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  1. i kinda agree with imba there, i think quality is what is keeping our genre back a bit. some artists really really fine tune the quality aspect of it (artifact, mindsphere, filteria - and now i see Cosmic Dimension is really amazing extremely high quality sound! a breath of fresh air.. instant favorite..) while most of the others sound a bit software-like, sloppy and well, not as "perfect" as say Astrix. Most 'normal' people dont care that much - if the music is good then the music is good. Regardless of quality. but for Psytrance ( i think "pop" psytrance ) then quality is equally as important as music. I think we have touched on this quite a few times on here.
  2. 1) k-712 with a great amplifier (otherwise its not an impressive headphone but scales something crazy with both dac and amp, and most importantly a good sounding mix. then they sound fantastic. i personally a good powered k712 sounds better than a hd800 but i always get flack for that :p 2) shure 970 3) sennheiser iem ie-8 dac used UR22 from Steinberg. it uses a cirrus logic dac i think. very decent amplification for lower impedance headphones. on paper not great (8mw i think) but you cant really tell its that low output. it gets loud and well within the good range.
  3. sample appears at 0:07, i marked the time in the link. hint: this is more for the chill-out, lounge, trip-hop fans i guess ^^
  4. luciferase- yeah i know. nothing strange about that. i concede on that one. its just a curious name. but regardless of the name - it can be used as a tracking agent - thus i included it. vaccinations does trigger the immune system to produce antibodies. that much i know. but this vaccine was very hastily produced- and we have had the common cold for ages, yet no vaccine. and you mean to tell me they made vaccines up to 95% effiacacy - from different countries - within 1 year? you must excuse my conspiracy sense throbbing. that and that these companies are making billions - yet small business are forced to shut down and fighting for a 2000 dollar check (USA). its definitely not set up for the average citizen - its set up to fuck us over. bill gates is rich and he isnt a nice guy. he had countless anti-trust lawsuits back in the day. he lost in court several times. you mean to tell me he is looking out for our best? agenda 21 is not only real, its being pursued, and being put into action. mk-ultra was real indeed, some people like to put it into the conspiracy slot. i wager its not meant to be there, its meant to be put into the history books, yet you dont find it there. they made us, the populos, their guineapig - what makes you think they stopped? why do you think we are no longer their test subjects? do you consider Epstein and Maxwell being part of some sort of conspiracy and not legitimate pedofiles, that hunt and kill kids? is it so bad to be a conspiracy theorist in these times? do you find us dumb and not able to use our brains such as you have mentioned? i find that slightly disrespectful. matter of fact, i think you are the ones not using their brains. you are the ones asleep, not seing the world for it wickedness, you chosing to see the world better than what it is. you are choosing to disregard all these atrocities to make your reality feel more cozy. you are the ones being stupid, you are the ones not using your brain. edit: i didnt really mean that, it was a bit harsh. i guess i just took "people not using the brains" more personal than i should. its all good and i apologize for being a bit upset earlier. i shouldnt have taken it so personal. pz!
  5. its talamasca - telepathic atmospheres!! too easy one of my fav talamasca tracks i guess its my turn. let me have a day to think about it.
  6. You sound a little mad almost, and combative. All right.. Sorry but nothing I said was nonsense. It's called facts and history. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Why don't you tell the victims of psychic driving and mk ultra it is nonsense. Why don't you Google event 201. Or agenda 21. Take care.
  7. playing devils advocate. if someone is of the belief that there is a large conspiracy to do a softkill on the populos, cause massive sterility, and to somehow "tag" the populus using various techniques (rfid, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luciferase luciferase) and a bunch of other 'conspiracy theories' such as sars-cov2 is bioengineered at a lab - then there is really not a big stretch to say that the vaccines ARE an evil ploy by the governments. 23 people died already in norway by the vaccine, there has already been confirmed side effects such as face paralyzation - and well, if you think bill gates (the worlds vaccine tsar) and other multi-billionaires are good people then thats on your part being naive. they have been corrupted by money since decades ago, and doesnt have our best interest at heart. Bill gates did something called "event 201" that theorized exactly what covid-19 came to be, just months before. There is also something called "agenda 21" that wants to put a "smart grid" on the earth. These arent conspiracy theories. Ofc 5g implementation has nothing to do with agenda 21 and smart grids you really dont have to be insane or some sort of loony to believe in conspiracy theories anymore, so many have come true over the years. say Project Mockingbird or MK-Ultra. There has been atrocities made by those in power. Also lets not forget something called "the great reset" that for example Canada is pushing heavily for. Canada was also instrumental in MK-Ultra and did some nasty awful experiments on people. Search "psychic driving" and be prepared to vomit.. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic_driving) its not by chance Canada has one of the worst lockdown measures in the world right now. again just playing devils advocate, i am by no means a conspiracy theorist btw, lunacy theories like "QANON", "anti-vaxx", "5g causes corona" are meant to make the legitimate theorists seem like loonies. controlled opposition. still just playing advocate though ^^
  8. Yeah you're right I think. I still want to see sample based goa (think The Prodigy), vaporwave goa, and other fusion.
  9. the b2013a is a really nice budget speaker. ive listened to it quite a bit and it does surpass every other speaker in that particular price range. the next best in that range would be jbl lsr 305. good pick !! im surprised by the sub, do you really need one? they go pretty low and the rest is really not suitable in a flat but im a bit jealous i would love a sub sometimes. even tho mine go to 40 sometimes its awesome to be able to feel the rest
  10. really interesting music writing. you have a nack for that. but the mixing is just so-so, i think theres some sharpness to the highs / possible aliasing; and kick is a bit weak on most of the tracks, but really good beside that, and the music is very interesting.
  11. those graphics are absolutely stunning. its the kinda artwork ive been missing. you outdid yourselves on this one global sect. music, its good but its not fully GS kinda good
  12. @Oopie im curious. is it more x-dream oriented or more chi-ad oriented than your other album(s) ? either way im looking forward to hearing it. i got a few melodies and basslines of my own to stitch together but no sound yet. thats the hard part. every good artist i can think of has their own unique sound and you can identify them by the sound alone in just a few bars. such as x-dream, or chi-ad. you are in that similar vein but i think has your own sound still. i wonder when that happens. when in your production phase you develop your sound, if that happens before you write music, or after. and what constitues a "sound" for that matter? is it EQ? tonal qualities? cause it cant be the melodies/patterns themselves. huh. guess i went a bit far off the off topic there. curious about this though, and i welcome any and all input !
  13. Well damn. A new hallucinogen album would outdo pretty much anything. Now all we need is that AP album coming within the next century, another Dimension 5 album, another Blue Planet Corp album and ofc the new silicon sound album and I'll die a.. Well I'd still be pretty miserable but I'd have the music sorted.
  14. I think I read or heard somewhere that they are using a modified common cold virus that carries that messenger rna that tells the cells to produce the spike protein. So in theory this vaccine could potentially cure the common cold as well. When I say cure I mean it will aid the immune system in producing the correct antibodies. As opposed to a classic vaccine that uses dead animal tissue and an inactive virus to do the same thing. What worries me personally is that the virus may mutate, and now you have told the cells to produce an antigen that the actual virus is now immune to - and this could cause the body having to fight both the mutated actual virus - while also fighting the spike protein created by the vaccine. Double jeopardy? Plus, there's no way of knowing what the long term effects could be by "tricking" the cells to create this spike protein to trigger the antigen response. The whole vaccine thing is worrying to me in general - I'm very thankful for the old tried and true vaccines like measles, tetanus, rubella, dyptheria. But the first round of polio vaccines caused mass casualty, and there's even reports of a polio outbreak actually caused by the vaccine. Also, let's not forget the narcolepsy reports from the h1n1 vaccines. I think there's alot to worry about without being labeled either "antivaxx" or a "conspiracy theorist". And let's be honest. Without the vaccine there's already a 99% chance your immune system will fight it off without much issue. And the risk groups are mostly the elderly. Sadly the life expectancy is around 80 years old in many countries which just happens to be the same age group as most of the covid casualties. Also I don't like Bill Gates and don't know why he is the worlds vaccine-tsar.
  15. Im out off the ICU now, since yesterday and feeling allright I guess. Got tested for Covid too since we had it in the unit. But came back negative thank god. Dont think my body would have been fit to fight covid right now. @RTP Thanks brother, I totally got the sentiment of your comment and appreciate the kind words. Yeah that drug is called Antabuse (Disulfram) and Im currently on that. So even if I wanted to drink I would get very sick (or at least extremely uncomfortable). But I have no cravings at all, and Im very thankful for that. The worst thing now is that my dopamine/endorphin-regulation is way off, and I cant seem to find content in doing pretty much anything. Thats the "sickness" of addiction and it will take months if not years - to heal, so that I can feel happy from "normal" things again. Its gonna be rough but Im very thankful to be off booze for the first time in like, I dont even know. And in case anyone is interested in pharmacology Im also on Quetiapine, Alimemazine, Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine. I am personally really interested in medications and the effects on the body and mind (I have erhm, "experimented" quite a bit in my days ) And some beta blockers and B-vitamins. Quite a bit of meds I guess but it takes what it takes! Id also like to take this opportunity to apologize for my alcohol-fueled rantings and ravings over the years on here. Cringe to say the least. Hope everyone is doing allright!! I dont envy anyone working in the medical field, and I dont envy anyone in countries heavily affected by this shit virus. (Sweden is heavily affected I guess if you look at the numbers - but honestly I dont see it/feel it) Btw - Are you guys gonna take the vaccine? I will NOT take it. At least not until its been at least 1 year and its proven safe and effective. There was never a coronavirus vaccine before, not for the common cold or anything else - and now theres one that has only taken a year to produce while normally vaccines takes 5+ years to make. Im cautios.
  16. I'm sure AA can work for many people. To me it's a bit of a bunk science.. It's really an echo chamber where you sit around a table and everyone starts by saying hi my name is X And I'm an alcoholic ", constantly affirming yourself that you are an alcoholic. Everyone says the same things." today it was really bad yada yada ". To me it was extremely negative, nothing positive about it at all. And the fact that you constantly affirm yourself each time that you are an alcoholic - isn't really gonna progress your state of mind into something better. I'm not in the belief that once an alcoholic - always an alcoholic. I'm a firm believer that you can change your life/mindset around and the echo chamber that is those AA meetings keeps you in a perpetual state of being an alcoholic even if you stopped drinking, cause that's what you tell yourself and others each meeting. Anyway, if it works to keep people of booze then fine but it also keeps you stuck in the mentality that you're forever an alcoholic and I don't think that's a healthy mindset to have. Alcoholism is not a disease in my book, it's an addiction and once you break it I will never sit around calling myself an alcoholic year after year in those meetings. Negative affirmation isn't good I think. And to anyone reading that AA has worked for, then great on you and I'm by no means taking anything away from anyone, this is just my opinion on it as its certainly not for everyone. Hope I didn't come off as defensive Thank you for your comment!
  17. I decided to stop drinking alcohol. Not sure if it's topic related, but I don't wanna live life in a tired, depressive haze when I have no energy and say and do things I regret all the time. Lately I began to feel suicidal after i was drunk each time. Got myself to the ICU, and am now at hour 48h. First 12-24h they tried diazepam, got 90mg but was unresponsive. 155/115 blood pressure, 150 heart rate. Then they switched to Clomethiazole. Two capsules 4 times a day. Blood pressure have yet to drop but heart rate is around 105. I had 3.3 per mille when admitted. (I'm not sure why I drank so much that day, 3.3 is literally insane.) I hope I get better soon. They want to keep me here at least 2 more days to make sure I don't get DT. I've drunk every day for almost 2 years now, but on and off for roughly 10 years.. So if you ever wanna change something about your life for the better, now is the time to do it. Hope this comment is worth something to someone. Take care everyone.
  18. there has to be some meaning to the feeling of nostalgia, no? either way sometimes when you feel like youre about to just end it all, the feeling of nostalgia really does help you get grounded and come back into some sort of meaning
  19. @IronSunthose are all really really good. Especially the hypnocock, triquetra and sykespico ones.
  20. My mistake I meant the 3rd not 4th but whatever. I liked it alot either way.
  21. Noone mentioned mindsphere yet? I think this release speaks for itself.. Mental Triplex (2016) Nova Fractal - The Wheel Of Time (2016)
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