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  1. I listened this morning was about to type now but link gone. It sounded good m8, post it again
  2. didnt try it but tal-chorus is an option, its that juno sound. tal-dac is also great for emulating classic digital synths, although theres usually a bitcrusher plugin in every daw that kinda can do similar things..
  3. i like Afgin (some of his stuff anyway, like Shine on, my fav) but this album seem to be mixed a bit strangely. I am also lacking alot of depth and bottom end (and pretty non-existant basslines)with fairly loud hihat (and highs overall) sections all around. Im wondering if his studio maybe have some issues or if he is going deaf for the higher spectrum - both very plausible explanations as we loose high def once we age. if you can hear 17k+ pure sines consider yourself lucky and he might be using a subwoofer that gives him extra bass and fools him? not sure since these are all rookie mistakes, doubtful anyone making music for so long would make. but it should have been quality controlled at least at the mastering/release stage. just comparing to Shine on which is much older, in fact its damn near old school at this point - over 10 years. It sounds much better to me. Tbh much of the newer stuff coming out now has similar problems. Thin and without depth, but loud hihats.. Shine on too has a bit too loud hihats for my taste but this album was something else, mix wise.. sounds very "software" and lacks ALOT of depth and character to the sound. Flat is a great word for this. This is a sad evolution as it seem to be going in the wrong direction.
  4. talamasca - believe talamasca - why not ap - amen(lp) noosphere - radiated(lp) x-dream - zebra mwnn - interstate highway(lp)
  5. lunar cycle? quietman remix, and axis flip must at least be in there somewhere no?
  6. dune had the best references my favorite samples def come from that movie. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/dune.zip (edit. zip is just small file of my collection of dune samples)
  7. Agree with your whole post but, they did at least make one more tune together, which is absolutely amazing. The Sleeper Must Awake. And ofc their "megamix" called Nintrance. Also amazing. I remember taking the bike to college the years 98-02 (well alot of times i did that) and had this stuff on repeat. This is how I discovered MFG to begin with, as the track Sunshine from Nintrance made me go and visit the Genesis CD. Would have really loved to see them create more music together as their sounds incorporates so well.
  8. AP - Trust in Trance (3) is often quoted amongst their best releases, or if not, The best. Which always rubbed me a bit the wrong way. To be fair, People Can Fly has an awesome theme, and the drop after the buildup is kind of legendary but the track on its own is kind of bland and not one of my fav AP tracks.. And the rest of the tracks on that CD are meh, except Enlightened Evolution. But the Remix of that is still better. So my nomination goes to the whole TiT3 CD by AP. Really generic bland tracks on there imo. (for being AP, anyway) But my main gripe with this album is not People can fly ofc, its Kabalah. Often spoken to be amongst their best, i think its amongst their very worst. Astral Files isnt really a strong contender either but at least it has the enlightened remix (one of their absolute best ones) and time began.
  9. you left out wormhole i always invisioned that sounding gorgeous on vinyl
  10. well that is .. something the guitar is pretty cool =) woulve wished for a bit more fx its a bit dry.. and repetative..
  11. didnt really know who he was personally since i saw that interview with him and goafreaks. Seemed really like a great and gentle person. Wore his clothes ALOT during the wonder years.. those clothes were legendary status in malmö back in the day rip olli
  12. Yes I saw his pricerange. Just wanted to make sure he doesnt have too much of a high hope with those kind of headphones. There are in fact better ones in that same price area, by brands that are not as famous as say AT or beyer but offers a more flat freq response. Id go on Thomann, sort by price; then check out the ratings and reviews! (and preferably google their freq response - not that an image of the freq response will tell you how they sound but can give you a hint what to expect) Also headphones in general will ofc not be as good as a pair of speakers but headphones can also be very valuable and they Can be doable. After many tries with many headphones I ended up with the SRH940 which to me sounds the closest to monitors (at a fairly decent price) and theyre pretty easy to listen to, with tight sub (some say sub light but i say its perfect) and slight increase around 12k thats pretty easy to get used to) but ofc thats a bit above his price range. Maybe save up a bit, would be an even better option! edit: I would absolutely scour the 2nd hand market first! You can find gems there. I found my srh940 there for around 100 eur. also an open pair if youve not had that before can be a great option but theyre usually more expensive and dont offer better mixing, just a more impressive sound. i had the akg 712 but dont miss it one bit..
  13. m50x and other cheaper "mixing" headphones like dt-770 and srh440 arent really that great for mixing and mastering.. they all have really strong freq curves with emphasis on both bass and treble. Which will make your mixing quite a pain. they are decent for referencing after youve learned their curve, but mixing on them is not really a good option. But, you could look into Sonarworks which you put on the master fader that will "neutralize" the freq response with its own corrective EQ based on headphone profiles. m50x has its own profile for example.
  14. Any updates on the Filteria album? Really cant wait
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