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  1. the real question in this thread is, where is Radi? someone pls bring him back. i hope he didnt felt bullied and left cause of it. anyway.. we need people like radi and nhjo in the world, lets be nicer
  2. that asia2001 cover was really funny. looks like someone with no computer graphics experience at all had a deadline; panicked, and desperately tought himeself how to do it via Altavista in 2 hours; then used the last 2 hours of the deadline to actually produce it
  3. Blue planet corporation, chi-ad, and human blue.
  4. Ephedra and Nova Fractal Just gorgeous emotions, melodies, 303s.. Definitely one of my favs from this decade! And this one (which is to me his 3rd best track edit: almost forgot to mention Artifact303 - For a better world. Id say thats the nr 1 spot. It was so obvious to me i forgot to mention it lul
  5. not sure how me visiting or taking pictures would prove/disprove anything
  6. phoscyon is the best one from just hearing it and comparing to the rest, havent yet got it.. but it definetely sounds better than ABL2 which still sounds pretty good. albeit thin.
  7. @Tsotsi awesome, glad another one found out about his glorious simple but effective music. Effective in that it provokes the emotion it intends to provoke, simple in that some of the sounds is not mindblowing. Common Cold and Connect are amazing.
  8. awesome.. ive always loved e-mantra so much for his really personal style. this sounds just incredible although im more a fan of his uptempo stuff
  9. its like the nilaya (or maybe its not nilaya hmm) edit: its like every AP break lul but yes its great i havent heard this track in forever and only heard it once, so nice for reminding me of its existence
  10. does it have to be psy? (fuck, whe are in " General Psy " ) i have too many to choose from. but if i have to put one based on the mood am at now, id prob pick this it promotes the swedish attitude, the swedish psytrance sound perfected (sweden created much of the "boring" progressive psy that killed goa) but for this track i dont think you can get atmosphere, 303s, sound quality, melody, and feeling all rolled into one much better
  11. the hypnoxoxock album called Eurythmia is like, up there with the very best of 2000s. If there ever was a Neo Goa top 5 album I wouldnt look funny at people picking that one as one of them its called Eurythmia btw. By HypnoCocks
  12. Damn, i learned something brand new from this. Youre right its the exact same thing; only a goa framework other than a rock framework. (gajin rocker / the re-stoned from op) very interesting
  13. ill edit the list as i go along. 1. Jaraluca - The Prologue 2. Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent 3. Xamanist - Out of Time 4. GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage 5. Median Project - Constellation 6. Sykespico - Perspective
  14. amazing!! psynews has always been a great place and ive always been very thankful for its existence! ive gotten to know alot of wonderful great people on here and thats really amazing. hear, hear for another 20 years.
  15. yes some say they are mounted on satellites some say its HAARP either way its likely nothing more than a coincidence; that the fires are around the same area (geographically speaking its almost scarily close) as the plans for the new high speed railroad; but while i think exotic weaponry like DEW and HAARP* are science fiction; its not something i can completely dismiss either! * haarp is ofc real, but the fact that it is being used as a weapon systems, to direct massive amounts of RF energy back to earth bouncing off the ionosphere. which is exactly how Short wave radio works; this would just be multiple magnitudes stronger. Again im just the messenger in this case im just very open to the possibilty lifes not the cushy place weve been lead to believe
  16. one of the main conspiracy theories (one that i do not really subscribe to, at least not from what i know, but im very open to) is that the new highway system of railroads; are along those very fires, and that somehow the "elite" is causing those fires with DEW (directed energy weapons) equipped on satellites. ofc, this is all conjecture and nothing substantial but as a person with no doors closed, this seems plausible. not saying i buy into it, but i guess that is the main conspiracy theory. but i do remember this same conspiracy theory last year too. so it could very well just be clever disinfo campaigning THIS year, compared to last year. OR, the elite are really causing the fires to be able to more cheaply construct those high speed railroads. again, im not saying this is what i believe, but this is why im CAUTIOS to believe anything. and knowing how dubious and NOT for the people the elite really is, considering the fact theyre all pedophiles to begin with, i dont find ANYTHING in this crazy world to be too far out of reach of possibility.
  17. @Tsotsi yes, perhaps i have been fed a bit of a disinformation campaign. i know you guys have wildfires all the time dating back to .. well the beginning really. anyway, this time the media has been pushing it quite strangely and theres an agenda, and that the fires are started to push that very agenda. Not exactly sure what the agenda is, but the fact that it feels staged and engineered is not something i can ignore.
  18. its all based on perspective quite honestly and you can pretty much make anything into anything. as far as statistics go. im not bying into natural causes, is all.
  19. some people / some media blame climate change but its really arsonists doing it. its all orchestrated. no im not a conspiracy theorist, you are. "there is more to reality than meets the normal eye. Behind the curtain of everyday consciousness, is hidden another, unaturally strange, mental universe"
  20. You're not wrong, agneton. But you're making a hen from a feather. Just a little btw when we gonna see next release from you
  21. im listening to Alien Project - Midnight Sun, one of my favorite "generic" psytrance tracks. it sounds very similar and close in sound to that of Wizzy Noise and GMS from that same time. at around 4:15 is when the goodness kicks in. I got a chance to see him live once but I dont remember much
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