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  1. Ofcourse bro will post regulary for sure! Anu - i wanted to do it earlier but lineup finalizing took more time at the end, wanted to post all importaint things finished (lineup/sound/deco) still there is alot of time ahead to make a move to come and join the madness, Losinj island has near airport called Rijeka, Ryan Air flies there, also Zagreb and Pula is not too far away .... this lineup is just a must for every true fanatic! To heat up a bit more ....for all old U.X. fans ....... c/p from FB profile by Kris Kylven few days ago ...... "Attention people this July at the BFG Fe
  2. For the most fresh news about our fest - follow us on facebook folks! EVENT LINK : https://www.facebook.com/events/1738324649762135/ BGF FB PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/BalkanGoaFanatics/ SEE YA FOLKS
  3. Hellooooo dear fanatics and openminded friends!!!! -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< Please welcome aboard to our 3rd fulltime multi-days 1000% pure GOA TRANCE festival!!! This time we move up from high croatian south mountain "Velebit" to northern astonishing "Lošinj" Island. Exact location is a beach called "Liska Slatina" near small village called "Ćunski" (Island of
  4. Visions? yes yes ofcourse drum section is very limited as back then ( 6 months ago ) i lived in unknowing how to connect single drums and percussions to monos to have them all controled properly so i didnt wanted (instinctly) to concentrate on that too much .... today still i have same stupid habit not working simultanly on drum section when creating a new track, its soooo much better having the base of the all dancing music while doing anything in the track did an upgrade of Visions some 2 months ago, sounds much better and have some more melodies in but its not finished, its my first
  5. Hay ppls Visions i didnt finished yet, waiting to Universe tell me im mature enough but check out my other stuff i made in last days/month! Cheeeeers https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg
  6. Hope to hear you soon somewhere mate! and no, its not elitism, i think i make cleared i played several times with tractor, stanton, and other computer programs, its not my cup of tea but it was not other option and i rather played my mp3s and wavs as beeing elitist Other thing about "complaining", no way i could evert reject artists like tons of them i highly respect on my party because he or she is playing from laptop and cant soudn as good as to play from 2000s and original cds ..... all have their own way to express themself and thats the only thing that matters .... that thing about
  7. amasing track for sure! im sure they were very familiar with tonal system before they made this track ... but, here we are also speaking about key changes, not exactly chord changes, it could be done either from inspiration, or just pushing key transpose and press rec, but i really doubt that (push rec) .... ....in all those madness of modulations (classical ones - key changes) they did some chord changes between key changes too ...... sick track, definitelly these modern days we are still struggeling to find some at least similar track with same structure .....
  8. and, if you have proper vinyls turntables and stable table ... you can allways set up benge lower to take out the sound out what also will eat any signal alive if needed ......
  9. well ... most of my exp with CJs was like that, rare there was some CJ with proper soundcard and had good cables to plug into mixer and have at least same sound as CDs (2000s all the time, they have their own DSPs that eat for breakfast any of soundcard i remember Cjs used by now .... ) . cant even remember one good plugged dj played the signal out from comp on the party, here im not saying anything about the qualilty of mixing or playing music, just the sound .... spontaniously i think even timetables on parties or festivals are made taking that in option, first comes CJs then DJs .... but t
  10. Chord changes or Key changes is a BIG difference .... both are used alot often, but here you were talking mostly about Key changes, Chords may be changed (developed) at least several times in any melodic music then artists may change key with same chords progression if they planned that way .... in goa key changes are preety often but mostly of times not good and natural ..... the most natural way in any type of entertaining music is that Terz interval scale ... going up or down ..... my one of favourites key changes in goa .... and one try of chord changes alot of pl
  11. scary thing if you know he did passed out soon after producing this ..... also, making a track that is eating alive mostly darker tracks 4 5 years before of their time ..... and the best thing, making it in same time when he was considered as one of most promising melodic goa artist
  12. TY guys! did let it alone for a while, to hear if it works at least close after the workflow, can say im still satisfied and also, recieved alot of small things to change and correct! will post the final version when its done, cheeers
  13. I feel a strong connection between those tracks, just feel that they made the remix in their own way of Spiritual Healing inspired from Juan energy ... and like much more Darshan version as original ... but for sure, they are completelly different in musically/structured way! one good example of completely different remix of same track and
  14. every style of electronic music played by djs have their own ways of mixing, but for sure goa trance is the most complex andchallenging style to master dj skills, thats because the music itself have too much style difference as sound quality to deal with so djs are mostly running away to another "proper" style, or spitting in hands and try to solve all problems on its way .... pure oldschool way (DATS, Vinyls, CDS ect) its more harder to master but mixing oldschool goa trance with computer and controlers is cool way to do it too if you have proper experience and mixer skills, last summer i wa
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