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  1. Psy people / culture

    God damn I couldn't have said it better myself. And regarding freedom: I think structures have to be balanced with an open mind. We don't want to get locked up in our own structures, but a "too open mind" won't do you much good either. I think we have to sacrifice some of our freedom (freedom to "do whatever we want to" atleast) when we find a goal worthy of pursuing, that's called dedication. But when we dedicate ourself to a purpose and it is one we've chosen ourself and feel is "true", we'll find ourself more free than ever. When we create something we create it from the chaos that is freedom, by making decisions based on our values and ideas. And to do this we must first trust ourselves, otherwise how would you know what decisions to make?
  2. Psy people / culture

    But it's an ever-relevant task. Too much freedom is just chaos, structures are what we create to put meaning in that chaos. You always have to compromise, for example: the idea of PLUR is a structure, with intent of creating a welcoming and free environment. But it's still a structure. Music also relies heavenly on balancing chaos (or freedom, creativity) and structure, the artist is free to make any decision but often relies on some kind of structural backbone (like basic genres, scales, tempos etc) - and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's about recognizing and adapting patterns we see "work" and perhaps sacrificing a bit of freedom to use and further evolve them.
  3. Psy people / culture

    Interesting and valid points! The ceremonies I attended didn't feel dogmatic or ideological but unifying and welcoming.
  4. Psy people / culture

    I've been to a few festivals here in Sweden which had opening ceremonies and even 15-30 minute ceremonies during Saturday evenings, held at the main stage. But I think much of the anti-structural elements is rooted in anti-dogmatism, which is also kindof necessary. Balancing structure with freedom and not imposing too strong beliefs on people can be hard, for me, hearing long spiritual, "cosmic", new age samples during songs can be pretty annoying - on the dancefloor I like to switch between some weird thing in my own head and connecting with new and old friends, and that's enough to handle without external messages about "what humans are" or what I should think. But yeah, therefore separate ceremonies seems like a pretty good idea. If one doesn't want to join, no problem. In general, I've had pretty varied experiences when it comes to the psy-community, but I've met many bright, beautiful people. For some reason my best experiences with people has been at festivals/raves deep in the forest, often with focus on darkpsy and forest, but that's surely individual and maybe different from country to country. I just can't help but suspecting uk fullon and prog attracts the kind of folks I don't get on that well with, atleast the spiritual-instagram-trendy ones. Not trying to put down any sub-genre or sub-culture, my partygoing has been limited to almost only Sweden and my first psy-rave was like two years ago.. The dark-crowds certainly has some less favorable elements as well.. ...like ketamine abuse
  5. So this debut compilation from the new label "Gylfaginning Records" was just released! So far I'm enjoying it alot, proper weirdness. Sure is worth giving a shot if you're into forest music. https://gylfaginningrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-scandinavian-swamp
  6. Sounds cool, that's about 10 hours straight Schlabba-madness xD I'll have to check out Davids mix, and yeah that Ka-Sol track is epic....,
  7. Listened to CD 1 and 2, brilliant compilation so far. Loving the downtempo-stuff!! CD 2 is really nice too, obviously Fragletrollet stands out with a huge (!!) track, awesome... But this one is filled with epic tunes, Hutti & Uttu seems to be a dangerously groovy combination. So far, this compilation seems to deliver some high quality forest music, and while being on the dark side of the psy-spectrum it's not really "sinister" or "harsh" for the most parts, but rather odd, playful, quirky and mystical. Lovely!
  8. I stumbled upon this while googling "mid-side processing psytrance" and found it somewhat informative but also sometimes entertaining I liked the fact that the information was written instead of in a video, video-tutorials can be great but they're often pretty short and in many cases limited to a "do this and it will sound good"-approach. It's written by a the man behind the "synSUN"-project which I've never heard of, but cheers http://www.andivax.com/downloads/eng.pdf EDIT: Interestingly it starts off with "I would like to represent you the free video tutorial which is dedicated to secrets of mixing the dance music", is this a transcript for a video? EDIT2: did some detective work and found this, seems to be the video:
  9. Proper mix!! Storytelling is indeed top notch, and the style of music is right up my alley How was the night overall? I saw Ka-Sol 2 weeks earlier in Sweden and wow, quite a special morning...
  10. Haha yeah, stumbled upon the thread and for a second I thought I had missed a whole album of Taigan/Puro/Zoon-madness, but couldn't find anything about it once I started searching. We need more Taigan Sunset tracks in this universe... That Purosurpo-EP is awesome though, It's great seeing the Derango-guys releasing new music, anyone that hasn't checked out Ghostscent totally should. Silent Horror yay!
  11. Anyone knows what happened with that Purosurpo/Zoon/Taigan Sunset split? ...>.< Seems like it didn't get released but damn that would be such a good album
  12. Agreed, while I think there are some factors that simply makes kick+bass "better" (that is, serves it purpose better, especially on dance floors), many sub-genres in the psy-spectrum feels very limited when it comes to this part of the music. Something I've grown very fond of in the forest genre is the enthusiasm break these limitations, to some extent atleast. Still, I guess some consistency is needed! For me the very special thing with psytrance is that I can listen to it for such long periods, thanks to the in, in the best of cases, perfect balance between repetition and development. Chaos and (/in) order
  13. What music are you listening to right now?

    Taigan Sunset - Yes I am Creepy ...masterpiece
  14. Turned my speakers up and made myself comfortable on my porch in front of the swedish cold forests, blankets, coffee and my trustworthy pipe Halfway through and sound pretty nice. I'm not sure Simon and Raja ever will be able to top "Are you shpongled", but I've still enjoyed every release they've made so far. They are moving towards a very certain type of music though, which is cool but I sometimes feel it can be a bit to much of itself? I love the playful nature of Shpongle but wouldn't it be interesting if he were able to incorporate a bit more goa/psy-inspired techniques of repetition, groove and hypnotic structures? Would certainly make it more enjoyable for me as a whole. EDIT: Thinking about it, I probably just want another Hallucinogen album Will probably try to review this when I've heard it more times and find the time, don't think it'll be very groundbreaking but hopefully a nice ride (is so far, for the most part..)
  15. The Maniac - R'lyeh

    More lovecraftian goa I could totally imagine a Lovecraft-inspired goa/psy V/A, could have the perfect, haunting vibe for those dark hours! Kick+bass is really nice, strong and thumping. Good melody work and nice structure, the only thing I feel lack is that extra portion of maadness in the climax, could get even wilder for my personal taste Anyway sweet job, always impressive to hear your work