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  1. @AstralSphinx Not to mention the OSCar
  2. the last "Great" was Filteria - Daze of our lives. I loved every part of it. Sound and production, music, and how it creates something new and interesting. Theres tons of very good albums after that, but thats still the best so far I think.
  3. Apex goes to some strange territory in the end. But the first part.. Secret space starts kind of amazingly. But when the kick and bass drops all I can hear is software sound. I wish I didn't. But, that's just my opinion. Don't be mad. The music sounds pretty much similar to his other stuff, except I think this album is a bit softer and more easy to listen to than Back to space, but in this case i don't think that's a great thing. Back to space has a different, more cocky and near perfect sound, and the music is easily as good as this.. So I suppose I'm just a bit disappointed. But, nonetheless its a good album that I hope many other people will like. It's a great intro to new school goa trance. Sad just that it's not more an outro. I half expected him to be like "ok guys. This is what you want. New school goa is over. This is the finale." Again, don't be mad just my opinion. 3.5/5
  4. Interesting.. I don't think astrals 1989 album is very much goa trance. And from 90 til 93 I really couldn't say. So I say the first one that comes to mind, from 1993. But I'm sure there were others before it. Blue planet corporation - overbloody flood
  5. Facebook sucks and its horrible and many people don't use it. That is all.
  6. Damn that's amazing. It's the same sample. Really cool thanks for sharing that.
  7. I know you said "not trance" but every opportunity I get Ima post this one I love you sample happens 0:39 the first time Fucking great track tho, the acid at 4.25 and beyond is just incredible.
  8. so he is not quitting music.. only a little bit? man, i dont understand this person. He damn near wrote a manifesto on why his quitting the psy scene, now hes saying "oh that was just the soundcloud account" . dafuq. btw are we the "sad haters" ? That would be fun. Hi Kristian!
  9. well, in case im very mistaken, isnt a 32 channel desk 32 mono channels or 16 stereo channels? if so that limitation of having to use mono for alot of things would make sense. ive never owned a mixer but perhaps those 32 channels are in fact stereo channels. Then my hypothesis kinda doesnt work ^^ yes indeed would be cool to hear from 90s music makers on this
  10. I think it just boils down to the time that music was created. Alot of people didn't have huge desks with tons of channels, so they were forced to have many of their layers in mono, and save the precious stereo channels for only a few things. And mono is perfect phase correlation while the sides always have some slight cancellations and differences. That's my guess at least, to why the older 90s stuff are so phase coherent.
  11. pretty hard to chose a favorite, they all sound very similar and im trying to find those that pop out, but so far its not been really that. (they all seem to sound pretty good) but Apex and Summer storm are really nice jams edit: haha noticed above scandinasia said the same two tracks. Yeah those are really really nice. i have to say though, im missing alot of depth and "larger than life" feel. they sound a bit .. thin, and when I a/b with Back To space, that one definitely has more depth. Anyway, I suppose thats just nitpicking. Its a really nice album either way
  12. he could also chose to be active and fight those worries and concerns he has. Which are pretty well founded i think. But it seems like a cop out to quit music cause of that, not really buying it. But then Im not a huge fan of his music either i think both Elysium and Sheyba are overrated.
  13. Just checked it out a few times on youtube. Really dreamy and 5th dimensional album. Gonna need to have several listens to appreciate this in full, for sure. General sound quality seems to be on par with Back To Space although its hard to compare through youtube, but Back to space seems to have a touch more depth and a bit more pleasing highs than this at first few listens..
  14. 3-4/5 overall, really nice tunes and sound. edit: after a few listens, ill change to 2-3/5. Every track sounds very much the same, and its arps deluxe using ordinary unison saw waves with cutoff tweakage. It doesnt really take new school into new territory at all, and everything seems rehashed and done before. General sound quality could be better aswell, theres no real depth or dimensionality to the mixes.
  15. any news on whats Filteria is working on in terms of albums? its been a while and I certainly miss his music.
  16. that sounds really good to me, really psychedelic and nice sound.
  17. agreed on another world. not that many come to mind. i do prefer this one over the newer 2000 release; and i also like the CD version of dancing galaxys cover a bit more than the vinyl; cd vinyl '' but both are great not sure where i read it but i seem to remember it was Lior Perlmutter that designed the covers (and mixed and mastered) for all the AP releases.
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