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  1. Wonderfully twisted stuff. A real creeper. Loads of variation. Catchy trax that make for a nice deep listen. Well done Parvati, cheers Para Halu.
  2. A very sweet ride. Fantastic variation. The basslines are a real joy, great stuff. Very mind mashing stuf. Turn it up.
  3. The Trancelucent cover is just fucking lame. The Apoxina cover is great though. I think if you have the Psychovader comp you will appreciate it more, due to the Apoxina character appearing again. They are both outstanding listens, very bent and twisted tunes. Nice. The new Entheogenic cover sux dogs balls though!! Compared to the the Apoxina comp its a complete fucking travesty. It looks like a shampoo commercial.
  4. Marchaos - Corollary of flesh One of my favourite samples ever. I guess thats an intro? Followed by a fukt up kik. And some confined to a tube synth?? Great trak from an almighty series of comps.
  5. Agree on Haldolium - Pi-Sympton np Phatmatix - Back to earth
  6. Wow, I used to know a guy who played with Destroyer! Aussie maniacs. You listen to any other Oz metal N.T? Sadistik Exekution maybe? Blood Duster? Anyway, Entropy - Empty Handed rmx Dead Infection - Maggots in your flesh Catasexual Urge Motivation - Defiling the grave (Impetigo cover) Ocelot - Turn it up
  7. Schlabbaduerst is consistently HARDERTHANAMOTHERFUCKER. Keep up the great string of excellent releases that are truly unique and destined to be remembered for a long time as classic, brutal, wonderful, often indescribable comps that will leave their mark in the scene, not fade away. Massive cheers, and many beers.
  8. Agreed. Promon = shroomy forest squelchy goodness. Scatterbrain - Illogical Behaviour Hefty Output - Ghb rmx
  9. Cause Pacal made me.... Cannibal Corpse - Meat hook sodomy
  10. Kluster - Deep Shit rmx fantastic end to another fantastic Kluster album
  11. More awesome tunes from Trishula! Soon Procs, then Mubali... falls off chair
  12. Promon - Funky Fumes Trold - Once upon a time...
  13. Bloke Meets Posford, Enthuses: “He’s a Real Person, Like With Hair And A Nose And Everything” Meek late-twenties Nigel Nigelton is all over the place this week after having a conversation with Simon Posford and subsequently realising that the man behind Hallucinogen is just a man. Like the majority of trance fans around the world, Nigelton, 27, had long suspected that Posford was a God or demi-God, or at least some sort of Son Of God much like early trance pioneer Jesus (who let’s face it would run a record label and a quality, regular night if he was alive today). He had what is
  14. Yeah Double REL and Naked Tourist as well. Just to clarify the Terminator split. Its being released as a v/a on Vertigo records. Terminator/Dejan. Dejan had one of my fave trax off the first Nabi comp!! v/a - OVERDRIVE TERMINATOR - psychedelic high DEJAN - alien constipe TERMINATOR - herd sense DEJAN - no sound TERMINATOR - all styles & borad DEJAN - lzbad TERMINATOR - beyond the sea DEJAN - kakosi TERMINATOR - full power sunrise I will also mention that Psyfactor - Evil Inside is an utterly stonking album! Child of D
  15. Hey Ormion check this, "Also we'd like to announce two forthcoming releases of our label. DVSMCD02 will be a compilation featuring DVSM maniacs of course, limited edition is something you definitely can count on! Our third release will be a split CD between Matutero & Savage Scream! Viva la limited edition of course! Keep an eye out for more updates!" Hey Cybernetika, Terminator has a few trax released thus far. Very tasty indeed. Is it Terminator who has a split coming out soon? Bike ride or something? cant access info at moment.... Fungus Funk - please please please make th
  16. Ketuh records first release - Gandalf
  17. Nice one Spindrift, more quality tunes from Resonant Earth. Cheers Marauder rocks.
  18. I feel there are many, here's a few of mine: Ramones - self titled Nirvana - all De La Soul - 3 feet high and rising Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks Public Enemy - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back Xenomorph - Cassandras nightmare Cradle of Filth - The principle of evil made flesh Butthole Surfers - Locust abortion technician Dead Kennedys - all Queens o the stone age - Songs for the deaf Macabre - Sinister Slaughter Ministry - Psalm 69 Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon Sandman - Witchcraft My Dying Bride - As the flower withers Disembowelment - Transcende
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