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  1. Hello! I representing to you my new three ours long Goa trance mix! This mix conteint tracks with Cosmic and Spiritual feeling,that was published on Global Sect Records. I named this mix "Great Fire of Creation" . Story about Origin of our Existence, about Big Bang. Tracklist: Great Fire of Creation 01. Slow reflections-Existence of the Universe 02. Psy-H project Krishna or Maja 03. Katedra-radiointerferece 04. Artifact303-Black light 05. Celestial intelligence-Infinity 06. Centavra project-Journey to another worlds (2017 mix) 07. Centavra project- capsula 08. Celestial intelligence- Crystal gazer 09. Omneon-Indian walk 10. Morphic resonance-Moonwalker 11. Artifact303- Future power 12. Artigact303- Answer 13. Nova fractal,E-mantra, OXI,-stargate 14. Artifact303-in your mind 15. Alienapia & Khetzal- Endless glade 15 .Psy-H project-Crystal worlds 16. Median project & Atlantis- Morning in space 17. Median project-Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx) 18. Atlantis-Space Mantra 19. Psy-H project-Brahma Samhita 20. Atlantis-Sacred Mantra 21. Psy-H project-Precession the Universe 22. Artifact303-Life support system Links: https://www.edeejay.com/video/4821167/great-fire-of-creation-tribute-to-global-sect-records/ https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/great-fire-of-creation-tribute-to-global-sect-records-by-dj-andrew-tripiti/ Enjoy !
  2. Yes! A bit later, I have profile on Souncloud, but I have to update it. I have also profile on edeejay https://www.edeejay.com/profile-4430/
  3. Hello! I representing to you my dj set, Aikahattu 2015 pt.2 .Played in beautiful place near the sea in Helsinki Finland Tracklist. 01. Rainbow spitit- sirius shuttle 02. Bodh gaja- dream machine 03. Underhead- Whilrain of fire 04. Bpc- micromedia 05. Oforia- exploration 06. Edp- spiritual hallucination 07. Nucleus- Superluminal 08 Tim Shuldt -Flower power 09 Rainbow spirit- prana 10. Masa- Dalai Lama rmx Enjoy listening! https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/goa-trance-mix-aikahattu-2015-pt2/
  4. Hello,Goa trance lovers! I created profile on mixcloud and uploaded few Oldschool goa mixes Here is a link for one of them :https://m.mixcloud.com/Tripiti/oldschool-goa-trance-mix-space-brain_memory/ Enjoy listening!
  5. Hope you find live mixes Microdrive and Screaming butterfly, these tracks are realy good. Also possible rereleased Nice toy, Merkaba, Triptonite rmx , Hells kitchen, Plastic with good remastering!
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