he likes and that works (+) and bad because it gets predictable (- -). - Cover. Dont like it. Think it's goofy and too colorful
  20. Relistened to this on a train today. This guy makes such great melodies! So bloody good!
  21. Thanks for the video mate! Much appreciated Also the album is a masterpeice. Every track is 10/10 for me!
  22. I havent seen this much constructiveness and comradery on internet...well... ever! What a pleasant read.
  23. I love bandcamp. Its just so practical
  24. Great news! Looking forward to it!
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