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  1. Thanks for the info ^^ And yes, that does feel quite unlucky :/
  2. Just found him recently and I really liked his music. I couldn't find any indication of whether and where he would be performing. Thank you!
  3. So I really like goa, especially oldschool, while my friends prefer techno, drum'n bass, hardbass and other pump. That leads to frequent discussions about whether and why the typical "thumpy" goa kickdrum is "lame". My friends always argue that the kick lacks bass, and that, if it were more heavy on the bass, it would sound a lot better. Since I'm not a producer and don't really know anyone who makes goa, I instinctively just argue that a very bass-heavy kick would crowd out the track too much, overshadowing all the other stuff in the track. So I wanted to ask someone who m
  4. The intro is sick. I like the track a lot. Is it gonna be in your set @ Return of the Sun?
  5. The Ubar Tmar track is awesome : D Though I'm pretty sure that the Prana track is actually ''Ring of Fire'' by the Nuns . Doesn't make it any less of a crazy acid masterpiece, of course.
  6. haha Thanks for your input. And I do already really like Silicon Trip, although I did mean a sort of funky hardacid goa EDIT: The Spirit Level track is awesome!
  7. Thanks for your insight guys. We settled for Connection, due, in no small part, to the family atmosphere it's supposed to have, seeing as both ZNA and Connection have awesome locations and lineups. Already really pumped to expierience so much pure Goa
  8. I listened through Rock Bitch Mafia and I really, really liked it, so I wanted to ask whether there is goa thats similar in how jazzy and funky it is.
  9. I'd really like to go to both, seeing as they both seem amazing, but that's not really an option monetarily :/ I think I can manage to go to either Connection/ZNA and Transylvaliens though, and that one seems pretty sweet aswell. Thanks for your insight
  10. I'm pretty new to goa festivals (haven't been to one yet) and I want to go to an oldschool goa focused festival this summer, but I can only go to one of the two, so I wanted to get the opinion of someone who has been to both. Thanks in advance
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