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  1. I read in a YouTube comment thread where he answered this. His unit doesn't have an auto quantize during live play, he's been a drummer all his life and its really just fully live. So unless ofc he is lying he is just a human clockwork
  2. i know right. you could set a watch to this guys timing. he has more videos and theyre just as insane. and i love how he just sits there casually and smiling while making these intricate quantized drums on the spot without missing a microsecond. maybe he uses auto-quantize so when he misses by a small amount; we still get the quantized version in the audiofeed. or maybe he is just as freaking insane as he appears yup its the amen break all over that thing ^^ at 1 min the drums are also from it i think. edit: nah he is not auto quantizing
  3. well okay i wasnt even talking about loops then, i meant more as in programming your own drum breaks and patterns; seems really really difficult for some reason. using loops seems a bit easier, drum breaks like amen definitely. i wonder how many gazillion times that break has been used in techno and dnb. good tracks, nice drums on them all. heres a guy that has some insane timing..just casually playing some dnb on his mpc. (well okay technically not an mpc) (he is probably using the drums from the amen break lol sounds like it)
  4. from my hood (gullviksborg / lindängen) back in malmo (swedish lyrics)
  5. Im getting into records and I am trying to buy some stuff (but holy fuck is its expensive, you kidding me? 50 euro + for a freaking album? Looking at you Dancing Galaxy and Lone Deranger ) and just wanted to hear from people who do own alot of precious vinyl already; what your top 5s are. Like not just cause its vinyl, i can live without the noise and crackles. But the master is different for vinyl and sometimes even the artists themselves have vinyl in mind when mixing. And certainly the ME guy has it. So; with that said I think theres lots of vinyl out there that does sound alot better than CDs... In addition to the cozy warm alive natural crackly sound of vinyl just in general ofc.
  6. u srs bro? damn ... take care man, i wish you luck ..
  7. Seba is really good at his stuff for sure. I knew you wasnt gonna like the vocals anyhoo keep the tracks coming whoever out there also love you some nice dnb , wether it be 'insane', classic jungle, or liquid! its a really beautiful music genre with a very high skill cap. The drums could be so intricate you wonder how in the heck they even made that pattern; or it could be quite simple but catchy anyway. And its an extremely broad genre too in terms of style and taste. Ive tried making some dnb but i gave up each time, couldnt get any sort of groovy and funky drum pattern. sounds like the hihats are shuffle and the other hihats are triplets and the kick+snare are straights, its too complicated for me ^^
  8. @psychedelic chipmunk I meant as insanely good not actually insane but why not a bit rough on the ends for my taste @Padmapani Your track is a bit more classic/jungle than the fluffy liquid tracks I posted, you're right they're more for casual listening than anything else, background music although headphone music for me! Here's another fluffy background track, I really like this guys mixing.
  9. Another day, another day exponentially worse than the other. How is everyone coping? Hopefully most will stay strong, but I worry those with underlying issues such as manic depressive d, or a myriad of other diagnoses could suffer greatly from this not to mention the schizophrenics. I worry suicide rates may go up very soon and not quite sure how to cope with it all. How's everyone else doing? any sanity survival tips?
  10. Would be awesome to get some recommendations, some vinyls to get that really are specifically mastered for vinyl. Nothing would be more disappointing in buying the vinyl only to realise it was cut using the Cd master. From digital no less. So what would even be the point. But there's ofc many records that have vinyl specifically in mind for mastering and cutting and it would be awesome to get like a top 3 of your favorites
  11. they just posted a video to youtube; really funny stuff. they basically made a coronavirus music video using "Flying into a star" track, that has the sample " im flying into the star corona". i mean, if thats not way too cheesy i cant really be sure about whats real anymore. The remix is really great though so its definitely worth a watch ^^
  12. italy is going overboard with deaths coming from healthy adults. seems like every other patient they get to the ER cant breathe.. im starting to get slightly scared
  13. anyone else hearing all those crazy things about the virus how it can kill health adults, no risk factors, massive organ failure and cytokine storms? or am i reading too much reddit lately god i hope thats just conspiracy theories.
  14. This deserves attention cause if you sample a vinyl which have this "better" mastering; and capture it in digital; the digital copy would sound just as good.
  15. guess i can ask this here, those of you who happen to own some vinyl goa trance; is the mastering different versus cd? in my head it has to be different just from the fact that you cant have yber loudness on vinyl and still capture low frequencies well. and ive just gotten into vinyl myself and looking to get some stuff on there; and have been thinking about this; how the mastering would have to be different vs a cd.
  16. i work at a 2nd hand shop, and we are still open, but our customers are about half the normal. But its likely going to get exponentially worse in the coming weeks. And if that happens, many of us will be let go.
  17. haha. i feel this. I think the whole world is going crazy though.
  18. macrophage and that braincell global sect is killing the artworks
  19. same its in my top 3 pleaidans tracks you are swedish are you not? i feel like we grew up similar in music.
  20. my fav tantrance is tantrance 6 (aswell) and it was also one of the first cds i had. sandman - end of the world (one of the best tracks in the world) cosmosis - moonshine (same) orion - nazca spider hallucinogen - spiritual antiseptic and ofc the crazy lotus omega - lightouse track. but really theres tons of more really great tracks, in fact ill go as far as to say its closing to equal on GoaHead vol 5 ^^ close; anyhow :p i guess its not just the music but really nostalgia and memory since it was the first cds you really absorbed. ofc they are gonna feel "better" than anything else even though anything else might be better... i dont know. cheers
  21. im always dissecting production and mixes i think it just comes naturally to do that. Not that its a good thing; nothing really comes from it, but its really the only way i can hear things these days. I think its a really bad habit though and its more akin to a curse than anything else.
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