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  1. Bought a ticket for connection festival. Organisation doesn't reply on refund, even if I have an insurance on the ticket.. So Its for sale 105 € https://www.ticketswap.be/listing/connection-festival-2017/1556262/f6307fab9d
  2. Hello I've been listening to psytrance for more then a decade now. Me and my gf are together for 4 years now, this summer she wants to brighten her horizon and want to come with my to a psy festival. Does anyone have any ideas, I've been searching on the net. But I can not make up my mind. I just want a really great special festival for my girlfriend. Not to big, not to small.. Music might just be a mix of everything. As long as there is progressive. So far I have found Shankra festival and New Healing festival. Important is that the festival can not be the last 3 weeks of august. Also we are planning to travel in East-Europe. So Poland, Czech, Austria, Germany, Lithuania... thanks in advance and kind regards
  3. You messing up Perfect Stranger with Neelix?
  4. Flowjob - Run Baby Run .Still Running Remix. I almost cry of happiness when it begins. A delight for the ears.
  5. New tripswitch album; Vagabond. Interesting album
  6. http://everynoise.com/engenremap.html
  7. I have that on vinyl here. I love the vocal edition alot more; edit, ontopic:
  8. The sample is from Sphongle - Divine moments of truth, so I bet its at (fullon) remix of that track.
  9. I made a deal with myself years ago. If Vibrasphere - Purple Floating (Cosma Remix) comes up. I will not skip or rewind that track. I listen it until it ends.
  10. Agneton made a list about it: https://www.discogs.com/lists/Releases-With-NitzhonotUpliftingNitzhogoa-Tracks/20797
  11. carbon based lifeforms huva network miktek zymosis suduaya freq vibrasphere sensient
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