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  1. I really appreciate your answers Padmapani. Im a beginner to this so i still have much to learn. Even if ive listen to psy sincee around year 2000 its not the same as producing. Psytrance i can do ok, for that amature that i am hehe, but to get this groove at 97bpm or whatever suduaya plays at, i really cant figure it out. i watch so many tutorials, try to understand how to use the velocity. I dont want to copy his stuff, rather get inspierd and put my own twist to it. Im very eager to learn but now i feel dont know how to proceed. maybe its super easy, but just that i havnt figured it out yet. Again much obliged for your answers and all sorts of tips are highly welcomed Namaste!
  2. Thanks Padmapani! Any other ideas? Which synth etc etc.
  3. Hi! Im trying to make a real groovy bass at around 90-100bpm but i really cant figure out the groove. The sound im looking for is in "Suduaya - Diamond Dust". Im using ableton and at the moment I just have sylenth1, serum and trilian to work with. I figure its the velocity that hence the groove in that suduaya track, but what more? And even how much i play around with the velocity I cant get near Suduayas sound. I'd be very happy for some helpful tips! Much Obliged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwTE8DKbon8
  4. I didnt know where to put this thread so please move it if its missplaced. But i really wonder, are these sennheiser hd25 constructed to glitch in the cables or what? My third pair just broke now the same way as the other two pairs i had. Am i just unlucky or what? Consider to change to pioneer c70 but it really hurts because i love sennheiser hd25 just too much Anyone else dealing with this problem?
  5. I wonder what defines commercial psytrance really? I know some artists seem to be quite mainstream like Neelix, Morten Granau(?), Vini Vici etc and people dont like them because they are too commercial.. But at which point do they become commercial? Or too Mainstream? Was the Goa trance in the 90's commercial?
  6. Hi! Im new into producing and im just playing around with everything in Logic Pro at the moment. But i wonder if theres any presets for making psytrance so you get a simple ground to stand on? Thanks
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUgWJ_sr3eM Please help, almost a year since i started to look for this track now
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