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  1. yep, there was a common theme in swe between for example richi m, antiloop, miranda, earthbound, pinocchio. it was a cool time when the radio actually played this type of stuff.
  2. thats what i remember it sounding like. but i remember them being in a small booth, and really have no recollection of a third guy. but it sounded like that! tbh i dont think it sounds or fits very nicely. especially on let there be light ; its not even specifically on beat. and while i love a little shuffle and humanized patterns, it certainly dont work with a solid 4/4 trance beat, IMHO. but thats whats great we all have different taste
  3. i wish i had my flyer. i used to look at that thing like twice a week. not sure what happened to it. but no it did not specify live drums or live performance. edit: and the ticket (rip)
  4. its interesting you guys mention "live" drums as someone is actually playing a drumset or a drum machine. but i reeally cant place a third guy there at all, but ofc memory is very much falliable. either way it didnt sound like "live" drums per se, just like if it was one more layer in their projects - with extra percussion - on top of the others; not mixed in the same manner, and even ontop of the mastered tracks already. i wasnt technically savvy of music back then, but using what i know now, and applying to my memory. it sounded like they just hooked up a drum machine or something like that, and had pre-made patterns ready for every track. it did not look like it was "live" nor did it sound that way. maybe they got lazy for that one event at amager or i just mis-remember. anyway, its very interesting to read that they had a third guy there playing drums for some of their sets! even though i dont fully understand why even do that - it doesnt fit with their music (imo) their music is generally carefully engineered, and just putting a new layer ontop with drums whether live, or premade just made no sense to me personally. and another sad thing was that every "classic" track they played it was the "In the mix" versions of them. Although I love those versions too especially dancing galaxy and i think flying into a star - it was also a a bit disappointing not to hear the originals. ofc this is very much subjective, and only my opinion ofc. anyone else might have loved it! what would be even better is if they had specific live versions of their tracks just like Simon (or even Infected - and probably many more), but I suppose thats too much work for them they seem to not like much work otherwise their album would be ready already /end rant
  5. i come back to this album a few times here and there, and always struck by the very high sound quality. alot of it reminds me of what filteria is doing on daze. but the 90s version ^^ referring only to the sound itself. and the music is just all types of different journeys into the depths of the brain/cosmos. really one of the better albums there are of that time.
  6. well, it might have worked well for many but i found it very distracting as i was planning on dancing journeys into their originals, and each "unknown" added element such as the drums took me out of the zone each time best i remember it anyway. i dont recall a third person. the hallucinogen party must have been in that same timeframe. i have to be honest i dont remember if it was a pure hallucinogen event or if there were other acts playing aswell before simon. but orion rings a kinda strong bell, so its very likely it was the same event. that was one of the nights i was most "gone" so sadly i dont have the best recollection of the evening, but the simon set was incredible, his live versions are sooo good. three standouts that i do have some memory of is shamanix, loin sleeps tonight and gamma goblins. i think the venue was rathter small, and some sort of balkony that you could walk up to that had seats iirc? kinda werid and shady venue. haha, yeah, christiania after every visit to cph was a must and before too many times just walking distance from the ferries. (rip) on one of the visits to amager, the line was so long that by the time the show started the shrooms were already wearing off and standing in line isnt exactly top notch setting :p disclaimer: im not promoting drugs only recalling some memories. drugs do fuck u up.
  7. i liked infected mushroom live. i saw them in arvika 2005-ish and amager bio cph maybe a year after that. really rocking sets. astral projection live amager bio cph 2002 or 3 i think, it was a bit of a let down; they played the original tracks, with added snare drums and hihats and stuff like that. didnt really work :/ x-dream amager bio cph was also pretty cool! and ofc hallucinogen in cph as well. i wish i had been to more festivals though as these were all indoor parties..
  8. this new rank system seem to have destroyed the previous completely while not offering anything interesting as an alternative. possible to go back? not that it matters in the slightest, i just miss the older system while the new system just raises eyebrows like mr Sphinx pointed out.
  9. Seconded. Absolutely blocking lots of the view and is very intrusive..
  10. i dont think its a problem... sure there are tracks that people might not have heard before or might be oldies that are forgotten. either way it serves a good purpose i think. but according to you we have heard everything already that kinda feels like a bummer. no hard feelings btw.
  11. Do you have any examples yourself or just critiquing the tracks already posted
  12. You sound a bit dooshy mate, I think that's what he meant and you did a fine job confirming it And I know cause I was pretty dooshy too, few years ago. I have since reached kundalini and zen and all that jazz. Hrm. Cough. Maybe not but I try.
  13. @Basilisk Wow. Thanks for all those tracks man, such an incredible mind blow.
  14. Same here, it was one of the first true goa trance I heard besides astral projection and chi-ad. When we dream and peaceful relaxation sticks out to me.
  15. Trivia. The track the divine plan. It's a beautiful track. It samples a lady, that was also sampled for Lost Tribe - Gamemaster. Really cool. Here's the original sample.
  16. Oh man, you didn't like that melody at 1.50? I never heard country guitar mixed with psy before and thought it was really cool.
  17. indeed and whats cool too is the "odd" time signature, it was not common in fact this track was the first i heard that switched up the signature like that.
  18. Finally it's on YouTube It's got that space cat, quirk, and biot vibe
  19. Omg my man is looking hella old didn't recognise him at first! Man, what an absolute legend. Jiggle of the sphinx is a hard track to love, but I still do love it. It was on tantrance 6 I think, together with lotus omega, crop Circles, and quirk. In that context, it's a beast track.
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