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  1. Whrikk, Kuro Fusion, Odr, Fata Morgana,.. but this is more 'Forest psy'
  2. Lepton!! http://www.losttheoryrecords.com/?artist=lepton
  3. Thanks for your interest Antic! You can purchase physical copies via our website: www.losttheoryrecords.com Cheers!
  4. Dear music freaks, as of today our complete discography is digitally available for download on Bandcamp. For a donation of 9 euro or more, you will be able to download a compilation or album in one of several high quality audio formats. And yes,.. you support labels by buying their music! https://losttheoryrecords.bandcamp.com
  5. PROCS - TOUCHDOWN IN HIZZYTOWN Seven years ago many psychedelic minded people heard of Procs for the first time. Mikael Stegman delivered us the album “Stuck In The Oven With Me”, an interesting combination of dark psytrance and strange soundscapes with a sense of peculiar humor. It had some weak moments, but nonetheless a unique sound was born. Its successor “The Lonely Land Of Tada” gave us a perfected sound with beautiful jazzy influences. Many psychonauts spoke of an instant classic. Now the expectations are high; after four years of crafting his sound we sit back, relax, push play
  6. OUT NOW !!! Available via the following webshops : http://www.beatspace.com/7298/Lost+Theory+Records/PROCS/Touchdown+In+Hizzytown/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ltr/ltr1cd004.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=9192 http://www.goastore.ch/procs-touchdown-in-hizzytown.html Thanks for your support!!
  7. Procs live @ Antaris project 2011 - with material from the upcoming album!! http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0npFu5Y5RA
  8. A new compilation and website http://www.sanatonrecords.com
  9. Sanaton is definitely still in business! A little bit more patience please.. there's another gem on the way!
  10. Artist : Procs Title : Touchdown In Hizzytown Catalog : LTRCD004 Mastered by Robert Elster Artwork by Elle Jepsen Format : Digipack Release date : Autumn 2012 Lost Theory Records is honored to present "TOUCHDOWN IN HIZZYTOWN", the 3rd album by PROCS aka Mikael Stegman. What can we say : "The Swedish sound sorcerer did it again!" He takes us on a carousel ride with his deranged gy-psy and playful forest sounds. In every track there are a number of aesthetic elements that interact into a well developed story where humor is never far away. The whole journey is a multi
  11. Sorry for the late reply! We are currently working on a new webshop but it will take a while.. I kindly advice you to purchase your copy via one of the webshops : Beatspace : http://www.beatspace...ars/detail.aspx SaikoSounds : http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=9074 PsyShop : http://www.psyshop.c.../ltr1cd003.html GoaStore : http://www.goastore....e-best-off.html Thanks a lot for the support!
  12. Thanks for the support! Today is the day we've waited for!! The album has been released!! Available via the following webshops : BEATSPACE http://www.beatspace.com/7014/Lost+Theory+Records/HALLUCINOGENIC+HORSES/The+Golden+Years/detail.aspx SAIKO SOUNDS http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=9074 PSYSHOP http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ltr/ltr1cd003.html Go grab your copy and enjoy the ride!! Greetings, Lost Theory Records
  13. Thanks a lot for the support everyone!! It's time to trample! This is just a sneak peak of what you can expect from the album. Step into your stirrup and enjoy the ride!!! -->
  14. Artist : Hallucinogenic Horses Title : The Golden Years - The Very Best Off Format : 6 digipack Mastering : Tim Schuldt - http://www.4cn-studios.com Artwork : A collaboration between Hanna Eliasson (Lupo Manaro) & MadeInRealtime - http://www.madeinrealtime.com Catalog : LTRCD003 Release date : April 2012 Neigh Neigh... We are proud to announce the long awaited album of Hallucinogenic Horses! An album that stretches across five years in the making. The Horses will take you on a journey through beautiful landscapes, coloured forests and mysterious spaces in
  15. Artist : Phobos Azazel Title : Organistic Format : Jewel case Mastering : Tim Schuldt - www.4cn-studios.com Artwork : MadeInRealtime - www.madeinrealtime.com Catalog : LTRCD002 Release date : End of October, beginning of November Lost Theory Records is proud to present the debut album of PHOBOS AZAZEL. He's no stranger in the international scene and has released numerous tracks on labels like Bhooteshwara, Manic Dragon, Tantrumm, Temple Twisters, Moon Koradji, Psylife Music and many more.. "Organistic" takes us through a brain twisting journey! This album is sho
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