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  1. Undoubtedly some of the finest purveyors of quality tunes.
  2. Excellent news! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Cheers to Trishula crew and Mubali for making fantastic tunes.
  3. Mr Peculiar - crystal myth.... followed by, Scorb - thundermental(redeux) nice comp.
  4. Tis a fine release thats for sure. Very, very bent. Very very good. Thankyou Procs. Cool artwork also.
  5. Thats a tasty doughnut. Great tracklist. Can't wait to hear.
  6. I never partied in his presence, but his tunes will rock me for as long as I live. R.I.P
  7. ACIDANCE RECORDS Proudly Presents Fungus Funk – F. People Artist : Fungus Funk Title : F. People Label : Acidance Records Catalog # : ACIDCD016 Release Date : 15 January 2006 Distribution : ZMA LABEL GROUP TRACKLIST : 01 – It’s Time to Wake Up 02 – Extra Active 03 – Synthetic News 04 – F. People 05 – Mushroom Lunch 06 – Pop On 07 – Ten-Dance 08 – Harmful & Wrong 09 – Yumi (Final Mix) 10 – Child’s Dream Fun People? Far-out People? Family People? Freaky People? Fungus People? Ever since Sergey Prilepa began putting out tracks as Fun
  8. "just taking it one step further" - Procs. Your album has certainly taken things a few steps further. A beautiful subtle throbbing journey. I'm completley overwhelmed. Love the moustache btw.
  9. Psykovsky vs Deja Vu Project - Only love [We Will Take] apossiblefavefor2005methinks
  10. I ain't heard em'. But I feel the same way about Bon- underground resistance
  11. Fanfukintastic! Nice one Suntrip, continuing the excellent releases. A full album on Schlabbaduerst is very, very welcome!! Gravedigga makes da' gooooood shit!
  12. Looks great. More Dropout is very welcome. Two great releases already, I'm sure this will sound just as impressive. Best of luck to Dropout Productions crew
  13. Absolutely no need to bother with the samples (I never do anyway...), this album is on the way already. Great to see similar artwork to the first too . Savin' a few dried shrooms for this one....
  14. Congrats' to Evi Knivel crew, tracklist looks very tasty. I'll be acquiring it for sure. Evel Knievel retired recently, due to a stroke, he's 67 ya know!! The stroke might mark the end of an illustrious career, even though many of Knievel's stunts ended in disaster, compound fractures and severe concussions. His greatest stunt - jumping the Snake River Canyon in 1972 in a rocket-powered "skycycle" - also ended in failure, and he nearly drowned after hitting the side of the canyon and falling into the river. fark. His son, Robbie is currently planning to jump the same canyon. Perhaps bl
  15. As one of my favourite artists I thought I'd post this... This is the second Artifakt album, following on from the critically acclaimed Artifakts, which was released in the June 2003.The Artifakt has just finished a busy summer touring season in Europe, playing in Moscow, Israel (twice, including the Doof festival), Belgium, and Germany (Indian Spirit festival).In the upcoming months the Artifakt will be opening for Cosmosis and Infected Mushroom in Cape Town, as well as playing in Israel and Italy before Christmas.The Artifakt is also playing at the Timecode outdoor event in Cape Town on
  16. Great stuff. Catchy and groovy. Tends to be a bit "clubby", but its just so well done that it doesn't hinder the trax at all. I like the sleeve and the overall theme to the whole package also, great stuff. Ticon's third is as distinct as the last two albums. Cheers to the duo for such quality tunes that never fail to make me smile. kids of the 80's indeed.
  17. Have enjoyed all the comp trax. Good to hear the album is on the way. Cheers to Parvati. as well as you dance.....???
  18. Track Listing: 1. Bomb Voyage 2. Noize 'R' Us 3. Freak When See's 4. The Nord's Got A Virus 5. Japanica (Osaka Style) 6. Cereal Killerz 7. Do Not Fuck With The Chuck 8. Back In Business 9. The Clone-x Affect The double have managed to define a new style of "dark psy" which is funny as much as it is pumping. Their unique sound and energy has made them one of the most popular acts in the Israeli underground scene. This is the music of tomorrow - catch it while it's hot! ------------------------- Sweet. Looking forward to this. An injection of humour is alwa
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