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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to the architects of the sound that has birthed me so many, many times. Thank you.
  2. One of the fullmoon parties in germany where the dj booth was in the middle and the speakers surrounded the booth alternating between left and right. So when there was a stereo effect it created like a hexagonal pattern which blew my mind. Also, it was the first time I heard the "speeding up to infinity until the sped up sound becomes the bassline" trick, done by skazi at the time.
  3. You know when you go to a party and all the tracks just sound like clever noise that's meant to trip you out? So yeah, clever noise sounds like the other clever noise It's weird, I can recognize tracks pretty easily but when it comes to that kind of style it becomes very hard... on the plus side it always feels like I'm listening to something alien fresh Ps, did I hear a remix of this the other day? Or maybe it was a dream...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dAKH5VgecM
  4. One of my favourite tracks ever. Pure melodic bliss. You guys remember this one? Puts an instant smile on my face That end section is just the tip of happiness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGgvO3wpMc8 And this one is just super sick. Class A tune. So raw.
  5. K so I've been into looney moon style stuff recently, I think they've got the whole mix of bouncy basslines and twisted leads pretty waxed... What I'm looking for is the same type of sound but with melodies encrypted into it, like each cooked sound could be pitched to a certain frequency and be interweaved with other cascading frequencies but still be kept a secret kind of. Like the sample would have a slight tone to it, like kind of what atomic pulse used to do with his percussion way back in the days. Nothing too obvious, but it's there if you listen. Or otherwise fully obvious crispy lead sounds that are still not the main part of the track but almost like spiraling reminders of what could be, while being overpowered by savage dementiating noise. Any track suggestions? thx
  6. Hey guys, So yeah, I'm looking for the track in the title. I remember, in the year 2000 or so, downloading a bunch of free mp3's from links here on psynews and recording them onto tape. Lost the tape and hard drive long ago. So today I thought I'd try use the Wayback Machine to retrace my click's (I thought there couldn't have been that many goa sites in those days) and I think I found one of my favourite tracks on that tape! At least the name sound's familiar, and the description sounds right as well. Unfortunately all I have is this link: https://web.archive.org/web/20000302113550/http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/65/clark.html Can't seem to find anything else on google :/ Any chance you still have that track lying around somewhere? Would be amazing.
  7. Tetrasect


    Something a bit different...
  8. Astral Theorem - Enigmatic (Dr.Hoffman RMX)
  9. Hey guys, found an old scratched cd in the bottom of a box. Took a listen and theres some nice tunes on it! Any idea what this track is? Used to listen to it all the time but I can't remember many names from those days :/ Oh yeah and I also once downloaded an amazing layered melodic track from some free goa mp3 site, probably around 2000 and I think part of the name was "sponges", "spongy" or just "sponge"... or maybe something similar to sponge... (not the hallucinogen track)... I know its a long shot but I've been looking for that track for over 10 years since I lost the tape that I made of it. If you find that track I will owe you... a lot...
  10. Awesome. Thanks a lot, some real gems here.
  11. hmm... not exactly what i was after, but still good tracks! thx
  12. i rate there needs to be more advertising for these polls... i mean theres thousands of users on the site and the top album got 7 votes??? Maybe make it like a "feature" on the top of every page when its running? seems like these polls have been hidden away somewhere where only the extremely vigilant can find them... Anyways i rate infected mushroom - the gathering was much better than classical mushroom... more raw and trippy... Also... no mention of "Headroom ‎– Artelligent" ??? come on...
  13. well i guess i could mention a track here that i keep going back to... "Tube - Meet the monster (Noizepulse rmx)" (2010) is one of my all time favourites... forget about the intro and outro, those are just an attempt to keep the monster contained... and they hardly do... at 3:00 it starts a buildup that just keeps hitting and hitting... awesome melodies and all-round uplifting-without-the-cheese sound that puts a smile on my face and an itch in my foot every time i hear it.
  14. hey guys, any track suggestions that fall in line with this kind of sinister/evil/twisted melody that is at the same time uplifting and energizing? basically like this melody that comes in at around 6:00... (left a bit of intro time, just to get in the mode) would really love more tracks like this... thanks
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