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  1. i realise the topic was stupid. I blame the holidays and lack of things to talk about edit: Astral Projection - Amen, is also digital perfection. that and artifact303. (just my 2 cents ofc) I was really not talking about analog/digital but just the sound. Now it seems its just that; while forgetting the music behind it is what is important.
  2. Hmm.. What a strange but also in a strange way interesting topic.. I mean I realise its a booze-fueled topic but .. Well Im fine with that I think the only answer is that music caters to all; and no music is more gay than the next. Although, there are ofc historically alot of genres that have been tied to the gay community; but I think thats still a bit of a stretch and probably only mediahype; as Im sure alot of straight people liked that music aswell. So however you wanna put it, I dont think its possible to tie a sexuality towards a music style. As far as genders go, there are TWO (2). No more no less. Well 3 if you count hermaphrodites that are born with both sexes. just my 2c! For voilence, goa/psy is probably the least violent of all electronic dance music genres. Not sure about that one at all mr superbeast
  3. i mean, i specifically said "generic" and "90%" as to sort of give the idea i wasnt talking about the good stuff out there xamanist is one of the better releases of 2019 for sure! just generally, ALOT of psytrance sounds like it could have been made by a dozen artists nowadays, and this sound started quite recently. like recursion loop said in a topic recently which sparked this topic was that alot of this psytrance im talking about is the "audio engineer"s psytrance, not the music lover/consumer.. so all im saying i guess is that i feel we went backwards a bit. topic was probably quite redundant. the "happy new year 2002" comment was spot on =)
  4. Nice one. But music didn't sound like this then, this is a very new sound.
  5. 90% of the psytrance you find around on youtube like astrix, electric universe, etnica (not the old etnica mind you), raja ram, etc etc etc. everything sounds like its been bitcrushed, and so digitally refined that every bit of soul is lost.. its almost a negative listening experience as far as feeling go. artifact303 was the one who nailed it; as far as digital perfection. but now, its so clean its just clicky and bitcrushy nonsense. case in point: and dear old etnica, same digital "clean " sound that just sounds bitcrushed wtf happened to psytrance. goa has been great, but psytrance ... wtf . its all about sound "quality" and the music is generic and bland and lost all soul
  6. Last good release was Dream master in 2010, Shine On is great
  7. the astral warrior track sounds awesome, and you guys have the best cover-arts !
  8. oh man just reading these words was nostalgic dont think ive seen Order Odonata written anywhere in 10 years <3
  9. relax bro. let your music just speak for itself. it has great potential
  10. vibrasphere broke up so yeah . probably will never see another. i legit was sad a long time when i got that news when it happened. im still sad. their albums are incredible. timeless works of art.. honestly vibrasphere is probably my very favorite if i had to name one at gun point. and speaking of favorites, mwnn - interstate highway. what a beautiful piece of music; and its almost ironic looking at some of the reviews of that album; which in general was less than good to me it aged well and still holds up as being absolutely brilliant and axis flip kills me every time. im probably the most excited about his new album since its really around the corner. and yes. unless he does an astral. (well i guess, what astral HAS been doing. seemingly their album is ALSO just around the corner) silicon sound .. well we can only dream i guess +1 for atmos btw.. I still cant ever get tired of Drums dont stop. oh and sandman too, another sandman album would also be incredible. (im not gonna mention s***n *****r*)
  11. if we could get a proper AP album to continue on the Another World saga; or go beyond the technically superior and musically minimalistic but genious Amen; i can die happy and im always going to be excited for example nova fractal, artifact303 and filteria other than that, i guess im really wishing for a new vibrasphere album. and silicon sound. and mwnn.
  12. Psychedelic Superbeast, is that you?
  13. theres probably alot of stuff we havent heard yet the most interesting psytrance will come from unknown/indie/small artists imho
  14. Last I checked, no psytrance. It was a while ago, there's about a million songs there now so should be some psy in there, I'll look next time!
  15. you recreated alot of these sounds masterfully i adore the original its one of those timeless tracks edit: lol didnt realise the thread was this old
  16. thats so true.. ALOT of music, i mean at least the big bulk of it that we can agree is a bit "generic" sounding; for that music the main goal seems to be surgically perfected sounds; and the loudness to be pushed to absolute limits. Thats definitely making the music suffer
  17. whyd you have to necro this thread lol. omg.
  18. Sorry I meant after the end of loudness wars*, festivals could employ loudness mastering on the fly in addition to the peak limiting they already do. which is basically the same thing just one extra step. (that however do needs supervision; and thus much more costly than automatic peak limiting) Indeed small clubs will suffer because they won't have the budget (assumingly) to do this in any sort of controlled way.. (as it could potentially be dangerous and hurt peoples hearing) although its not a huge stretch either to assume they also will adapt to the "new" loudness well put. Continuing this road will lead to a kickdrum and everything else is square waves and the hihat is just white noise on top of the distorted squares. But yeah, probably that wont happen, but it IS indeed the end of that road. -8 lufs is just right for many styles, i do agree on that but just generally its right at the edge at least for pure goa. Home users are like you say; not really caring about that extra steps to ensure quality, but there's still alot that do enjoy fine wine aswell as fine music Landr probably distorts masters in many ways other than just the limiter *obviously alot of this wars HAVe ended, with streaming services just like you said. IMHO it doesnt get much better than for example MQA from Tidal. Thats really one of the bests way to enjoy music... its specifically mastered towards around -14 lufs i think? so there dont have to be any extra limiting added by the service itself; and its also ofc very high res. thats the best way to enjoy music currently for sure and i dont even have a tidal account i dont listen to enough music to justify it. at least not yet. but i get to use a friends account from time to time and it is truly a pleasure
  19. Why wouldnt putting a leveling amplifier / limiter in the chain at festilvals solve it? Its very expensive, but a solid investment. That way it wouldnt matter what volume the program material was, it would normalise it to whatever you would want. Im sure many festivals already has this so basically loudness mastering on the fly.. theres already a sound crew so theres really no reason it shouldnt be able to get solved rather easily; If whenever the labels decide to put out non fully-limited-to-the-wall music. which is still, in 2019 not really great - . - -5 to -8 lufs (current norm) is a bit too loud in general.. -2.8 is just absolutely ludicrous Goatrance in particular sounds the very best when the kickdrum is clearly at the bottom and the hihats at the top,; with everything else front and center.. imho and thats even coming from me who really loves the clean/digital neogoa sound. In the future home users in addition to a dac and headphone amp/active speaker; could have a discrete limiter. I mean why not.. You have the best of both worlds; then. Instead of just the boring linear volume control, you have an actual threshold knob for the limiter. And then companies can compete on getting the best sounding pro-fi limiter. (TM) Ofc this whole premise relies on artists and labels to cease the loudness war, while still being able to ouput desired loudness at whatever event. #hAsHtAg give loudness back to the people
  20. Haha indeed. But it would be great.. Many parties already have very powerful peak limiters and adding something like a la-2a should sound pretty good to increase loudness on the fly. It really doesn't have to be loud on the actual cd or download. Festivals could dynamically increase loudness instead. Small clubs will struggle and ofc let's not talk about the poor djs who will have to choose songs more carefully or invest in his and her own loudness limiter. Loudness should be chosen by the guy playing his/her music, the festival or the dj. In a perfect world..
  21. i think its probably not long until someone sets their foot down and others will follow, thats really all it takes. a "revolution" if you will :p maybe thats optimistic
  22. alot of that is a natural progression in technology. its (was) a very difficult feat to allow such loudness to sound actually good; compared to a fully dynamic image. so as people got more skilled in mixing; aswell as the gear/software got better - its a feat of strength to be able to have a track be louder than your friends. while retaining a good sound.. ofc that was only true up until a point; to where it became the norm to mix and master for loudness. thats when i think it went downhill and we need to collectively reverse it; by simply releasing music thats more dynamic. again. but ofc the first people to actually do release such music (in the psy scene); will have tons of issues when they are much more quiet and lacking impact* like everyone elses.. i think we are probably stuck with making music for loudness :/ * of course this "impact" is very relative. if the norm was -12 lufs instead of -6 lufs; then the dynamic image at 12 lufs would have much more punch and impact as the limited -6 track.. but since the norm is -6 ; the track at -12 will sound really "bad" relative to all the -6 lufs tracks..
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