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  1. Let us take some of your precious time again as it is all about another entertaining appearance of maestro Psykovsky in assistance with his supportive friends and colleagues from all over the world. We would not let us judge it as usual rather than bring it to your ears soon - the understandable and unusual, vision and illusion, vsyo toozhe i toozhe(able)* the transforming profusion of sound: 1. Psykovsky, Furious - Amoidioma 2. Psykovsky, Orestis - Genito Genito 3. Psykovsky, Fractal Gauchos - Gde Nivy Shchebechut 4. Psykovsky, Fractal Cowboys, Manifest - Badinerie Dreaming 5. Ps
  2. Artwork and sound samples ready to roll : http://www.tantrummrecords.com/cover_rel009.html
  3. It has been a slow, unfolding and progressing story. Shrouded in mystery for the past 3 years but Under Continuous Construction. Time spent on experiencing, listening and feeling....all manifesting in a heightened sense of reality at the present moment. The tale of an artist mastering his tools and understanding his moods in order to create an acoustic image of trials and tribulations. Just as the tree of life traverses numerous spiral staircases wrought with meandering occurrences and emotions in it's quest for liberation, so too does Orestis' album signify the journey of a soul through the m
  4. After an extended vacation the Tantrumm team has extracted the nectar of raw psychedelic substances from some of the best trance alchemists on the scene. Each piece has been distilled in the murky depths of our subterranian factory, etched, polished and processed for your listening pleasure. Witness Chaos and Order intertwine in a ritualistic dance as each of our featured artists leave a masterpiece on the sonic altar. Turbulent and relentless, Magnum Opus is a rag tag pack of vastly different musical beasts wrangled together into a single tidal wave that tells a tale of Love and Creation. Ten
  5. A Tale of These Times... Pollution Violence Technology is the long-overdue debut album by JellyHeadz, a project that represents the alchemy between the two alien brains embedded in Fabio and Karim - psychedelic collaborators since 1996. Ingeniously structured, Pollution Violence Technology unfolds like a storybook, a legend interwoven with sonic frequencies that engage all of the senses. In signature JellyHeadz style, the entire album maintains a steady pace at 154 BPM, creating an epic tale resounding with psychedelic soundscapes. Each track is a unique chapter, inspiring a different moo
  6. Tantrumm Records and Osom Music VA: Peace For The Wicked 01. Psykovsky Cosmo - So Many Q 02. KinDzaDza Cosmo - Hydro Panic 03. KinDzaDza, Energy Loop, Terranoise - Cyber Force 04. OSOM - Night Flirt 05. OSOM - Bilkuul Ajnabii Hai 06. Matutero meets OSOM - Brain Diggers 07. OSOM - Activate Drivers 08. OSOM - Berg Stürz 09. Psykovsky da Furious - Hydro Phone 10. Psykovsky da HighDzaDza - Technology To Develop Ektaa mein bal hai - Sila v edinstve - Union is strength! The divine essence of union on the dancefloor is merely fortified by the united essenc
  7. 01. Red : Sense of Elements 02. Furious : Noise Insect 03. Orestis : Life Rmx 04. Polyphonya : Pentagram 05. JellyHeadz : Kapitalist 06. Chaching : Alien Love Parade 07. Kindzadza : Sweet Dreams 08. Stranger : Dramatica 09. Para Halu : Flash Dance Rmx 10. Hishiryo : S. A. N. We’ve discovered what you’ve been craving… Tantrumm Records, a label born in the international trance movement, brings you the crème de la crème of new, cutting-edge sounds in our debut compilation: “ V/A: Freshly Squeezed!! ” This is what you’ve been waiti
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