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  1. Extreme tunes indeed. Absolutely huge sounding. Dark, pounding and industrial strength. Some trax remind me of The Delta or Spirallianz. But this is unique work. Great to hear something that is truly menacing, truly dark music. Mastered by Mr Petrick also, imagine those two cooking up the madness together. fark. Brilliant stuff and a massive thanks to ghreg on earth for his stunning tunes. nice rev RAH.
  2. Largely dissapointing, except for Pondscum and Gappeq which are outfuckingstanding trax. Massive tunes. Same as their respective efforts on In Crypto. The Xatrik, Wizack Twizack and Slug trax are not bad though. The freak rmx has its moments, but a Silverchair fondness is necessary to really "dig" it. Awaits better...
  3. Kind of hard to overlook when they aren't released though... np: Shift - Terror Former
  4. Good to hear, I can't fucking wait for this to arrive. np: Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
  5. Some bloody nice tunes so far. Can't wait for this to arrive in da' mail. night time smashers aplenty......
  6. The seventh in the colourful series that are the Schlabbaduerst comps. Seems Dave and co are harking back to the first and third comps with this one. Not as brutal throughout, but certainly towards the end. Four B.O.F.T.B trax, plus a smattering of the usual Schlab' freax. An appearance by Duck off is a welcome addition. Its just so great to have another one of these rare gems in my collection! I've been giving it a fair Ol flogging for a few weeks now and its just blows me away each time. I love the crusty sound, the brutal beats and generally the whole Schlab style. The series so far
  7. DangerouslyDerangedDetrimentallyDeliciousDivinelyDefiningDimensionsDistinctly Wow andfuck! And wow and fuck again!! All positive praise for this is utterly warranted! All expressions of unique complexity and forest influences are spot on. A ripper album, probably my fave for the year, definatley an all time great piece of work. So rich and lush, so stomping, so wonderfully shroomy!! Supreme forest madness. An oasis of green forest brimming with shrooms, in a desert of bland releases. Brilliant.
  8. Fantastic news. Will be interesting to see what concoction of sounds these three magicians come up with this time. Considering, as Ormion mentioned, the evolution in each of their respective sounds, I can't wait. Finally a new Artifakt as well!! Probably the album I am most looking forward too!! Supreme stuff...... Hope the artwork is as good as the first! Cheers to all the S.A freaks.
  9. I enjoyed your words goababa cheers m8. A third Suntrip release will be a welcome addition to my tunes. Cheers to Suntrip crew.
  10. Psyshop has copies. Its released on Electric Power Pole records. A new Aussie label.
  11. PAN.THY.MONIUM - "Khaoohs" possibly the most inventive metal ever.....handclaps, saxaphone and the best single kick drumming ever. A classic.
  12. Never heard of em'. Is that your Grandma's project?
  13. Nefarious

    comp - Refused

    Whodunnit? - Devils Mind Records Watzitcalled? - Refused boutwhen? - 2005 wotziton? - cd wotzitcost - whatever I paid for it traklist - 1) Atrocious Berserker - Murderers suicide wish 2) Baphomet Engine vs Electrypnose - Remote control 3) Metallaxis - Dark light 4) Silent Horror - Placid on Acid 5) Savage Scream - X-Mash (Devils Mind rmx) 6) Crying Orc - Empty head, Crying spirit 7) Phobium - Transfiguration 8) Peacespect - Monochrome Night 9) Claw - Symetry (ParaNoize rmx) Ok finally its here. DM records first comp. I've been reading the tra
  14. Deathtrance. Well defined, sounds interesting. I agree with you. I cant help but notice however that at the moment their is only ONE label that has just released its FIRST comp, that is using "Death/Metal/Satanic" imagery. The way people carry on around here you'd think their was twenty! Personally as far as the covers go, I'd like to see more hand done artwork, not so much photoshop/computer sci-fi spacey bollocks. And certainly less fractal shivas. Derango cover looks nice.
  15. Nefarious

    Jaïa - Fiction

    Thats funniest fuckin' thing I've seen for a while. Cause VERY VERY old obviously means like 32 or something!! I guess if your 14 it could seem that way. "get with the times cock face" I can't stop laughing at that wonderful sentiment brilliant Sweet jesus you almost had a point, right up to the bit when you said "progressive is the new wave" Fuck i hope your not serious about any of that. Either way it was a refreshing laugh Oh, and if you ever meet Seraph or any of the other Goa old schoolers in a dark alley, you best get the fuck out of there. I'm sure
  16. The Trancelucent cover is total crap, which represents the music inside very well.
  17. Get over it. Its already been dissed, discussed and dissed again in the 'crap covers thread'. Its a rip off (perhaps a tribute?) of old grind style covers. The label logo is simply a reflection of their metal past. Regardless of the sleeve, the tunes will be krankin'. I'm off to order mine now.
  18. I'd also like to think that there's an illusion to the Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun, even if their isn't.
  19. The tracklist from the actual sleeve is... 1) This world isn't real 2) Just another simulation 3) Order the future 4) My life is a trip 5) Strange day 6) R u coming ? 7) Silly rabbit 8) Who m I? 9) Mutants r faster than u 10) Wake up your satisfaction You have 3,4,5 ass about.
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