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  1. back to space was okay, but his body of work on compilations makes him legendary. And his sound is so stellar and enjoyable. Finally it happened, another album. Hope theres some real classic tunes on there, as unfortunately many of the tunes from back to space were not that classic. Even still, he is definitely in the top 3 of new school goa trance artists. top 2 even. artwork is beautiful as always, and global sect just has that "vibe".. i hope you guys will flourish for decades to come the sample track sounds gorgeous!
  2. That brings back some fond memories. That median project track was rocking too
  3. I'd say there's two reasons for the 7.7m views on that one. Anyway, sad to see the project fail. Or rather, that you didn't trigger the algorithm to put it in people's feeds.
  4. only 200k mics? meh. thats just 800 strong doses.
  5. I can see that. Ofc that's after he took 5 grams of Copelandia Cyanescens.
  6. Very high quality (analog) fullon from the good days
  7. I think he meant "for people who want to grow their soundcloud - it's not expensive". I kinda agree, that you should not grow like that. But I don't blame anyone for doing it if you're a no name just trying to get recommended in people's feeds. Its a little tricky to walk that narrow moral line on what's ok and what's not Edit : I also specifically remember there being 1.9k views then the next day there were 1.7k. I could swear by it.
  8. I like this little project. But to reach one million views probably gonna cost too much. Set up a fund for it? What are we proving btw, that money buys youtube publicity? Its a really great track, surprisingly good
  9. Yeah I know I've seen him alot on YouTube just wondering who exactly it is. Thought it was someone on here perhaps
  10. Who is Mr lemilica? Also there is something called base79 that has the rights of much goa trance on YouTube. Astral projection for example. No clue what that is but I'm sure there are som shenanigans at play here why some videos gets astronomical views even from kids who has no clue what goa trance even is yet they know astrix and other random names from psytrance genre.
  11. 2003 was a really great year. We had Pure Analog and Lime Structure. a bit ahead of their times cause back then I was kinda still missing goa trance. But a few years later i realised just how good progressive (and fullon) can be. this one is Purple Floating although the youtube says Indian Summer Although i feel ive made this exact comment before
  12. you would probably be the younger option at least both me and recursion are damn near in our forties. i think you should be this young peoneer mod.
  13. Agreed! But the second half of that song has some cool melody. I found melody wise, that this track seems to stick out a bit more than the others.
  14. that is just an amazing review ^^ heres the youtube btw. my favorite is Fabric of Creation. That thing is badass.
  15. https://www.discogs.com/Cosmic-Dimension-Altar-Of-Wisdom/release/17424424 Cosmic Dimension - Altar Of Wisdom Global Sect 2021 1 Coral Tails 2 Different Species 3 Fabric Of Creation 4 Orot Gvohim 5 Altar Of Wisdom 6 Beyond The Darklight 7 To Sirius 8 Transcendence 9 Radioactive Atoms Its a great album to listen through, but there are no real standouts. Its more one big track. But as an album you listen to from start to finish - there is some interesting and really great moments here and there. The first thing that struck me was the quality of the production. But that soon kinda fizzled out, and it sounds alright now, its not 'spectacular' anymore, especially not if you try to find the "best" track of the album. Then it gets kinda 'meh'. Its a bit like the Captain Hook of neo goa. It sounds great but once you get past that, the music really doesnt stand out as truly amazing. Its not quite up to par with the greats but its still really enjoyable to listen to just from the quality aspect of it alone. Lots and lots of squelchs and spiraling arp type sounds - that has been done a bit much Id say. The leads are often quite simple too; melodies not very complex. But again it sounds really good; and it shows that he was really meticulous about the production and mixing; but it does sound a bit 'software' compared to for example Filteria and Mindsphere. Im happy it was released on Global Sect - the king of the house of neo goa. (While I feel suntrip is more the king of goa in general) Allinall its a good album but not really great. 3.8/5. If the music behind the actual sound was as good as the sound itself it would be a stellar album!
  16. probably the one in the south pole narnia is an actual place inside earth called Agartha.
  17. wtf did noone reply to this synsun quazar is really cool and i was about to write about that. and that is was psynews "voted" first neo school track Roland TB-303
  18. holy crap that cosmic dimension album sounds good. I mean.. wow. The quality is something i have not heard before in this genre i think. thanks imba for that tip ^^ edit: meh its not that great afteralll i mean its very good but still not better than artifact or filteria for example. but for "software goa" it sounds really great, and certainly is a breath of fresh air.
  19. No I agree. I think you misunderstood. Lots of great stuff is very far from "perfect"
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