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  1. This album is amazing! Deep, Euphoric, Uplifting, Psychedelic. Each track of this album is exclusive and attractive, mesmerizing into its own world. Listening to this album, you can experience the state of euphoria of paradise places, you can feel levitating in a dance , you can experience the state of contemplation of the UFO phenomenon, and also go on an intergalactic journey. The artist perfectly conveyed the concept in the atmosphere of music. This album can be described as harmony of technology and spirit. Thank you Zsolt Peter & GS Music
  2. Also many videos of Etnica/Pleiadians/Crop Circles disapeared from DAT' rec .youtube chanel
  3. According to the sounds , I think Hells Kitchen is a track from 1997-98
  4. The only thing we can expect, that one day Family of Light Live will be out on DAT Records . And it was the last creation of real Pleadians sound
  5. Very impressive! Sound production, mixing, atmosphere of tracks and mastering are very good! Probably best album of the year! Thank you !
  6. Dear Goa Trance lovers! I sharing with you my oldschool dj mix "Roots Of Goa Trance" .The mix conteint Goa tracks from era 1993-1997. 132-138 BPM. Created 07.11.2018 The mix starts with Mystic track by legendary German project M.O.S. (N.D.M.A.)-Nirhtak 10 years after and finished by extatic and sensetive track M.O.S -Waves inside. Hopefully both tracks will be include on forthcoming M.O.S. compilation album ,that will be released on Suntrip Classic Goa Trax in june. And hopeful
  7. Thank you so much! Tim Shuldt also has a good tracks from early era, It' will be also good idea re released it in good quality
  8. Hello! This mix starts in 135 bpm and finished by powerfull 145 bpm goa trance tunes. https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/beyound-fear/ Enjoy listening!
  9. Hello! The idea of this tribute mix appeared, when few days ago I riding a bike along a forest road. I was impressed and in the same day mix was ready. I compilated tracks from era 2007-2015. What cool tracks created this guy! Now you can listen in one file ! https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/artifact303-in-the-mix_tribute-mix-by-andrew-tripii/ Tracklist: 01 Ansestors 02 Enegy waves (positive mix) 03 Feelings 04 Levitation device 05 They will communicate 06 For the better world 07 Consequenses 08 Trip to the sun
  10. Hello, friends! My one more new mix . I selected for this my favorite tracks at the moment. Created in march 2019. Enjoy trip! https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/portal/
  11. Hello! I representing dj set , which I played on Aikahattu 2017 party in Helsinni. Enjoy listening ! https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/aikahattu-2017-5-years-anniversary-party-miixby-dj-andrew-tripiti/
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