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  1. So you guys are mentioning UX - Ultimate Experience. I have listened to it once but couldnt get into it. I wanna try again and I found the free remastered album on Ektoplasm. Should I listen to that one or the original? The rest of the albums are really good. The only one I never heard of was the "Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch" and I really love it! Thanks. It's awesome to create this kind of threads cause there are so many great albums that I have missed in my search. Edit: So I have listened to the remastered UX - Ultimate Experience and its... just wow! Dont know why I didnt like it the last time I listened to it.
  2. Hello everybody! Recently I made a list of my ~100 favorite goa trance albums, listened to them all multiple times and I was wondering which 3 goa trance albums would you say are the most psychedelic in nature? My top 3 are: Koxbox - Dragon Tales Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger (favorite among these 3) Pleiadians - I.F.O.
  3. I would think hard between Pleiadians - Maia and Slinky Nuns - Shitty Stick. At the end I would panic pick Maia. It's just so dear to me.
  4. I find this one to be unique. I love its melody which I think sounds very melancholic Edit: now I realised we're talking about oldschool. My bad
  5. Manuser that track Iridium - 12.000 suns is GREAT. I definitely prefer the harder psychedelic downtempo goa. Thats why I dont like BPC - Blue Planet for example. Its too liquidish if that makes sense.
  6. I love the female singing sample. It always adds that epic feel to it
  7. No problem Paul! I would gladly give your mix a listen!
  8. Ok so I'm quite moved by downtempo. All this time I have been looking for intense tracks but now I figured out that downtempo tracks can get really intense and trippy. So what are your favorite downtempo tracks? Mine are (from the top of my head): Transwave - Ulysse Voyage No.3 Transwave- Ullysee Voyage No.2 Ra - Sirius Paradise Connection - LongBaceglider on Solstice And when I say downtempo I dont mean ambient stuff like Mystery Of The Yeti and Shpongle!
  9. Guys come on. The taste in music is very subjective. There is no universal truth about which track has the best climax. Im just a noob who liked a few tracks a lot and asked if there is something similar. No need for a debate. Just throw your favorite climactic tracks at me. Anyway I listened to your list, and every...single...track... is a MONSTER! But about the track "Sun Project - I Feel".... OH HELL YEAH I FELT THAT at 5:50 and onwards....
  10. Thanks for the list! Ill go through it and post my opinion. Now that you mention Talamasca, I love the climax in Jungle Storm at 6:50! I think I prefer the melodic explosion in you face kind of climaxes. Maybe cause I listened a lot to uplifting/epic/anthem-trance(whatever its name is) when I was in elementary school
  11. Yeah! Filteria is awesome. I love "Sky Input". Psylent Buddhi is great too, I love his "Moksha" and "Convergent Images"
  12. I did start this thread so we(I) could expand our(my) "collection". I could search for tracks and listen to a whole bunch of albums by myself (which I already did), but I thought I could make my time easier if I asked nicely here. Mr. astralprojection, I would love to hear the track with better climaxes that you have on top of your head. Expand my collection man!
  13. Thank you all for your inputs! Yeah I read the thread by Ormion. Found some really awesome brain melting tracks there. I just wanted to find out if there is anything that can rival "Maia". As for "Electra", people are bringing it up often but i dont like it that much. In "I.F.O.", "Maia" is THE track for me while the rest of the album doesnt live up to it IMO. I will listen to the whole album carefully again. Manuser your recommendations really hit the spot. Especially "Jaia - Sillenium" and "Jikooha - Bay Hall Magic" which sent shivers down my spine at 6:10! Gimme moooore!
  14. Ok so I have been listening to goa trance for a year now and listened to over 100 albums and i figured out what I like the most. 3 tracks caught my attention the most and those are "Pleiadians - Maia" for its extreme complexity, layers and climaxes; "Transwave - Flamicogyre" for its crazy climax at 4:50 and "Cosmosis - Howling At The Moon" which cripples for a few minutes how crazy it is after I listen to it. Can you please recommend me some tracks that are similiar to these? Thanks
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