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  1. This compilation is extremely strong! Everysingle track is nothing short from amazing but I do have favorites. Best forest psy Ive heard to this date. Favorite tracks: 2,5, and7! 5/5
  2. I tried listening to Psykovsky Debut and its horrible IMO. Complete lack of structure. The best psy-trance albums are on Ektoplazm. God I love that site. Anyhow, I like the forest style the most by far. Amazing stuff!
  3. Yo guys, I scoured Ektoplazm and found this thing. Love it! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/sorrowmurk-identity-disorder EDIT: Consider this threads name to be from now on: THROW ALL AMAZING PSYTRANCE ALBUMS HERE
  4. It kinda pisses me off that the basslines and those trrm trrm trrm sounds that accompany them drown out other effects and eventual melodies. I keep turning up the volume to hear better and I just keep getting drowned by the bass. Im listening to Ovnimoon "Trancemutation of The Mind" atm. But beside that, Im digging this album. Love the goa-ness of it.
  5. Cant find such a thing on Youtube. Help with a link or something?
  6. This sounds like stuff I hear on better psy-trance parties. Its a great album. Will relisten to it definitely
  7. I love all styles, but yes, Ive got a fetish for acid Will check those albums out. For now keep posting the best representatives of the genre so that I can see if I can get into this.
  8. Alright, I relistened most 90s goa albums and comps and now I really want to get into psy-trance, but I have no clue where to start. What are the legendary 11/10 PSY-trance albums out there? *I really liked Derango "Tumult" which is forest trance right? Of course all subgenres are welcome!
  9. First, Sigmund Freud is an overrated idiot. Second, everything else you said makes sense, and probably is true. Genetic diseases especially! I study medicine and I am aware of how genetics work. But nonetheless none of that is a rule or fact for every single person on this planet, obviously. No one has the right to imprison you because of who you chose to have a relationship with. The mother and the child in this case were consentive. If you want, you can judge from the distance with your disgust, but dont take away their freedom of choice. Now about the increased risk of genetic diseases, as a future doctor, I would just inform them about the risk. Nothing else. Its their choice and its their child.
  10. Homosexuality is relevant here, very much so. I dont see the diffrence between saying that homosexuality is sick or that incest is. You cant morally accept one, and disregard the other. If you do, you are a hypocrite. I dont hold romantic feelings for any of my siblings, but that doesnt mean its impossible or not normal. In the past, mating with a sibling wasnt such a rarity. The only reason why we as a society find it weird or a taboo is because it is viewed as a sin, by religion and by law. A sibling is just another person. Actually, when I was a very little kid (4 or 5yo) I was "in love" with a girl I didnt know was a distant relative. When I told my mother that, she shunned me and told me that I cant love my own sister and that I must abandon my feelings, which I did. Its a cute and innocent story, but also a perfect example of why you and most of society think its sick. YOU WERE TAUGHT SO!
  11. MrAnarchy


    I think the problem here isnt if a LABEL rates its own release, but if the ARTIST does so. Which I havent encountered. I think that Anoebis' rate is credible no matter if he released the album or not.
  12. Amazing! I appreciate this music so much. Also cant wait for Wardruna's "Ragnarok"! !!!!
  13. There another one I missed! If you remember some more from minor labels that are amazing, post em here. I have an objective to listen to a good number of comps before I start relistening neogoa releases
  14. Didnt know about these. Got some listening to do. Thanks
  15. What better way to introduce someone to goa trance than through a good comp? I remember my first compilation listen through which has recommended to my by none other than the youtube AI... The compilation was Flying Rhino's legendary "First Flight!" How convenient right? All I knew about this music back then was that its modern name is goa trance and that was it. And o, did I make the First Flight! Thrown head first into one of the best tracks this genre can offer. I was so confused and amazed. Spiraling, corrosive sounds that melt or bash into each other... How other-worldly the music felt then. Catapulting me into the aether of the outer space. And thus my journey had begun... A journey, I hope, will end the day I end as well! Now, the reason why I love compilations so much is the variety. Many comps were made out of 2cds with 10 tracks each. You could hear most styles withing one compilation and figure out which artists you like the most. Another reason are the compilation exclusive tracks which are almost always nothing short from legendary! That is why I recommend to all of you who are new to psy-trance to start with some comps. I will list my favorite 15 comps (no way I could do less): 1. V/A -TIP Phosphorescent 2. V/A -TIP Blue 3. V/A - Black Rhino 4. V/A - Infinity Hz 5. V/A - Goa-Head vol. 3 6. V/A - Transient 4 7. V/A - Goa Vibes vol.2 8. V/A - Goa Vibes vol.3 9. V/A - Goa-Head vol. 5 10. V/A - Pure Goa - A Psychedelic Trip 11. V/A -Distance To Goa 4 12. V/A - Order Odonata Vol.2- Experiments That Identify Change 13. V/A - Order odonata vol.3 - the technical use of sound in magick 14. V/A - Tantrance vol. 2 15. V/A - First Flight Many of you old ones will be bored by the sight of this thread since this is nothing new to you, but I had to express my love towards them.
  16. I was literally gonna write exactly the same argument and then I scrolled down and saw you beat me to it. Anu, your moral closed-mindedness isnt really represenative of your own intellect, so lets not start making this personal. I would say something but would end up only repeating everything Pad said. So count his comment as my opinion as well!
  17. My acid-sense tingled so I knew something was going on on psynews. This Is great news! Cant wait
  18. You and most of Serbian population, but just like them you dont get the point of the movie or its name so you get offended You people are rating the movie extremely low because, what, its disgusting? Thats on you then! I think the movie did extremely well what it wanted. TO SHOCK. To show our nation that extreme violence is happening (and has happened during the civil war), not somewhere far away, but on Serbian soil thus the name. Just because you cant stomach the sickness of the movie... AND REALITY, doesnt mean its horrible. The movie was very well needed to our masses because we turn a blind eye to everything that is uncomfortable to us. People need to snap back to reality that war isnt pretty and something to be desired by nationalist serbian kids that want to defend their DOMOVINA. Extreme pornography too which is also reality and the main theme of the movie. I have ventured deep into the web just to see what our race is capable off, and it never ceases to "amaze."
  19. I have no idea how they managed to pull this track off! Its not loud at all, nor does it blast you with acid or melodies, its subtle and it has an amazing build up and what happens after the time mark u mentioned... I cant even describe it! A unique track to say the least, just like Vitan which I LOVE I tried replaying at 6:40 but it just doesnt feel whole without rest of the track, just like you said. I am made speechless so much that it makes me wanna delete everything I said and just go with: BRUUUHH THIS SO GOOD! Im gonna listen to all of your recommendations and get back to you
  20. I love it when I hear a track that slowly builds up in tempo and complexity and then reaches crescendo. Ill name just 3 of my favorite: - Chi A.D. - Celestial - Planet BEN - Ant Invasion - The Gate from "The World Beyond" What are yours?
  21. I usually just sit and focus on the music. Sometimes I eat while listening. I mostly play mmo games which require me to focus and Im a shitty multi-tasker. I either stop paying much needed attention to the music or the music starts drawing to much attention from the game and exhausting me. So thats why I avoid music while playing.
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