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  1. Just finished first listen, so good. Great revs above. How good is the break in I Don't Know ?! Awesome, thx D Dave.
  2. Burial - Untrue (trk 06 Etched Headplate) Fantastic stuff.
  3. Nice rev Penzoline. Smashing release!! Just the perfect dose of goa 303 acid sounds! Samples are sweet and match beautifully, especially like the 48 hrs sample, biosphere as well. Huge energy and flow, with beautiful timing also. Almost perfect release, great stuff.
  4. Great trax. Great album. Yo Lemmi, where to find the psy break trax? Keen to hear. thx
  5. ok, intersting thread. just to be sure, are we talking about the Neuron Compost - tockz eek trak?? cos if we are i'm a bit confused. decent track! cheesy? fuck yes, but in the context of the compilation it fits nice. have u heard?????? a bad rmx is a bad rmx, bad mash ups make me wanna puke my fucking guts up more! a good one i'm yet to hear... someone kill that girl talk fu@kw^t will u!! a shit rmx with a half assed attempt to be psy won't reach those that know better anyway, so why worry?? trax with bpm's above 155 shit me more!
  6. cool. show em' how its done Schlabbaduerst. he he.
  7. Check stuff by Edan. Beauty And The Beat is fantastic. Hip Hop spin on 60's psychedelia that sounds fucking great. Tasty. recommendations for mf doom (amongst his many, many identities) are well founded. great stuff. He recently visited oz for the first time but i missed it. Apparently great show, no theatrics or gimmicks just great performance. And yes it was the man himself apparently, not one of the imposters he's known to use in his place!! check out more about this guy, really interesting. U can't go wrong with Public Enemy and N.W.A, if u don't dig that then Do check out Eric B &am
  8. Could be in any order really... Have listed 20 uptempo releases cos i don't listen much down. 1 Dark Nebula - The 8th Sphere 03 2 Scatterbrain - 1nfernal aNgel 03 3 Promon - Funky Fumes 02 4 Ka Sol- Fairytale 06 5 CPC - double bouble 05 6 The Delta - Scizoeffective 01 7 Zirkin - dance show 03 8 Grapes of Wrath / Meteloids - tits on fire 04 9 V/A Russian Connection (Panorama) - 02 10 v/a Boldly Audio - (Sanaton recs) 05 yeah i know .... 11 Parasense - Avangaro 03 12 Silicon Sound - pure analog 03 13 v/a Chroni
  9. Yep tasty track indeed. Schlab comps fuckin rock. Probably prefer the D-Dave track Completely Operational, and Ka-Sol Bergatrooper. Check L.A.B track on Digital Psionics comp, Psionic Tonic called Spellbound. sweet Where the fuck are Promon btw?? Sure could do with some more funky fumes....
  10. More Schlabbaduerstian goodness in a Devilsmindguise!!! Brilliant!! Avoid the whining and boo hooing about what is wrong with the scene, get this and remind yourself about all that is good, great and disturbingly enjoyable in real psytrance. Crank this loud. Can't wait.
  11. HOMmega - New Order 2 What a fucking disgrace. So many possibilities for creative covers and this shit still arises.
  12. CPC writes great stuff and has done so for a few albums now. Not much recognition around these parts, which is a shame cos lots of astute listeners round these parts. Some great glitchy techy psy sounds that bang and change with heaps of atmosphere and character. A personal fave. Love the paused beats and dark tech infused sounds.
  13. Promon. Funky Fumes is a rockin' forest infused shroomy delight. Promon where are you???
  14. Funny that minimal was a dirty word not so long ago...
  15. Katatonia, fuck yeah. Dance of December souls is brilliant. Early My Dying Bride releases I still love. been a while since I was into metal as a lot of people here! Still love those groups and times spent with that music. Grind especially. Heard Anathema? Again i only familiar with early stuff. Like My Dying Bride kinda. Never really into black metal. The scene totally fucking exploded in early nineties and everyone seemed to think they could speed pick a few notes over a constant beat, pretend they were the coldest, most dark forest, my corpse paint and studded leather has lo
  16. Techmorning is one of the finest trax ever laid down. An absolute classic. The way those wet crackling sounds leap from the speakers makes me shiver every time. I will never forget the first time i ripped the plastic off the cd case and slid the disc into the cd player. Yeah i had acouple of winters finest fungi washed down, but the sounds that came from my speakers were absolutely brilliant. So alive and that driving tech influencce make this far from mediocre. I play this often and loud, and it still manages to astound and fuckin rock. Non believers astound me, even with their drawn out, one
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