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  1. Great rev Rino, really nice mate. Smashing comp and OOOD track IS good. Great to see a tasty release of qualty tunes. thx, cheers Cronomi crew.
  2. Yep. The guy makes some very fine tunes. Lots of comp trax and many tasty collaborations also. First album is bloody fantastic. Second one Double Bouble is even better. Great use of the "pause" button in the early trax!! Definatley a fave artist that seems to have been a b it overlooked. Only by the majority no doubt.. he he. Go CPC you fucking rock hard mate.
  3. Yep, certainly one of the better releases around at the moment. Soundmute with the nice rev also. Cheers. Whole thing is just so fucking phat n' phunky!!! X - Dream's March may steal the show initially, and its "less is more" approach will put a massive smile on faces for sure. Brilliant. No weak trax though, and as is usual with a release you just got and instantly loved, I'm changing my fave trak each listen! Trippy to see the MidiMilz rmx's on here and the latest Horns & Hoofs comp, 'Unconventional'. Always a welcome listen. New X - Dream and a Delta remx, wicked.
  4. Nice wordz Soundmute!! I got Chronika 3. Not 12". Great massive track, awesome stuff. Following on from Irritant nicely. buzzman, surely u jest! try listening b4 comment! Great stuff for my winter journey... Release on vinyl makes this even more necessary!! Chronika 3 is fukin great comp!!
  5. Fuckin' sweet. Forever trapped in this mad carnival. Thanks Procs. Tip top tunes to mangle and elate. Thankyou.
  6. This is the album that should have followed Redline. Banging Shift style. Excession is nice and way better than the forgettable Byte me.... A return to the Shift style I really enjoy. Nice one Mr Hoy.
  7. Sweet. Nice rev D.P Can't wait till this arrives
  8. Nothin' wrong with the Entropy cover. Their trax are awesome and the first full length was wicked. The phonokol cover is pretty fukt though. Don't mind the tranceformer cover, being an old Transormer fan when I was a kid. Hail Optimus.
  9. Nefarious

    Shift-Byte Me

    A bit 'hit and miss'. Some bloody awful samples. ie Dubmention and Ear Dis. Byte me is a nice track despite its "been done before" style. When the few tracks that really work get rolling, the arrangements and sounds come together for a truly great, as usual, Shift experience. Very nice. Just not enough captivating moments to make me class this with Shift's best work. A nice album, but I cant help feeling that somewhere we got lost along the way. Not my style of cover/artwork either. Not bad, just not great.
  10. The track titles are great. Sure its been done in the metal genre before, but its refreshing to see/hear it in the Kemic-al style. All releases thus far have been great tunes to my ears. I'm sure this will not dissapoint. Massive cheers to Kemic-al on this one. I can certainly feel the Transilvanian hunger...
  11. New "smoother" Shift eh' ? Sounds tasty. Certainly been krankin' out the tunes lately. New Twisted System and the Pitch Hikers album which was Fanfuckingtastic. New Nexus media should arrive this week also. Cheers and beers to Mr Hoy.
  12. Very very nice. Awesome reviews above detail this nicely. More please. Slinky.
  13. Yep, two very solid releases fron the Sanaton crew. Best of luck to this label for the future. Great stuff.
  14. The great reviews and nice comments above have pretty much said it all. Brilliant album. Thanks Kino Oko.
  15. Sweet. Best of luck to this promising label. Kemic-al, your tunes are devastating. Loved t.p, cannot wait till the latest album arrives. cheers
  16. Nice wordz RAH Scozbor maketh tha bent tunage.
  17. A third Loopus!! Can't wait to hear more from the Italian Psycho's.
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