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  1. Here we go again, it's the second Mycken compilation, with artists not from Uppsala Sweden, but with a dirty psychedelic punk sound. Sick, unique, underground. Not your average fart forest darkpsy full-on sightrance. This is the real deal. Listen at your own risk. https://schlabbaduerst.bandcamp.com/
  2. Released today on Bandcamp, a new Schlabbaduerst ReKkords compilation with artists from outside Sweden. The sound is relentless. 1. Psionic Commando - Oblivion Engine 2. Lunixx - Relentless 3. Weird Wizard - Evil Corp 4. Morioun - Pet Sematary 5. Spawn of the Forgotten - Ymir 6. Galaktik vs ExB - Forge Master (feat bckrs) 7. Zoon - Voltan 8. Professor Trelawney - Trolls Unite 9. Arcaphael - Relentless Whisper https://schlabbaduerst.bandcamp.com/
  3. I'm still here! Thanks for all the kind words! And do check out the remix album released this sunday, with remixes from Urban Legends and Everything. You can stream it from Bandcamp. http://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/album/everything-remixed
  4. Back once again is the incredible... Schlabbaduerst ReKkords Schlab 16! This time a number of Battle of the Future Buddhas tracks have been remixed and can be found on bandcamp as a digital release only. Check it out here http://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/album/everything-remixed
  5. I usually make a badass live set, with tracks sometimes mixed together, layered on top of each other. Also always adding samples and effect sounds and doing some live tweaking of sounds and samples etc. It becomes a lot more twisted usually. And the bpm is usually higher than on the albums, about 146-149 bpm from beginning to end.
  6. Oh and it's up and available on bandcamp now. http://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/
  7. Yup, as the title says you can now find Urban Legends, the new BotFB album on bandcamp. https://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/album/urban-legends You can stream it or download in various lossless formats. You can even order the physical CD if you feel old school. Don't miss the other albums and tracks available by Battle of the Future Buddhas, Digging Mud https://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/album/digging-mud and various single tracks, most previously unreleased and only available on bandcamp! Also, should you be a Schlabbaduerst lover, I got all compilations in stock, as well as a new professional print of Ka-Sol "Ghost Story"!
  8. OK, will do. It's just that the moment I upload it the album will be found on russian torrent sites. :/
  9. Please tell me how you are able to tell these tracks apart from each other?
  10. No, it has not been on bandcamp. There are samples on soundcloud and you can order it from me.
  11. As the topic says, the Schlabbaduerst compilations 1-7 are now released digitally on bandcamp. http://schlabbaduerst.bandcamp.com/ Head over there if you want to stream the music or if you want to purchase and download in a wide range of formats. And for the diehard fan(s) out there, yes, we are working on Schlab 8,9 and 10. No really. One of them might even be released this year.
  12. Listen to samples here: https://soundcloud.com/battlebuddhas And thanks for a great review! I'm very happy with the album myself so I'm glad you liked it.
  13. Lol when I make a digital release people ask for real CD. When I make CD people ask for digital release. Sure, I can put a digital version on Bandcamp for you. Check here by the end of the month. http://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/
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