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  1. Thank you! I mixed it in my home studio.
  2. Hello! I representing to you my new three ours long Goa trance mix! This mix conteint tracks with Cosmic and Spiritual feeling,that was published on Global Sect Records. I named this mix "Great Fire of Creation" . Story about Origin of our Existence, about Big Bang. Tracklist: Great Fire of Creation 01. Slow reflections-Existence of the Universe 02. Psy-H project Krishna or Maja 03. Katedra-radiointerferece 04. Artifact303-Black light 05. Celestial intelligence-Infinity 06. Centavra project-Journey to another worlds (2017 mix) 07. Centavra project- capsula 08. Celestial intelligence- Crystal gazer 09. Omneon-Indian walk 10. Morphic resonance-Moonwalker 11. Artifact303- Future power 12. Artigact303- Answer 13. Nova fractal,E-mantra, OXI,-stargate 14. Artifact303-in your mind 15. Alienapia & Khetzal- Endless glade 15 .Psy-H project-Crystal worlds 16. Median project & Atlantis- Morning in space 17. Median project-Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx) 18. Atlantis-Space Mantra 19. Psy-H project-Brahma Samhita 20. Atlantis-Sacred Mantra 21. Psy-H project-Precession the Universe 22. Artifact303-Life support system Links: https://www.edeejay.com/video/4821167/great-fire-of-creation-tribute-to-global-sect-records/ https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/great-fire-of-creation-tribute-to-global-sect-records-by-dj-andrew-tripiti/ Enjoy !
  3. Before Big Bang

    Aikahattu 2015 pt.2 oldschool Goa dj set by Andrew Tripiti

    Yes! A bit later, I have profile on Souncloud, but I have to update it. I have also profile on edeejay https://www.edeejay.com/profile-4430/
  4. Hello! I representing to you my dj set, Aikahattu 2015 pt.2 .Played in beautiful place near the sea in Helsinki Finland Tracklist. 01. Rainbow spitit- sirius shuttle 02. Bodh gaja- dream machine 03. Underhead- Whilrain of fire 04. Bpc- micromedia 05. Oforia- exploration 06. Edp- spiritual hallucination 07. Nucleus- Superluminal 08 Tim Shuldt -Flower power 09 Rainbow spirit- prana 10. Masa- Dalai Lama rmx Enjoy listening! https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/goa-trance-mix-aikahattu-2015-pt2/
  5. Nice to see names like Clementz and Median!
  6. Before Big Bang

    Oldschool goa trance mix by Dj Andrew /Tripiti

    Hi, Pauli !
  7. Hello,Goa trance lovers! I created profile on mixcloud and uploaded few Oldschool goa mixes Here is a link for one of them :https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/oldschool-goa-trance-mix-space-brain_memory/ Enjoy listening!
  8. Great release! Waiting for more from Dat records!
  9. Hope you find live mixes Microdrive and Screaming butterfly, these tracks are realy good. Also possible rereleased Nice toy, Merkaba, Triptonite rmx , Hells kitchen, Plastic with good remastering!
  10. This track sounds different , than others
  11. Before Big Bang

    DAT Records News

    It would be great to hear more unrlsd trax from Virtuart in this VA.?
  12. Before Big Bang

    DAT Records News

    Nice to hear! And any plans about Etnica release ?