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  1. This is the set I played at Mossy Behavior last weekend after a unique act by Droidsect! I was asked to play from Droidy towards Ka-Solly music, so this is what I came up with. I wanted to play sexy, muddy and playful Forest, from new to old and top it off with intense Goa tracks. Enjoy!
  2. Tracklist: 1. No Name - No Name (Quirk?) 2. Interstellar Overdrive - Part 4 3. Hux Flux - Perceptor 4. Artha - El Es Di 5. Ka-Sol - Tracy Snakecharmer 6. Rhythmystec - Plutonica 7. Eraser VS Yojalka - Reunion 8. Snake Thing - Shango 9. Nervasystem - Initiation 10. Color Box - Kinky Pinky 11. Zerotonine - Morning Glory 12. Pleiadians - Jungle Trax 13. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Domestic Bliss (2015) 14. Satori - Liquid Sky 15. M-Run - Goat Man 16. Psylent Buddhi - Convergent Images 17. Arronax - Lightning Bolt 18. Radical Distortion Ft. Gene Joke - Magic Carpet (Remix) 19. Pleiadians - Alcyone ('98 Remix) 20. Shakta - Lepton Head (Adrenalin Run Remix) 21. Subcouds - My World Doesn't Follow Any Other 22. Semsis - Host 23. Nasha - Silky Bliss
  3. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-lost-in-summer-time-2018-goa/ This is the set I played at the Lost in Summer Time 2018 festival in Belgium. I played from 9AM - 11AM after Charris who played an incredible raw and abstract early Psytrance / Forest set. I wanted to bring a selection of tracks that are both abstract and melodic, with both morning melodies and edgy psychedelic parts. Most tracks are oldskool '90s, but I also included a lot of newer tracks. Some unreleased stuff too. The Lepton Head Remix by Adrenalin Run (M-Run + Steve-O) is one of my favorite tracks ever. Enjoy!! Feedback welcome!
  4. I see it like this: When artists create their music because they know beforehand that style will appeal to the big crowd and only want to do it because of that reason, then it is commercial. When artists create a track because they feel it might induce a trance state to certain listeners, then it is not commercial. If the latter appeals to most listeners just because it is decent and musical, and the artist ends up making a lot of money from it, it is still not "commercial" for me.
  5. I never got into their style, though I keep hearing they make such intelligent music. I've heard them live once and checked all their releases. These 3 tracks I like (and sometimes play in my dj sets as transition tracks): High Density, Rotation Generation & Earth Orbit.
  6. For me the most important thing is the story: It has to fit in the lineup (take over from what went before and/or bring something different if needed) and within the set it has to go somewhere. I love it when there's a buildup and the set gets you ready for more experimental or "difficult" trance music and when the right classics gets played at the right time. For the rest I have the same opinion as Hasheeshian.
  7. Some tracks like California Sunshine's can make feel real melancholic. Same for tracks that I listened to when I started listening to Psy when I was much younger, like 12 years ago, just because of nostalgia. But mostly I cry out of happiness after listening to or mixing a series of my favorite tracks. Because of serotonine overloads I guess? Here's some melancholic non-Psy Trance tracks that have done the job for me. Also euforic: Darker:
  8. What determines wether you like a (Goa / Psy) Trance dj set or not? What "skills" or techniques do you value? Do you prefer to hear mainly "the good stuff" at a party or are you only pleased when you hear unfamiliar music, or a little bit of both? How important is the story to you? Etc...
  9. Where to begin... Could you maybe post some of your favorite tracks or parts? Then I can recommend you tracks in a similar style. A lot of decent labels and subdivisions were mentioned here. I usually see these big subdivisions in the genre. I put my biggest recommendations in the beginning of the sum up. I think your taste in Forestdelic Records resembles the "abstract" sum up the most. I also posted my dj sets here in case you want to hear a lot of recommendations at once. A) Oldskool Forest / Melodic Forest: Schlabbaduerst Rekkords (check out their Bandcamp and also the Bandcamp of the individual artists like BOTFB, Ka-Sol and Zoon), Chronicle of Mystery Records, Kiriyama, Kluster. B ) Sanaton style "mossy" Forest (I'm using Sanaton in the name here because they were the first label that I listened to that was releasing this style): all the Hallucinogenic Horses Artists (Derango, Traskel, Makadam etc...), Attoya, The Cure Records / Medulla Oblongata Records, Flipkompagniet Records (Smuds, Volapyk, Orhm), Treetrolla Records, Mighty Quinn Records (latest VA!!), Shivattva, Oneiromanix, Digital Shiva Power Records, Vantara Vichitra Records... C) More "abstract" Forest that leans closer to Dark Psy: Parvati Records (a lot of variety here, all quality, my fav release is Arjuna - Primal Contact), Farebi Jalebi, Phreex Networx, Lost Theory Records (also a lot of variety and some "Sanaton" style too), Sonic Loom Records. A lot of Japanese artists in this style too like Gu, Jangaramongara, Shiibashunsuke... D) And then there's this label that releases a very distinct and unique style that I can't put anywhere else: Yggdrasil Records!! Loke / Hutti Heitta / Freeform Syndicate + almost everything else released on there.
  10. The sound that starts at 4:24. Goosebumps everytime! @Ormion Thanks for posting that EvY track! It's been ages since I listened to that album as a whole and normally only put on my favorite tracks from it.
  11. Every release I bought I have listened to at least once before putting it in my collection. I also always write down the tracks I can use in my dj sets in lists. These are my favorite tracks or just tracks that do something good that I can use in a set. What does happen a lot is that I rediscover a track or that I suddenly "understand" a track I didn't like before. But this only happens spontaneously or by accident. A dj playing it on the right moment, Youtube playing random tracks, relistening to a cd and not skipping to my favorite ones etc... I could never relisten to my collection as a project.
  12. Hey everyone! I'm one of the Belgian Cronomi dj's and I'm sharing around my latest dj set. I tried to play in between Goatrance and Forest Trance and pursue a very distinct raw and ravy sound. I mostly used bits and pieces of tracks and went for short mixes. I'm really curious what you guys would think of it since I normally only include a short section of this music in my oldskool sets on parties. <iframe width="100%" height="120" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?hide_cover=1&feed=%2FPsyt3k%2Fekata-psytek-synchronicity%2F" frameborder="0" ></iframe> Tracklist: 1. Fragletrollet - Origins 2. Hutti & Uttu - The Crack of Thunder 3. Meteloids - Infected By 3D 4. Droidsect - The Box 5. Droidsect - Supernatural 6. Lunar Plexus - Ugglor I Mossen 7. Droidsect - Poltergeist (Digital Talk Remix) 8. Grapes of Wrath - More Me 9. Farebi Jalebi - Who's Who in the Zoo 10. Derango - Sluggy 11. Toï Doï - Age Age 12. Zoon - Goskog 13. Shivattva - Slinky Wire 14. Toï Doï - Fusion Froide 15. Laatoka - Witch Technology 16. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Demonoizer (Freak Brothers Remix) 17. Toï Doï - E-Tium 18. Ka-Sol - Greenbuttskunk 19. Uminum - No Control 20. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Bodyhit 21. Ufomatka - The City of Acid Trips 22. Zoon - Stormbringer 23. Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Other Way Around 24. Toï Doï - Replicant
  13. I have a bit of both: I listen to every single release (within certain subgenres) coming out via Youtube, Discogs, Bandcamp at least once. When something really is my thing I can put in on repeat multiple times a day, for days on straight. Usually I try mixing other tracks that I think are similar into it and try out multiple ways and write the best one down. So yeah, a lot of repeats for me too.
  14. Even though this is an old thread I feel obliged to get some misinformation out of the way. I cleaned 100ths of discs and checked what the ripping process (with EAC) does afterwards. This is how you do it: 1) To get rid of dust: Dust off the disc with a soft brush (like a makeup brush) 2) To get rid of grease, finger stains and thick layers of dust: Do NOT use any kind of alcohol on your cd's as this will eat through certain types of plastic! There are multiple plastic layers underneath the data layer. Instead use a ph neutral soap (like baby shampoo, not dish washing soap) in water (preferably demineralised, but that's not really necessary). Use a soft micro phibre cloth to rub it inside out (never in circles). Then rinse it off with water. Afterwards let the disc air dry. 3) To get rid of scratches: This will only work on superficial scratches in the bottom plastic layers, not on deeper ones, not if the data layer has been damaged and not if the scratches are radial. I used tooth paste (must be whitening toothpaste because that has a grainy texture) and rubbed this over the scratch with a cloth. This way you polish the cd and scratch off a part of the layer, taking away the scratch and allowing the lens to read through a solid surface again. I fixed almost half of my scratched tracks with this, I kid you not! I gathered this info from many resources years ago. All my cd's still work.
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