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  1. Wow, the samples are out of this world. Really looking forward to this!
  2. What about the word "taste" dont you undestand? What is the point of discussing different tastes? If I said something against it's technical aspects that I was actually wrong about, then yeah, he can say that Im wrong. But when he comes and pisses on my posts every damn time its negative or against his own opinion, it gets very annoying.
  3. I would appreciate it if you would stop doing that after every post I make. Every time you dont agree with someone, you search for a way to disprove other people's opinions. My rating is empirical, so deal with it. Proxeeus is fun for me, this is boring, flat and linear for my ears, as I said. I dont have a need to justify why that is.
  4. Production wise good, which goes for basically all modern releases. Very linear and not in a good way. Uninteresting and anti-climactic ride to which I wont go back to. 3/5 for meh
  5. Am I the only one getting annoyed but this guy spamming this forum?
  6. I know what he meant, and while it did sometimes happen to me in the past, I dont see it happening in this case unfortunately.
  7. Whatever. It's exactly why they went for limited edition. Even they know it can't succeed at large sales cause it's going to be boring for most people, myself included. Why would I need more than one listening to know if I like it or not?
  8. Well, it does it's job. But nothing in here made me feel amazed and I dont feel the need to go through it again since there is nothing special what so ever. But to be honest, I never was too fascinated by ambient. At some points it reminded me of much loved Code Eternity, but ultimately it isn't nearly as entertaining. Too slow and uninteresting to sit down and focus on it or to just leave it in background while studying or something. Im not saying that its bad though, it just gave me the thought "Dude, what a drag. Im too young to sit for an hour to listen to this." There are a few tracks with a beat atleast and those I liked. Respiratory for example... I definitely understand the thought process behind this being a limited edition print. It is NOT for everyone! Imo, a disappointing sequel to Presence.
  9. I still dont get it. If the pointless uptempo and breakbeat bass lines were thrown out generally, you would get some niceish tribal ambient. Throw the bass lines back in as it is, you get an inarticulate mess of 2 worlds that dont fit together at all. And while the argument that "ITS SOMETHING NEW" and "WE NEVER HEARD SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!" is true, it's still a complete mess and for real I am trying to look through the eyes of positive comments, but I dont see anything good in this even after 2 months after hearing it. I usually change my mind with time, but this is an abomination. Fundamentally bad track layouts and planing, unfitting basslines, annoying FX. Basically a PAYtrance artist trying to show off and be cool and failing. Just no.
  10. Everyone, please remember to input your grade into the poll for all those people who dont want to read the whole review!
  11. Title: Dimensional Gateway 4 [Veil Of The Moon] Label: Neogoa Records Release date: 26.02.2017 Tracklist: 1) Dragon Twins - Illa Tahin 145 bpm 2) Veasna - Dendrites 145 bpm 3) Goad - Voids 146 bpm 4) Clementz - Black Dwarfs 145 bpm 5) Goad vs. Proxeeus - Acid Implant 147 bpm 6) Pharaom - It's Alive 144 bpm 7) Proxeeus - Dagon 146 bpm 8) Negans - Silver 145 bpm 9) Cybernetika - Unknown Entity 153 bpm For the release of this compilation I have waited for half a year! Richpa announced the release pretty early and had made a bold statement that he and the artists are working really hard and that it may surpass even "The World Beyond" in some sense. Considering how much I love The World Beyond and how well it was received generally, I was instantly baited into hyping over "The Veil Of The Moon" and my expectation was very high! Was I let down, or were my standards met by this new Neogoa release? Stay with me, fellow traveler, and I will tell you! 1. Dragon Twins - Illa Tahin: The journey begins with an evil sounding track. With screeches and subtle acid lines, this track sounds like a perfect blend of the old and the new. It hinted me of Psychopod and the weird psychedelia reminded me of Hallucinogen's "The Lone Deranger." The track steadily builds up to 5:20 when it unleashes the sound of many spirits pouring in from a Dimensional Gateway! A driving and unique sounding track and a great intro into this compilations! 6/7 2. Veasna - Dendrites: I call this track "R2D2 broadcasting a message." Again, a track true to the oldschool ways. Long intro, careful arrangement and peculiar sounds reminding me of Etnica - Starship 101 in a way, giving of the ambient of being in a spaceship with all its beeping and zapping. A good track! 5/7 3. Goad - Voids: I couldn't guess who's track this was when I was blindly listening to the playlist, but then the acid lines kicked it and everything was made clear, but still, when I saw who's it was, I expected to hear his typical style from "Galactic Aviator." Maybe it has just evolved... Anyway, the combination of ambientish synth melodies and subtle acid makes this track sound slower than it really is, almost hypnotic! I like the progression very much here and at @4:35 its just pure bliss! 6/7 4. Clementz - Black Dwarfs: BOOM! This track got no chill and it exlodes right of the bat with some... I have no idea how to describe it! Its AWESOME. If I heard that live I'd go feral! Now the thing I dont like is the easterish sounding melody that comes after. IMO it doesnt fit at all and it kinda ruined the track for me. It has amazing elements but some of them I dont like when put together. 4/7 5. Goad vs. Proxeeus - Acid Implant: Oh crap... I knew I was in some acid trouble when I saw whose it was! This track is simply put a good acid track. You can hear typical Goad style elements and typical Proxeeus elements amalgamated into one ACID MONSTER. This track feels like a 303 exorcism! Now I wasnt particularily amazed by this track, but I got what I wanted from it, ACID and none does it better! 5/7 6. Pharaom - It's Alive: LOOK WHO IS BACK! And with a blast too! One of the catchiest tracks I've heard in my life. I am not even gonna try to describe it, you will know what Im talking about! 7+/7 7. Proxeeus - Dagon: I had high hopes for the Proxeeus' track since he is my favorite artist. Typically, the track bears a Lovecraftian name, this time its named after his story, Dagon (A great story btw). Dark, acidic, melodic and strangely atmospheric as all his tracks. The track loses power a bit as it goes, which isnt bad at all. The reason why this isnt a 7/7 is because the mid-track climax left me desiring more of the same. So its 6/7 !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! The unexpected climax at @3:45 is very climactic! 8. Negans - Silver: Negans proved himself with his recent "Dance Macabre" and I was very happy for seeing him included here. I would never guess that this was made post 2000, such is his style. The track is all around amazing. It has an amazing conclusion to the track! For the lolz, the track at @5:40 has this quiet rhythmic thud sound which made me trip that my neighbors weren't very happy with me listening to this music and were bashing at my wall! 7/7 9. Cybernetika - Unknown Entity: Welcome to the forest, traveller! Indeed a forest trance-ish sounding bassline and FX + your typical goa sounds makes for a travel into the unfamiliar. The track progresses into a more melancholic realm than the one it was in at the beggining. The track opened the floodgates to my emotions. A truly worthy closing track for this album! 7/7 Conclussion: An acidic, darkly melodic, old-school influenced and heavily atmospheric compilation, worthy of everyone's attentions and deserving of being a part of everyone's collection! It has definitely met my expectations and I am very satisfied! The cover artwork by Richpa is really good IMO and purple is my favorite colour so naturally it speaks to me. I find it my duty to express my gratitude to Neogoa Records and its collaborating artists who had been working really hard to bring us this high quality content and for FREE! Thank you very much Richpa and everyone who is a part of Neogoa Records! Final grade: Great 6/7 Since it releases on 26th, I will edit in the download links. Until then, you can listen to all the tracks on Neogoa's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ219DWmXDDmxKpYWk6RDhfhw9oJEPC5O EDIT 26.02. : Available on Bandcamp: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-gateway-4-veil-of-the-moon
  12. Neverending party is one of my favorite tracks of all time!
  13. Thanks for clearing it up. I understand what your saying and I think that its actually a good idea for reducing printing cost for a release that might not sell because its not mainstream-ish goa.
  14. What is the point of a release being limited edition? Reduce the number of copies and increase the price, that kind of thing?
  15. This morning I listened to 2 of his live sets and didnt really hear any filler tracks. Im gonna go through his albums in detail and see what you mean but literally every track of his had me bounce in my chair.
  16. Toxeed is Jeremy Marliot, an artist from France. I bumped into his music post on facebook and I was very impressed so I thought I should share his music. He creates goa trance and his tracks are really and I mean REALLY varied in sound and bpm, from your usual goa to forest sounds. I found them to be very original at times and his music makes for a really interesting and twisted ride! Example: I highly recommend you guys further check his music out on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-toxeed, and if you like what you hear, you can buy his albums here: https://toxeed.bandcamp.com/merch Enjoy!
  17. Gosh, the wait is becoming unbearable! Cmon Richpa, give us some previews or Ill turn into Gollum . I needs it!
  18. And they are. But its nice to hear other negative comments aswell
  19. I don't see how that track is psy-trance at all. Also, we shouldn't leave the word cheesy behind just because its negative, EVER. Positive critique isnt the only thing that exists or that matters. I see negative critique being deleted everywhere, hell, even some of mine on FB were deleted just because they werent praising some shitty music and that is what is hurting music industry. No, not everyone has PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT UNICORNS FLOWERS and shit viewpoint about psy-trance or music in general. When something is straight up bad, its should be voiced and that is what this forum is good for. Filipe wrote on Ivans post on Facebook how this forum is trash because some of us bash around bad releses (even though the guy tried to invade the forum milions of times...whatever hypocrite.) And that is precisely the reason why I think this forum is so good. People have taste, they have the knowledge, they have the age so they were around when psytrance was at its peak to recognize shitty psy-trance. And that is very important!
  20. I've never heard of Virtuart, but this is AMAZING. DAT records does it again! This takes the 2nd place in my top 10 releases of 2016 right after ChiAD - Earth Crossing. FUCKING A Im buying the shit out of this release as soon as I have the opportunity. Also, here is the bandcamp link: https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/virtuart-friends
  21. Oh my... From now on, when I write reviews with a grading poll it'll go something like this: 7) Amazing 6) Great 5) Good 4) Mediocre 3) Lousy 2) Bad 1) Horrible 0) New IM album level of shitiness. A profound blasphemic act against psytrance. Considered a hazard to electronic music. Confiscate all copies before it inflicts more damage to it's listeners and our already unstable global environment. Literally, the only good thing about it is the album cover!
  22. It is, I agree! Didnt mean to be rude by my criticism on a promo thread. Its just an average release for me. 2nd CD is stronger than the first, that much I can say for sure. Also, there is one track that I love and that is Jagoa - Rainy Saturday. That track is 5/5 for me. Ok there are also some tracks that I like too: Zopmanika's track is good but has this annoying sample, LSD's track is pretty cool, Ephedra's track, JaraLuca's track is also pretty good but thats it...
  23. Very average compilation. No horrible tracks, but no good standout tracks either. Rated Meh 3/5
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