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  1. Went through the album 2 times and its just amazing. Im completely speachless. I'll admit, I was expecting something a lot darker. The opening track Tyr and UruR are pretty darn dark but the rest of the album is a lot lighter, at first melancholic then even bright and cheery. Im planning to go through all 3 albums in a row tomorrow to make this journey, that wardruna blessed us with, whole. Also Isa is my favorite track by Wardruna from this moment. It made me cry like a baby and sent a shiver down my spine... Just wow!
  2. OMG HIM! <3 My all time favorite band. Fun fact: Ive always had a guy crush on Ville eventhough Im not homosexual. Always wanted to see them live. Did you see them maybe Anu? Also i always had a big attraction to northern countries and was wondering if you would recommend to a young aspiring student of medicine to come to your country to work? Not sure how I would learn the language in time though...
  3. Lets not put diffrences aside. You go around with the sole intent of sabotage. You called me an agitator, someone who provokes. What the hell does that make you?
  4. Im in the process of listening. Its pure magic. Come back and post your opinion when you are done
  5. 1) "You see, you get no credibility because the money you make is change I find in my couch. If you were so smart and your ideas were so great you would be a lot better off than you are now. I now you're probably going to cry from that, but man up and move forward. It's obvious we will agree to disagree." 2) "As for the rest, you're way off. I understand new scenarios take an adjustment, and in your case the adjustment being trying to open your eyes a bit and grow as a person." You trip on your own words. Contradicting yourself by every step of the way and you dont even know it. How can one be this clueless?! You speak of respect, acceptance, equality? You just mocked someones earnings and you dont even know how much he makes. You mocked his intellect and you dont even know him. YOU DONT DESERVE respect, equality or acceptance on this forum, you slimey parasite. No body likes you, leave! Oh yeah, dont dare judge someones knowledge again if you dont know what ATP is. Basic biology man... Everybody learns that when 12 years old
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVzHIhXQEu0 THE END IS HERE!!!!
  7. That precisely what I love about the show the most. You have no idea what is real and what is imaginary, a hallucination as you called it. The seconds season made me feel as crazy as Eliot and I love how he is as confused as we all are about the stuff that happens.
  8. And the reason why I decided to give voice to this instead of just ignoring him like a person who doesnt care should, is because he is influencing a lot of threads by trolling and spilling his toxin. Everything is fine and then he comes, says something stupid and people react thus derailing many threads. The "atmosphere" he creates ruins what this forum is all about.
  9. IT GETS MUCH BETTER IMO! I enjoyed the second season more than the first. I definitely recommend you go through it. The second season is a downward spiral into madness. That is why the first few episodes are a bit on the slow side. I think you will like it
  10. First of all, I literally didnt waste one ATP molecule on trying to reason with you since the USA thread since I figured out that you are an incredibly fucked up individual. Having a power trip on an psytrance forum... Get a grip mate. The only reason i said I want you gone is because you ARE cancer of this forum and I dont want to see you or your useless dead threads that you keep alive by commenting 4 times in a row without any reply. Be gone you sad person. You want to think that you are smarter, stronger, funnier, more intelligent that any of us? Go right ahead. I dont mind. Just keep it to yourself because it would really make me sad if a random person was to come and read any of the threads you ruined and just leave, thinking lowly of this forum. Just because of your disgusting character. I seriously have no idea what criteria mods use for banning people. Whatever it is, it is biased!
  11. MrAnarchy


    Yeah that makes sense. It was very crowded when I was there although it was still kept strictly clean as i didnt see any garbage laying around. But it would make sense if they were to make that decision.
  12. MrAnarchy


    I LOVED GOING TO CROATIA! My fathers best man is from Slavonski Brod and we used to visit him a lot when I was a kid. Also I visited the lakes Plitvice once. Probably the most beautiful place Ive ever seen. Its kinda sad that I was very young when I went there and didnt appreciete it as much as I should have.
  13. Ok seriously now, this guy is cancer! Remove him ffs!
  14. The only tracks I like are the first 3 and the last. Favorite of which is the last one. The rest of the album is meh at best.
  15. Could someone review Ra's "Earthcall"?
  16. I am very sorry for your loss, Anu. But it really is great that your mind preserves such an image of her
  17. I had a great one recently. Actually learned something about myself from it! I'll give you some back story so that it makes sense. A few months ago I watched a tv series "Hannibal" which is about Hannibal Lecter before he got caught and thrown into jail which you see in "The Silence of The Lambs". Anyway I was so fascinated by the characters intellect, lack of emotion and moral sense of good and evil, that I wondered myself if I was like him. "Could I kill someone and not feel a thing?" I asked myself. And now for the dream which I dont remember completely: Essentially I got completely pissed off at the world and couldnt handle all the bullshit and decided that the human race needs to be wiped out. I got into contact with a black market and ordered 10 atomic bomb drops on all 7 continents (makes no sense but bear with me.) After that I dont remember much except the final scene of the dream: I wake up to an EXTREMELY loud dull sound followed by a wave of earthquakes. Then I rose from the bed and pushed the curtains from the window and witnessed 3 huge mushroom coulds forming on diffrent distances. I stood frozen and couldnt believe what I was seeing. I did order the bomb drops but its like I never expected it would actually happen. In the same moment I felt guilt of indescribable magnitude! It started to eat away at my sanity in moments! And suddenly my best girl friend appeared, put her hand on my shoulder and said: "Look! Even the gods are kneeling before your crime." Complete insanity engulfed me then and I just ran around my house, trying to find something to kill myself with since the guilt was so unbearable. That is then I wake up. Anyway, the reason why I found the dream so introspective is that I found out that I wasnt as emotionless as I liked to think, in this case I felt the guilt of someone who destroyed the world. Atleast what my subconsciousness perceives how one would feel in such a situation. Anyhow, I really liked it.
  18. Yeah yeah, thats exactly why I appreciate Lithuanian forest, for its atmosphere. Thanks for the referance, will check it out!
  19. Yeah DoHm is crazy! But I also love when he and P.tale join forces as Cenotes. The results of their co-op are outstanding! Amazing track! Check this one out. One of my faves: Favorite part starts at 4:40
  20. I am a student of medicine but I cleared out the year (all exams and tests) in june so I had a huge amount of free time to myself. When the school starts, I wont have the time to listen to music or read or whatever, so Im cramming as much as possible while I still can!
  21. Now I feel bad for not being more thoughtful with my nickname
  22. Depends in what mood I am. Usually 2 or 3. Ive had quite a lot of free time since june because Ive cleared out my year at med school then. And what better way to spend that time than on music
  23. After a week of researching the before unknown to me genre of psytrance, I figured out that I can only tolerate forest psy-trance and when I say tolerate I mean absolutely go crazy about it. I used Ektoplazm to guide me towards the best forest and after a few dozen albums, I figured out that some of the albums sound unique yet similar to each other and then I found out that all of them were made by a Lithuanian collective "Forest Freaks." I am not yet sure what is it that makes Lithuanian forest trance so unique but I absolutely love it! This is their page and most of their releases you can find on Ektoplazm: http://forest-freaks.com If you havent, I highly recommend you go through those. Enjoy! And if you have listened, tell me what you think about it.
  24. I just finished listening to Smoke & Mirrors and had to run down here to say that I havent heard something as fresh as this in a long time. 6/5 track right there! Oopie you are a bloody genius! *goes back to listening to rest of the album* EDIT: HOLY *censored*! This album is the best thing that happened to me this week! Its really weird but I love every single second of it. Oopie you are extremely talented and I really hope you will bless us with more.
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