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  1. Something special with ZNA, in comparison to Boom or Freedom for instance? same same... but different?
  2. Drifting from Aes Dana to Solar Fields I come across this dream collaboration I had never heard of. And surprisingly no trace on psynews apart from these "I ain't no fool" style comments :) For the moment, just listened to Ă„gget, it is so beautiful, beatless, mellow and trippy.
  3. It's been a long time since I bought a CD. I listen music on platforms and this is my "Alice in wonderland effect" as said before. So much music available on them, you can never stop exploring, you only have to know where to start (and for this matter Psynews is the unbeatable prescriber). Other reason is that my GF can't stand psytrance so I'm used to listen to it at work or in transportation. And I have unfortunately lost my discman. Note that I don't know precisely how artists are remunerated through these platforms... And I am not convinced by the audio quality argument of CD or vinyl... maybe I am wrong.
  4. Thanks for sharing fikatibud, this peafowl is very nice
  5. Thank you for these ones. Really dig the Decoy's sound. Somehow, I feel that the jazz parts are not omniprescent, rather like some subtle touches here and there, while the jazz background of the duo was clearly highlighted in the interview. Not responding... offers nice surprises! Best Ornette's nest, pio pio... avian interest? "Bird" : and there you have it And thanks Ake, for this shadow fx. "Shiny" intro, hypnotic tracks, great album for sure. Liquid Crop Duster, this is the one you were thinking about when referring to jazz/funk? Sounds familiar with Sensient and Decoy. Made me look further: Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution
  6. Browsing the forum I figured out psy+jazz was a recurrent request. Anyway, for the pleasure... Jazz parts fit so well in these 3 tracks. Read somewhere that Tromesa could be also a good candidate. Any clue?
  7. Thanks for the highlight. Gojja makes a good sound.
  8. What about Overdream? Beautiful Thinking for instance.
  9. oh shit! Thanks because I haven't listen any of these both before. This track from Procs is brillant. Listened to the rest of the album, it is harsh and quite intense. Great. Hallu. horses: I don't know what track you refer to, maybe the trancy d&b boogie one? ::) What a demential ride.
  10. Not only philosophers : cold, lukewarm ... these are judgments made on a factual measurement in C, F, K... the fire of your match is not hot enough to melt metal. your solar oven is too hot to light your cigarette.the fire in your chimney is too hot for human skin.
  11. I found this (hem, looking for "psyjazz" in youtube, could have been the first step!) Tratosphere - Bazar Bizar It is downtempo, not psytrance. The album sound nice and [36:45] Budragar or [42:30] Banana Boat could be two examples of what we're talking about, on the chill side. No?
  12. Thanks for the time spent listing all these tracks :) Kino Oko sounds very interesting! Man upon the Rainbow is so danceable. Krumulur yes, it is like the swamp's jam-session :) I am not looking for something specific. OK, perhaps I was secretly hoping to come across the collaboration between John Zorn and one of these hitech producers. Or maybe a ambient remix of Pat Metheny :) I feel the two styles has a lot in common and a lot to share. Anyway, you provide me with good stuff. Good times dancing in the living room with the kid :)
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