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  1. Hey Seraph. Sorry you find my list pretentious! Some of those labels are very new. If you missed that then u probably don't care either I like dark stuff and listed some unpretentious labels for your perusal. Dark doesn't equal pretentious. Same as your style/taste doesn't equal good, or pretentious. Its shit that the labels you enjoy have gone under or disappeared or whatever. Maybe we can have a beer or 3 over some Schlabbaduerst tunes I see that the Nabi comp has been pirated already. If the big labels like you mentioned are gone, how long will small, new, unpretentious label
  2. Timecode - brilliant label, not just boring full on shite either, check the Artifakt album, the Shift album, the broken comp etc for proof. no techno either Afrogalactic recs - similar to above, lots of SA artists. New comp soon, should be killer. Digital Psionics - got every release from this fun factory. Very tasty Psy mayhem. Alkaloid productions - check the first release from new Aussie label, True Reality. Schlabbaduerst - love it or hate it, no fence sitters. Parvati - whoa mamma, insane nocturnal madness label. brilliant. Nabi recs - self funded release 148, k
  3. Cheers to Mars for mentioning this I was going to write something when my copy arrived. Hopefully next couple of days. I know I'm really going to enjoy this comp, definatley the style i love. Plus if its not quite what I expected (not fukin likely ) I've helped out a few guys who got of their ass and did something about gettin' some great night tunes released!!! If you reckon its too expensive and you don't like the artists, big deal, don't buy it. But I'll bet anyone out there who does like the artist, will hang the expense(like its that much really??) and get it. So much whingi
  4. Nice one DP. Pretty much agree with your take on this. The last 3 comps from Ketuh have been cool, trax from Parasense,Neuromotor, Silicon Sound, Dark Nebula,Penta,Kluster, Azax Syndrome, Audialize etc And a bunch of other great artists that made these comps great. This one is fairly good, with the standouts for me being the Gappeq trax. Bloody brilliant. Haunting, spacey, really trippy! Worth it for those 2 alone. The Phyx track is another highlight, as always. Bit dissapointing but a solid release from a tasty label. They have more comps and albums in the works so the future loo
  5. Very tasty tunes indeed! Maximum psychedeliciousness! Time Trap, Secret Surroundings and stoneage trax are awesome too! Hope to hear a full length soon. Someone please release this!!!!!!
  6. Entropy - The second law of thermodynamics (DOOF recs) I'm not going to bother with a track by track beep by beep description type review. More of a recommendation really! After hearing the Kopsses - Empty Handed track on the Jam comp(DOOF), I was keen for more. And what we get is a LOT more! Omer2 & Pitt have put together a fukin' belter of an album that flows, pumps and grinds its way inside. This album is so hypnotic they should take out a trademark. The percussive and rythmic nature of this baby is flawless. Brilliantly produced to be dark n' heavy, but never murky. Temp
  7. Scatterbrain - Mexican Jesus. Right on DP! But I'm sure its been given agood ol' flogging around the globe. My Alkaloid comp should arrive soon with the Dark Nebula rmx. Cant wait for that, double aussie trouble. I have to say though, that after reading your enthusiasm for that baluns comp some years ago and subsequently ordering it, that zombie assassin is as enjoyable as eating frozen urine blocks! Klangbilderzeuger - Maschinepark 12" and the Schwebekraft 12". Artifakt - drugged and base. (electro touches, brilliant) L.A.B - Spellbound Ka-Sol - Bergatrooper (more l
  8. Ryan M, umm, you are fukin WAYYYYY off base mate. I rekon people are refering to Izik Levy, an Israeli trance producer. The albums people are speaking of are Witchcraft and Psycho Toons. Lets hope for more from Sandman.
  9. Nice wordz Lotus I like your rev's. I only have two Apoxina releases, this and the Psychovader comp, which is disturbingly brilliant as well. Trold sounds eerily close to the above review (if you can believe it!?). Really tasty bubbly, slimy, mid tempo shroomy nocturnal forest madness. Reminds me of Promon, when the guy(sorry troll) speaks in Practical Joke it reminds me even more. Except Promon sing the chorus!! Hahahaha If your into evolving forest fungus trance, that takes its time to lure you down the path and letting you have a nice wander along the way Trold are good guides.
  10. Familiar with the term "tongue in cheek" Dave?
  11. thank fuk we are rid of those astoundingly boring posts by certain wankers also. Lets get back to discussing tunes, which is what its all about Cheers for the effort lads!
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