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  1. Ok the word "believe" is misplaced because we (should) know that evolution is reality... Question is... do you actually acknowledge the evolution of psychedelic trance or are you stuck in some kind of plateau where you cannot distinguish between an enhancement and the low rez original? What's the story? Do you guys not have psychedelics available or are you just too lazy to take them? This forum used to be discussing and reviewing the CUTTING EDGE of music, now it's a bunch of people chasing artifacts of the 90's. WAKE UP GUYS TAKE SOME LSD AND GO TO A PARTY!!!!!!! How can you not tell the differencen between this: And this: ??? Our music is still pushing the cutting edge to this day, please dump the memorial vibes and wake up to a glorious reality that's happening RIGHT NOW.
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  3. Yeah that sounds very familiar. Maybe Spun Records?
  4. Can't have a fullon melodic thread without this beatiful beast of a track.
  5. Awesome but not really what I am after.... people are saying UK but I think what I'm talking about is post-UK... Idk I used to listen to a lot of Southwild and stuff but haven't for a while... maybe the UK evolved their basslines while I wasn't looking? Or maybe I'm tripping...lol (I actually listened to some 2014 Southwild after typing this and that shit is sick) Anyways review: The first one you really feel like you are getting sucked into a fractal washing machine by the end. Very sick track... still sounds old school though...a lot of looping to get you there.... Second track is not really my kinda vibe so I can't really comment... First track is really nice though... I'm more talking about this kinda stuff: Basically your body is jamming to some sick melodic bassline which is the center of the track, while your brain is overwhelmed by crazy sounds, trying to make sense of it all... On my laptop right now with no bass speakers so might not be the best example but I think it should sound pretty sick: Dunno...to me this sounds so alive and fresh... I do agree with the consensus though, maybe if they keyed those noisy sounds into more melodic structures they would change the game... that's what I'm hoping for... Like Altom style leads.... I am really optimistic that we will experience a melodic revolution coming from this sound... Just over the moon that trance has some melody in it again... so sick of hearing monotone bass all night at a party... On the other hand, who cares about [insert here] when there's stuff like this going around:
  6. Hmm... well... haters gonna hate... For those who don`t, share some dank tracks! Here`s another banger:
  7. Pretty sure the Twilight subgenre was around mid 2000's, coming out of South Africa...?
  8. Seems a bit like this forum is kinda stuck in the "good old days" and I see many people wondering if Psytrance is dead so I thought we could have a thread to share some of the fresh and awesome music that's not Goa or Psytrance or Progressive or Forest or Psygressive or Dark or Hi-tech or whatever came before. Dunno what the actual genre would be, but I hear people calling it the fully spelled out "Psychedelic Trance" as opposed to Psytrance (ie Astrix etc), or simply "Psychedelic". Basically bouncy, fast, positive, lot's of crazy twisted psychedelic sounds and sure to cause massive grins on the dance floor and at home. I was so happy when I first heard this kind of music a few years back... was getting so bored of what Psytrance had become. This is like a breath of fresh air to me, makes me feel alive again! Some examples:
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for the name of the first track that plays up to 1:35
  10. Just wanted to say thank you to the architects of the sound that has birthed me so many, many times. Thank you.
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