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  1. What a great album! A funtastic second effort from Penta. It certainly remains distinctly Penta. Some odd samples, but most are fine with me. Deathposture wrote - "The Homer-solo + the climax will cause absolute havoc on the dancefloors! Oh, and not forgetting the excellent hats-off to a classic punk rock tune… Oh man – Dead Kennedy's classic track Holiday in Cambodia has immense nostalgic value to me… " Agreed, great trak, I'm guessing the title reflects the use of the D.K's Holiday in Cambodia. Ranking the D.K's in my all time top 5 fave acts, this just blew my sox clean off
  2. hmmmm The Inpsyde promo sys it all. Thats pretty much how i interpret Derango. This stupid fucking categorizing of artists as dark is about as accurate as that other ridiculous pigeonhole "Full on" Cheers to Inpsyde for releasing this. But especially to Derango for being utterly crazy nutters of the highest order. Bring on October.
  3. I saw your post Seraph in the "what u listen now?" thread and asked if you would write something! Nice one. Been a fave since I got this on release. Tasty tunes indeed.
  4. Jocid - From Meatware to Hardware (will drill inside) Klangbilderzeuger - Frankfurt a.m (kinda proggy, early 12"s are cool) Entropy - The second law of... (this is farkin' heavy, beware) Hujaboy - Hujajoy (you may have already heard, still a great album) Permutations/Intelligent Manipulation - Zenon Records (I dont have Sensient but these two awesome dark proggy releases are compiled by Sensient. Ballistic is a great tune) Midi Miliz - Non Standards (impossible to dislike, perhaps not dark enuff, but probably just dark enuff) Krumelur - minimal animal (already mentione
  5. Its bloody great stuff indeed Seraph! A fairly poor review (virtually a tracklist) was posted in late April, some weeks after I got my copy and no-one, myself included, bothered to write any words about this one. Perhaps you might write some thoughts. Wouldnt mind reading your opinion Did you like High Phonic??
  6. Thats gonna rock harder than a motherfucker Goblins and Pixies should be causing mayhem from my stereo any day now... Cheers Trishula.
  7. Key Shot - Bonky & Jocid Gnosis - Hominus Nocturna Laet - F.O.L great stu rom Doo
  8. I remember seeing that Nocturna - cronik cover a while ago. I actually laughed beer through my nose. uuggkhh The Devils Mind cover is obviously affected by their metal influences. I noticed that the first time I visited their site ages ago. Kinda black metal style, pentagrams, goats heads etc. But the comp cover is more a grind style cover. Its average. Perhaps not whats expected from a supposed psy sleeve, but I dont give a shit. I expect someone will get their knickers in a twist claiming "our scene doesnt need this". Just looking at the tracklist confirms that the tunes within a
  9. Souls at Zero. Reminds me of being 15!! fark Great stuff.
  10. Neuromotor - Fuck the dat mafia trance xp....(original version) Smashing stuff....
  11. Zirkin & Zebra-N - The G Word Meteloids - Bubble Skum
  12. Fuck yeah Neuron Compost is psytastic Aussie madness. Izilop Pop has been a fave trak for ages now, the last 1:20 is bliss. I finally got another fix with Meat Nectar and to a lesser extent Dragon Poo. Not sure if I can stand those samples, and I share his accent! Schizm and Moon Unit are wonderfully twisted releases. @ Nightmare, did you enjoy the hidden trak on Schizm? Neuron Compost indeedy..
  13. Nefarious

    V/A - Hunters

    Nice comp. I actually like the Silicon sound trak Prefer pure analog style though. Artifakt rox hard. As usual Phatmatix and Phatmatix vs trax kick ass. Nice varied comp that sounds great.
  14. Edan - Beauty and the Beat. Hip Hop with a 60's sounding psychedelic twist, strange but brilliant. Suntrip recs comp - Apsara Really enjoying this. Not usually my style, but I like some variation. Quality. Cheers to Mars and Anoebis. Filteria - Sky Input Another Suntrip release. Again not something I usually listen too, but I'm enjoying these tunes a lot. Ukiro, your artwork is tasty mate. Very autumn.
  15. Sweet. Nice to see some new Acidance releases. Tracklist looks fukin' tight. Xenomorph title cracks me up Plus a remix cd coming, awesome. New Parasense album wicked. And..... drumroll please..... Fungus Funk album!! Its about fucking time!! Massive cheers to Acidance for the future, and thanks for the great past releases.
  16. Bloody well said. This is silky smooth stuff, I'm reminded of Silicon Sound - pure analog, somewhat. This has been rockin' and seducing my ears for days now! With Spring around the corner, it fits just nicely.
  17. What a load of shit. Nothing in this artwork is even remotley creative. It looks like a poor tracing of a cheap porn comic. Artwork my arse. Topless ladies and g-string wearing men at a beach is one thing,(strange how no blokes appear on the cover...???) but I personally have never been to a beach where females are lying around blatantly sunning their vaginas for all to see. If the artwork is a representation of the tunes within, then this Trancelucent comp is as trancelucent as the majority of mainstream r'n b sex sells mainstream shite' that is forced upon us every day.
  18. Midi Miliz - Non Standards Fucking amazing the first time, this continues to grow on me. Huuuuge. luvly.
  19. Fantastic to hear Acidance back! nice rev. /\ The Parasense and Fungus Funk trax rock hard. Excellent return to form from Acidance.
  20. Nothin' wrong with a little brutal! Fantastic album, tough n' tasty.
  21. New Apoxina, again! Very bent as expected. Ka-Sol : Waspnest
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